Can You Flat Tow A Kia Telluride?

To add some flexibility to traveling with an RV, owners will often tow a smaller vehicle behind it, like a car or small SUV. Flat towing these smaller vehicles isn't always possible, however. If you are curious about whether or not you can flat tow a Kia Telluride, we can help. We researched this vehicle from numerous popular sources so that you can have a definitive answer.

The Kia Telluride cannot be flat towed behind an RV. The all-wheel-drive configuration makes this impossible, and doing so will do significant damage to the Telluride's transmission. 

Now that we know the Kia Telluride cannot be flat towed, we'll look into the different methods of towing a vehicle. You might be wondering if towing a car behind an RV will put miles on the car or if it is okay to tow an automatic car that's placed in neutral. What kind of car can you tow behind a motorhome? Does the 2021 Kia Telluride have a towing package? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A white Kia Telluride parked outside a Kia dealership, Can You Flat Tow A Kia Telluride?

Different methods of towing and the Kia Telluride

Flat towing

This method of towing cannot be used for the Kia Telluride. Doing so will cause severe damage to the transmission.

Flat towing involves towing a vehicle that has all four wheels on the ground. Also known as dinghy towing and four-down towing, this used to be much more common. With more vehicles having an all-wheel drive and CVT transmissions, flat towing is only safe with a relatively lower number of model vehicles. In general, any all-wheel-drive vehicle shouldn't be flat towed, as it will damage their transmissions.

Using this process, the two vehicles are connected via a connector and a tow bar. If you have a vehicle that is safe to flat tow, you should also make sure that the tow vehicle has the towing capacity to handle the work. This information can be found in your owner's manual.

Dolly towing

Some models of the Kia Telluride can be dolly towed. If the model you want to tow has front-wheel drive, then you will be able to tow it in this manner safely. However, if your Telluride is all-wheel-drive, you won't be able to dolly tow it. It must be towed by trailer towing, which we will discuss ahead in this post. 

The dolly towing method is also referred to as two-wheel towing. This involves a towing dolly, which elevates two wheels off the ground. A front-wheel-drive vehicle can be safely dolly towed so long as the front wheels are up. With a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, some can be dolly towed safely with the rear wheels up. 

Other factors come into play with dolly towing, such as whether or not the vehicle being towed is a manual transmission or an automatic or if the drive train needs to be disconnected. If you are set on dolly towing your vehicle, consult your owner's manual before hooking your vehicle up to the dolly. You might find that the steps you need to take to make it possible aren't worth the effort or the risk.

Trailer towing

This method of towing can be used for any model of the Kia Telluride. When in doubt, this is the towing method to utilize. While this will require a tow trailer, it will ensure that zero miles will be put on the vehicle's tire or suspension system and protects the transmission from unwitting damage.

Trailer towing involves securing the vehicle onto a trailer, then attaching the trailer to the trailering hitch of the RV or towing vehicle. With all four wheels secured and immobile, this method is safe for any wheel configuration or transmission type.

Does towing a car behind an RV put miles on it?

In the traditional sense, towing a vehicle behind an RV doesn't put miles on it. When we think of "miles," we think of engine miles. As the engine isn't running, it isn't getting the wear associated with driving the vehicle.

However, some miles are being put upon it. The tires are certainly getting worn, as they are directly on the pavement and rotating. The shocks and suspension systems are also getting plenty of wear, as riding along the highways impacts them, whether the engine is running or not. 

The surefire way to tow a vehicle without wearing any parts is to have the vehicle trailer towed to its destination. 

Is it OK to tow an automatic car in neutral?

Placing an automatic in neutral does not disconnect it from the transmission. The transmission needs to be lubricated constantly when it is being utilized, and the only way to have this happen is to have the vehicle running. Keeping the vehicle running while being towed across the country is not practical; another approach needs to be taken. 

As we discussed earlier in this post, all-wheel drives shouldn't be flat towed, or dolly towed at all. But towing an automatic that is a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive is certainly possible, so long as specific steps are taken and you are dolly towing. Be sure the powered wheels are the ones elevated. You may also need to disconnect the driveshaft. 

For more detailed information on whether or not your vehicle can be flat towed or dolly towed, consult your owner's manual.

What kind of car can you tow behind a motorhome?

Any car can be towed behind a motor home, as long as you are careful of two things. First, you need to ensure that the RV can tow that amount of weight safely behind it. You can find out the towing capacity of your RV by consulting your owner's manual. Then, you'll want to compare that to the curb weight of the car you want it to tow. If the curb weight is less than the RV's towing capacity, it is safe to tow it.

The second consideration is the method of towing. While flat towing is the easiest, it is also the method of towing that will damage most vehicles. But no matter what kind of passenger vehicle you want to be towed behind your RV, you can always safely tow it by utilizing the trailer towing method.

By placing your vehicle on a trailer and attaching the trailer to your RV, you will be able to safely transport your vehicle without doing any damage to its transmission.

Does the 2021 Kia Telluride have a tow package?

The Kia Telluride has three trim levels that have an optional towing package. The S, EX, and SX trims can have this upgrade, which allows the Telluride to haul more weight safely behind it. 

The towing package will equip the Telluride with a towing hitch and self-leveling rear suspension. 

Is the Kia Telluride good for towing?

The Kia Telluride has a maximum towing capacity of only 5,000 pounds. This would make it suitable for towing small travel trailers but wouldn't make it ideal for anything heavy-duty. 

Before you tow with any vehicle, it's essential to know its towing capacity, as well as the reasons why towing capacity needs to be strictly adhered to. Overdoing it will damage your Telluride, putting too much strain on the transmission and drive train. It is also much harder to control a vehicle pulling too much weight, which significantly increases the risk of collision.

Before you decide to tow anything, familiarize yourself with your vehicle's limits. Consult your owner's manual about anything you are unsure about or speak to your dealership.

In closing

While flat towing isn't an option for the Kia Telluride, you will still be able to utilize other towing methods. Trailer towing is the best option for the Telluride, as it ensures that no damage is done to its transmission. Before you tow anything, consult your owner's manual. Become knowledgeable about the limitations of your towing vehicle, as well as the weight of the one that you are considering towing. Drive safe!

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