Can You Rent A Car Seat Without Renting A Car?

You probably want to go on a vacation and thought of renting a car seat for your child. Now, if you are wondering if it is possible to rent a car seat without renting a car, we've got you covered. We've done thorough research on this question, and here's what we discovered.

You can rent a car seat even without renting a car. Some rental companies can help you with the appropriate car seat and provide your children with the safety and comfort they require. 

In this article, we will discuss renting a car seat without a car, factors to consider when renting a car seat, and how to attach a car seat. So, kindly continue reading to learn more about renting car seats.

Luxury baby car seat for safety. - Can You Rent A Car Seat Without Renting A Car?

Is It Possible To Rent A Car Seat Without Renting A Car?

light children's car seat in a bright leather interior

It is undeniable that traveling with a baby, especially over a long distance, is very challenging. Renting a car seat at your destination is a perfect option to lighten the load by traveling with less baby gear. These seats are secure, simple, and lighter, than your day-to-day car seat. 

You may rent a car seat even without renting a car. Always be sure to follow the safety regulations.

You can choose an affordable and lightweight car seat, depending on your preference. These seats support children's necks, backs, and spinal cords.

Rental companies like Babyquip and Baby's Away offer these kinds of services and are safe options. They have a selection of appropriate child safety seats for young children, toddlers, and older kids.  

Also, rest assured that they will help you find car seats that can keep your child comfortable. These businesses employ experts who guarantee that everything around your child's car seat installation runs smoothly. 

Always choose a rental company that can take your child's safety and protection seriously. Additionally, renting a car seat can prevent harm to your regular seat during transportation or luggage handling. 

Always take care of your rented car seat because if not, you might get it damaged, which could result in a cost replacement. Remember that a rented car seat is examined for flaws and missing components upon return.

Factors To Consider When Renting Car Seats

Safety seat for baby in car

Renting a car seat when traveling with your children is practical. When selecting a rental car seat, it is crucial to examine everything to ensure your child's safety and to be aware of what you should know before you rent.

Here are the factors to consider before renting a car seat:

1. Where to Rent

You can choose between rental car companies or baby gear rental services. The advantage of selecting baby gear rental services is that you will be less likely to experience issues with availability. On the other hand, car rental companies must provide car seats that comply with local car seat safety laws.

However, it is always best to reserve your car seat early, whether renting from a car company or a baby gear rental service.

It is also suggested to consult previous renters' reviews to get their advice based on their experience on which one is better. Moreover, you could also call the company and ask your questions regarding car seats, such as the price, the quality of the car seat, how they maintain it, and if there's a handbook available to reference during installation. 

2. Seat Condition

Checking the car seat's condition twice before you rent them is essential. Check that the seat's expiration date is current. 

Inspect for any damage present on the car seat, for this can cause danger to the little one sitting in the car seat. Also, check for any missing car seat components so that it can work perfectly.

Cleanliness is also one of the factors to consider here. Please do not settle for untidy seats even though they are cheap because their uncleanliness might harm your child. 

3. Seat Size

You definitely want to make sure that your child will fit in a car seat. Thus, choose the appropriate size of a car seat for your children so they will be comfortable when traveling, even for long distances. Make sure that the car seat you choose will also fit in the vehicle.

You might want to choose one that is comfortable for your child when seated. So, always inspect the car seat to see what's best for your child. There are rental car seats that provide lesser padding; they can be very affordable and lighter weight.

Weight restrictions are also provided on the car seat, usually indicated on their exterior.

Rear-facing car seats are best used for infants, which can handle up to 22 to 35 pounds of their weight. When the child reaches a weight of 40 to 50 pounds, you can use convertible seats. This type of seat can be a forward facing car seat and is bigger compared to rear-facing seats.

If your child reaches a weight of 80 pounds, you may already put them in a booster car seat. You may always ask for assistance from the experts of the rental company with further details about the sizing specifications of a certain model.

You can always request a replacement seat from the rental company if the one you rent doesn't meet your standards.

4. Cost

Do not worry because renting a car seat is usually affordable. However, the price will vary between providers.


You could gather the prices of each rental car seat from different providers if you are looking for the cheapest one. Make sure to check its quality before renting it.

Woman standing aganst shelf with child car seats

It is perfect for getting an excellent car seat that is reasonably priced.

5. Customer Service

It is always great to renout a car seat from a provider with customer service because they can meet your needs when it comes to the product itself and its installation.

How To Install A Car Seat?

It is always best to learn how to install a car seat yourself. Here are the easy steps on how to attach a car seat to your car:

1. Place the Car Seat

The placement of your car seat depends on the child's weight. Infants and young children weighing less than 35 pounds should be positioned rear facing. If your child weighs 40 to 50 pounds, you could opt to use a convertible, forward facing car seat. 

Place your car seat in a forward-facing position before tightening it. Make sure to place it in the center of one of the back row seats. 

2. Tighten the Seat

Using a seatbelt is the optimum method of installing any car seat. Lock it in its position, typically using a LATCH system in modern vehicles, and make sure to adjust it and pull it firmly until the car seat is tightened to the regular seat.

You can also use connectors to fasten your car seats firmly and securely.

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3. Attach the Top Tether (Forward-facing Installation)

Attach your top tether to the anchor on the back of the regular seat. Additionally, after fitting it, confirm that it is secure.

How Much Does Renting A Car Seat Cost?

The cost of a car seat depends on its features and also on the providers. Car seats with fewer features, like strap adjusters and lock-offs, are most likely less expensive.

Renting a car seat can typically cost you between $10 and $20 daily. You should be aware that these costs will increase based on how long you have the car seat on rent.

You should contact your provider for further details about the delivery or pick-up fees. Remember that there is a tax on top of these costs as well because they may mount up rapidly, especially if you have multiple children.

In Closing

Luxury baby car seat for safety

Car seats allow you to travel lightly and comfortably. It is an excellent option for the safety of your children when traveling, even over long distances. You can rent it from baby gear stores or nearby car rental companies.

If the car seat assigned to you has defects and is in poor condition, do not hesitate to ask for assistance and request another one. Always remember that there is safety in familiarity when it comes to the installation of car seats. You can be of help for the protection of your children if you know the basics of attaching car seats.

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