Can You Schedule A Tow With AAA Roadside Service?

AAA roadside service is a great way to get help when your car breaks down. But can you schedule the service for a future date? We did the research to let you know if this is an option. 

AAA roadside assistance is for emergency use only and is not intended to be used for future scheduled maintenance or tow services. The best option is to call your AAA membership card number to speak with a representative when you are ready to schedule service. The member needs to be present with the vehicle to authorize service.

Knowing how to use your AAA roadside assistance can help you in a bind and get you back on the road quickly. In this article, we will explain how to schedule service with AAA and what to do if you need assistance. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about AAA roadside assistance, so let's get to it!

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Calling AAA Roadside Assistance - How It Works

If you are a AAA member, you can schedule roadside assistance by calling the number on your membership card. The representative will ask for your location and the type of service you need. They will then dispatch a tow truck or other service to your location.

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you can use AAA roadside assistance. However, the member must be present with the vehicle to authorize service. So, that means even if it's not your car that broke down, as long as you're a AAA member and you're with the vehicle, you can call for assistance.

Since AAA is meant for emergency use, the service is not typically able to be scheduled in advance. For example, you can't call AAA and schedule a tow truck to come at a specific time the next day.

When a member calls for roadside assistance, the representative will be expecting to dispatch a truck right away. In some cases, they may be able to give you an estimated time of arrival for the service.

This is what you will need when you call:

  • Your AAA membership number
  • The location of the vehicle
  • The type of service you need
  • A good phone number to reach you

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How Many Times Can I Call AAA Roadside Assistance?

As a AAA member, you can call for roadside assistance up to 4 times in a member year. A membership year is defined as 12 months from your join date or renewal date.

If you exceed 4 service calls in a member year, service charges will apply. The service charges will be based on the type of service you need and your location.

However, unless you have really bad luck with your car, it's unlikely that you'll need to call AAA more than 4 times in a year. On the other hand, it might be time to consider getting a different vehicle if you do!

What Services Does AAA Roadside Assistance Cover?

Services covered by AAA vary by location, but some of the most common services are:


If your vehicle is not able to be driven, AAA will tow it to a nearby repair facility or your home. The distance that AAA will tow your vehicle varies by membership level, so be sure to check with your local AAA club for details.

Battery Services

If your car battery dies, AAA will come and jumpstart your vehicle. If the problem is with the battery itself, they may be able to install a new one on the spot. However, battery replacement isn't available in all areas and doesn't include the cost of the battery.

Flat Tire Service

If you have a flat tire, AAA will come and change it for you. If you don't have a spare tire, they will tow your vehicle to a nearby repair facility.

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Lockout Service

If you lock your keys in the car, AAA will come and unlock the door for you. In the event that they can't gain entry to your vehicle, they will tow it to a nearby locksmith or repair facility.

Fuel Delivery

AAA will deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station if you run out of gas. Be sure to provide the type of fuel your vehicle needs when you call for service. The last thing you want is for them to deliver gasoline for your diesel truck!


In unfortunate circumstances, your vehicle may end up in a ditch or stuck on some other type of terrain. If this happens, AAA will come and winch your vehicle out. Your vehicle will need to be at a safe reaching distance from the road for AAA to provide this service.

Mechanical First Aid

If your vehicle is having trouble but is still drivable, AAA may be able to provide some on-the-spot mechanical services. For example, they may be to tweak the engine to get it started, or they may be able to replace a blown fuse.

Keep in mind that this service is only meant to be temporary and is not a substitute for getting your vehicle repaired.

Can I Use AAA Roadside Assistance With A Rental Car?

Yes, you can! You can call for roadside assistance with a rental car if you're a AAA member. But, again, you need to be with the vehicle and your AAA membership number.

You may need to show a photo ID when the service truck arrives. In addition, the service is good for any state and anywhere in Canada. So, if you're planning a road trip, be sure to take advantage of this benefit and have AAA on speed dial!

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Does AAA Membership Cover My Whole Family?

The AAA services only cover the person whose name is on the membership. However, the member can add drivers who live in the same household for an additional fee. Typically, the cost is $30-$70 annually for each additional driver.

In addition, if you have a child going to school in a different city, you can add them to your membership. This way, they will have access to AAA services.

The same requirements will apply to all drivers, including having a valid driver's license, being listed on the membership, and being present with the vehicle needing the service.

When you break down the extra cost per month, it's really not that bad to have peace of mind knowing that your whole family is covered.

Can You Use AAA On The Same Day Of Sign-Up?

If you are in a pickle and need to use AAA services right away, you can! However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you will need to complete the membership process if you haven't already. Then you can request the service, but there is an additional fee if the service call is within 48-hours of sign-up.

This will come in handy if you don't have time to wait for your membership card to arrive in the mail and you need roadside assistance right away.

What Is The Best Way To Request AAA Roadside Service?

There are four ways that you can request AAA roadside assistance:

  • Call or Text 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357)
  • Request service online
  • Use the AAA mobile app
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Use any method that is most convenient for you. For example, if you're on the road and don't have cell service, you can always stop at a gas station or other public place to use a landline to call for help.

Calling is the best option if you need immediate assistance. The dispatcher will be able to assess your situation and dispatch the nearest available service truck. Plus, it is good to have someone on the phone in case of an emergency.

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Should I Tip The AAA Roadside Assistance Driver?

While AAA does not expect tips, it is always appreciated if you choose to do so. If the workers went above and beyond to help you, feel free to show your appreciation with a small tip.

However, don't feel obligated to do so. The workers are just doing their job and are not expecting anything extra.

Should I Get AAA Roadside Assistance?

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AAA roadside assistance is a great service to have if you are a driver. It gives you peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away if you have car trouble. Plus, it can save you money on towing and other services.

It's also a good idea to get AAA if you frequently travel. You can always speak to your car insurance company to see if they offer roadside assistance or if they recommend any programs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, AAA roadside assistance is a service that can help you in a pinch. First, however, it's important to know what services are covered and how to request assistance.

Keep in mind that the service is for the member and that member needs to be present for the service. If you have a family, it may be worth it to add them to your membership to cover everyone.

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