How To Change Oil On A Hyundai Accent

For your car to run smoothly and efficiently, the moving engine parts need to be in good condition. So, how do you go about changing the oil to ensure your Hyundai Accent engine performs at its peak? We consulted with the experts, and they provided us with the following information.

It is important that you change the oil in your Hyundai Accent if you want it to function at its peak. Below are the steps to do so:

  1. Elevate your car.
  2. Remove the oil plug.
  3. Take out the dipstick and oil fill cap.
  4. Remove the oil filter.
  5. Install a new oil filter.
  6. Add oil to the engine. 

Continue to stay on this page to know how to change the oil of a Hyundai Accent, how much oil it needs, and how often to change it. We will also tackle the benefits of oiling your Hyundai Accent and the type of oil it needs.

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Changing Oil In A Hyundai Accent

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If you are a new driver, you will most likely call a professional to change the oil for you. But, as you gain experience, you may prefer to change the oil yourself.

The steps are easy as we have listed below:

1. Elevate Your Car

To work on your car, you need to carefully drive up the ramps. First, place the ramps to fit firmly adjacent to the front tires. Line up the tires with the ramp so that they are both facing in the same direction.

It can be unsafe if the tire and ramp are facing different directions because accidents can happen, such as your car falling off.

Next, drive up the ramp slowly, keeping the tires straight. When at the top, put the gear on parking, and place a chock at the rear wheels.

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2. Remove The Oil Plug

Crawl under the car and place an oil pan under the drain plug. Use a 17mm socket and ratchet to loosen the bolt of the drain plug and then turn it anti-clockwise to remove it. The oil will drain out.

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3. Take Out The Dip Stick And Oil Fill Cap

Open the hood of the car, take out the dipstick, and turn the fill cap anti-clockwise to unscrew it. This allows air to enter, allowing the oil to drain better.

4. Remove The Oil Filter

Go back to the underside of your car and locate the oil filter, which could be any color such as blue, red, or black. After all the oil has drained out, remove the filter.

You will need to first loosen it using a wrench and then turn it anti-clockwise to remove it. As you do so, the oil will leak out, so take care it does not pour on you.

5. Install A New Oil Filter

Smear a layer of the oil you just drained off on the O-ring of the new oil filter. Fix it into the same position you removed the old one by turning it clockwise until it firmly fits. Screw back the oil plug.

6. Add Oil To The Engine

Hyundai Accent cars have small engines and will need about 4.5 liters of oil. 

When pouring oil into your Hyundai Accent, first pour 4 liters, and check the oil level. Pour the remaining oil until it reaches the required level on the dipstick.

What Type of Oil does a Hyundai Accent use?

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The type of oil to use depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. But, since you cannot always go back to the manufacturer, the mechanic will advise you on the best oil to use for your car. The first aspect they look at is viscosity.

After you identify the best oil for your Hyundai Accent, always use the same type of oil to keep your car in good condition. 

In general, the type of oil a Hyundai Accent will need depends on factors such as the climate in which you live, the age of your engine, or your driving patterns. The four types of oils that can be used include:

Conventional Motor Oil

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Conventional oil is popular among motorists with light-duty cars like the Hyundai Accent, with low to average mileage, and also for older models. 

High Mileage Motor Oil

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When your Hyundai Accent reaches 75,000 miles, then you might have to change oils from regular to high-mileage oil. As the rubber seals in your car wear out, they shrink and crack. This oil rejuvenates the seals so that they work again like before. 

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

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You can opt to use full-synthetic motor oil for your Hyundai Accent if, for the most part, you live in very cold or hot climates. The oil is highly viscous and works well in your car whether the weather is too cold or too hot. 

Oil moves much more slowly when it is very cold, but synthetic oil counteracts this problem and moves around at the correct pace without causing any issues.

Also, when it is hot, viscous oils are the most suitable as regular oils can become less viscous or watery, causing them to move faster than they should,

Older models also benefit from this oil because it stops the buildup of sludge, which can cause damage to the engine. 

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

This oil provides the benefits of synthetic oil at a lower price. It is safe to change from the conventional oil that your car has been using to synthetic-blend oil without causing any damage to the engine. 

How Much Oil Does Your Hyundai Accent Need?

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Generally, the size of a car engine determines how much oil it will need. The bigger the engine, the more oil is needed. So, if a car has a 6-cylinder engine, it will require around 6 liters of oil. 

Since Hyundai Accent cars have 4-cylinder engines, they need around 5 liters of oil. 

What Happens If You Do Not Change Oil?

Hyundai Accent Varna or Solaris 2017 Interior

As seen above, it is important to oil a Hyundai Accent engine. The following are the benefits of oiling your car:

Prevents Engine Knock

The oil prevents the parts of the engine from touching, thus engine knock is highly unlikely.

As you might be aware, engine knock can cause damage to the pistons and cylinders of your engine, or the whole engine.

It can be expensive to repair an engine knock. It costs between $2,500 to $4,000 for labor and parts, and sometimes can be as high as $10,000.

Boosts Efficiency 

You can reduce friction between the moving engine parts by oiling them. Thus your engine does not have to work so hard and will not need much fuel, especially if you use the correct type of oil.

Corrosion Is Prevented

Motor oil contains components that help reduce oxidation, thereby preventing corrosion. If your car is not oiled regularly, the engine parts could corrode due to the formation of rust.

Maximum Capacity

The engine of your Hyundai Accent will work at maximum capacity when oiled regularly.

The oil carries the dust and dirt particles away from the engine and directs them to the oil filter, where it gets trapped. It prevents the engine from overheating, which can lead to internal damage. 

Prevents Overheating

As the parts of the engine move, a lot of heat is released, which can cause damage. But, as oil is moving around the engine, heat is carried away to the cooler parts, preventing the engine from overheating.

In Closing

Motor car Hyundai Solaris in the city street

For the engine in a Hyundai Accent to work at its peak, the oil has to be changed when due, to prevent potential damage to the engine. 

Oiling the engine has its benefits and if taken seriously can prevent serious damages.

It's quite easy to change the oil, though if you are a new driver, we suggest that you allow a professional to handle the job for you. 

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