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Ford F-450 display at a dealership available in chassis cab, flatbed and dump truck models, Are Truck Flatbeds Universal?

Are Truck Flatbeds Universal?

A flatbed truck is perfect for hauling big, heavy loads of cargo. It is perfect for farming, construction, delivery, heavy equipment transport, and more. This design is specifically made for a work vehicle. But have you ever asked if flatbeds are universal? In this article, we researched and asked experts that exact question, and this …

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Column shifter in a new truck, What Cars Have Column Shifters?

What Cars Have Column Shifters?

Old models of manual transmission cars have shift levers mounted on steering columns. As car technology advances, these features are things of the past. If you are curious, this article gathered notable car models with column shifters from car enthusiasts. These are some cars that have column shifters: 1970 Plymouth Superbird 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS …

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A yellow Honda Civic Type R in a parking lot, Can A Honda Civic Pull A Trailer?

Can A Honda Civic Pull A Trailer?

The Honda Civic is one of Honda’s most iconic models. It has continuously performed as the best-selling sedan for the Japanese automotive giant and is a huge crowd favorite, especially for car enthusiasts. In this article, we have researched and asked the experts if a Honda Civic can pull a trailer. Let’s discuss! Honda Civics …

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A red colored Tesla Model S at a charging station, Is Tesla Model 3 Hybrid?

Is Tesla Model 3 Hybrid?

With so many hybrids and fully electric vehicles on the market today, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of what model vehicle is equipped with what type of engine. If you are wondering if the Tesla Model 3 is a hybrid, we can answer that for you. We researched this vehicle in …

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