Chevy Colorado Odometer Not Working – Why And What To Do?

If you own a Chevy Colorado and its odometer is not working, you may be wondering what caused the problem and how it can be fixed. Fortunately, we have consulted experts in this field, and here is what they have to say.

Problems like broken cables, worn-out gears, and defective sensors can cause a Chevy Colorado odometer to stop functioning. Here are things you can do to deal with the issue:

  • Replace the speed sensor
  • Check for blown fuse
  • Clean the instrument cluster
  • Examine the ECU
  • Change the gears

Fixing this problem can be easy or difficult depending on the cause. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to tackle a faulty odometer.

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Why Is My Chevy Colorado Odometer Not Working?

You need to know the causes of odometer failure in order to be able to find a solution. The following are possible reasons why an odometer stops working in a Chevy Colorado:

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Broken Cables

Older odometers in vehicles rely on cables. When the tires rotate, the output shaft will send a signal to the cable to spin, which will then be received by the input shaft.

This mechanism enables the various gears on the odometer to move in a manner that is determined by how they were calibrated in relation to the size of the car's tires.

Since the odometer and the speedometer share a common mechanism, if the cable that connects the input shaft and the output shaft breaks, both devices will stop functioning properly.

Worn-out Gears

The odometers in older models of the Chevy Colorado rely on gears and cables that connect the input shaft in the instrument cluster to the output shaft in the transmission of the vehicle.

This is accomplished by connecting the two shafts via the instrument cluster.

But if the odometer isn't working, then the problem can be that some of the gears that allow the numbers on the odometer to move have become worn out. This could be the case if the gears have been used for a long time.

Defective Sensor

The operation of the odometer might be different in newer models of the Chevy Colorado, which either have electrical or digital odometers installed.

With this type of odometer, there is a magnetic or optical sensor that maintains the track of a toothed wheel that moves in a manner corresponding to how the tires are moving.

The sensor will track and record every movement that the wheel makes, and it will also transmit an electrical signal to the engine control unit, also known as the ECU, which is located in the instrument cluster of the vehicle.

In the event that this sensor fails, the entire odometer system can be rendered inoperable.

Electronic Problem In The ECU

The electronic control unit is in charge of controlling the various components that make up the instrument cluster. As a result, the ECU is responsible for the information that is shown on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The ECU uses pulses to calculate the mileage of the vehicle, which will be displayed on the odometer that is shown on the instrument cluster screen of the vehicle.

It is possible for the ECU to develop a problem itself. There is a possibility that certain electrical components could prevent the ECU from receiving signals from the sensor. As a result, the odometer will stop working.

What To Do If My Chevy Colorado Odometer Is Not Working?

The good news is that Chevy Colorado odometers that have stopped working can be repaired, and it doesn't matter whether they are old or new models.

However, the process of repairing each of them is unique due to the fact that each of these odometers performs its duty in a manner that is distinct from the others. Below are some actions you can take to remedy the issue:

Replace The Speed Sensor

When a vehicle's odometer stops working properly or stops spinning altogether, the sensor for the vehicle's speed will need to be checked and possibly replaced. 

The speed sensors are installed in close proximity to the back of the transmission and are very simple to reach. One way of knowing if the speed sensor is faulty is that the speedometer will stop working as well.

However, before you attempt to replace the speed sensors, which is a straightforward task, it would be helpful to have some fundamental skills under your belt.

Check For Blown Fuse

A damaged wire could be why the odometer on your Chevy Colorado is not working. To achieve a variety of goals, the wires are shortened, which makes it possible for the fuse to blow and contributes to the termination of the odometer's operation.

This is a safety precaution taken to safeguard the odometer. It is usually found in earlier models. As a result of this, you need to examine the system for any evidence of burnt wiring or a blown fuse and replace it if you find any.

Clean The Instrument Cluster

This calls for the utilization of both an air compressor and a cloth made of microfibers. To begin, it is necessary to locate the cluster so that it can be removed. 

Remove all of the dust in the area by using an air compressor. Find the plastic that has a translucent appearance, then carefully wipe it down with the microfiber cloth. The fabric is adequate and will not damage the plastic.

Examine The ECU

The Engine Control Unit is a potential additional contributor to this problem. The ECU performs an essential role in vehicles. It works like the brain of the vehicle. It keeps track of and regulates a wide variety of motor actions, including RPM.

As a result, the majority of the time, problems with the ECU are to blame for the incorrect readings that the odometer displays.

A mechanic will need to examine the ECU for you. If the ECU is the source of the issue, you will need to restart and reset it in order to make a temporary remedy to the issue.

Change The Gears

The gears are the common reason why older odometers aren't working, as the plastic gears that turn the odometer are prone to losing teeth. In this case, you need to replace the gears.

Removing the instrument cluster will depend on the model year of your Chevy Colorado. When the cluster is no longer attached, the gear behind the odometer can be accessed with a little screwdriver.

Loosen all screws that hold the engine in place with the screwdriver. Remove the fuel and then the engine. Place your screwdriver under and try finding the black gear. When you locate the gear, remove it and check to see if it is in good condition. Sometimes, you may notice some cracks on both the clip and gear.

Fix the new gear and put back the engine. When fixing the gear, do not tighten it too much so other components will not break.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Chevy Colorado Odometer?

If you are not confident in your mechanical abilities and think you might need to take your Chevy Colorado in for service to have the odometer repaired, you should be aware that the price might vary.

The price may range from $100 to $400, depending on the shop you take your car to and the cause of the odometer's malfunction.

Does The Speedometer Affect The Odometer?

The speedometer can have an effect on the odometer. In the vast majority of automobiles, the speedometer and the odometer both get their readings from the same speed sensor.

Nevertheless, this is not always the case, and the outcome is determined by the sort of instrument cluster that is placed in your vehicle. There is no guarantee that the speedometer will have an effect on the odometer.

How Do I Know If My Chevy Colorado Odometer Is Accurate?

photo of a car vehicle speedometer blue red light gauges digital led blue light

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine whether or not the reading on an odometer has been tampered with by merely reading the meter or test driving the car to see how it performs.

The only way to evaluate whether or not an odometer is accurate is to go back over its records and search for any discrepancies that may have occurred over time.

What Sensor Controls The Odometer?

The odometer is controlled by the wheel speed sensor. A sensor like this one, installed in the transmission, measures how fast the driveshaft is spinning.

The sensor transmits this data via the odometer connection to the vehicle's computer, which then interprets the electrical pulses as a measurable quantity.

Can Dealerships Reset Chevy Colorado Odometer?

Yes. Even though it's against the law, any odometer may be tampered with, and that of Chevy Colorado is no exception. 

Odometers require specialized equipment to be reset and typically don't leave any signs. Dealers will either alter the displayed data or swap out the memory chip for one that falsely indicates lower mileage.

To Wrap Up

photo of a sun lit car vehicle interior speedometer sunshine morning day light

Odometer problems are common but can be easily fixed. All you have to do is replace the speed sensor, check for blown fuse, clean the instrument cluster, or change gears. You can contact a professional if you are finding it difficult to fix the problem.

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