The Chevy Equinox Battery – What Owners Need to Know

The Chevy Equinox Battery: What Owners Need To KnowAs the owner of a Chevy Equinox, there’s a lot you need to know about your vehicle’s battery. From sizing and placement specifics to how much you can expect to pay, we’ve researched to give you the answers you need.

The main points owners should know about Chevy Equinox batteries is that they’re hard to get to, and you need a specific type for the best performance. You need:

  • Tools to access and replace the battery.
  • An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery is suggested. This is a 12-volt battery, which is a recessed top post type.
  • A battery size that’s a size 48 for model years from 2015 to current.
  • A size 47 battery for model years from 2004 to 2014.

Fit, optimum materials, and the knowledge to remove the battery safely are all crucial.

Chevy leans heavily on their recommendation that you visit one of their service centers to have the battery replaced. And changing your Equinox’s battery can indeed be complicated. But we have everything you need to know here. Plus, we’ll give recommendations for the best Chevrolet Equinox batteries you can buy.

What Do I Need To Know About The Equinox Battery?

The first thing to know about the Equinox battery is that it’s hidden from view. When you pop the hood, you won’t see the battery right away. Across most years and models, you have multiple steps to go through before you can even view the battery to see what type you need. We’ll go into that in more detail below.

But first, it’s crucial to recognize that not every model of Equinox has the same battery. The best place to find the information is in the paperback user manual. Even the online manuals don’t have the specifics laid out.

What Kind Of Battery Does A Chevy Equinox Use?

Per Chevy, the Equinox uses a maintenance-free battery. You shouldn’t remove the cap or add any liquid to it. And in North America, all models come with an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) 12-volt battery. These are known as valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. Manufacturers highlight their safety since these types don’t leak or release hydrogen.

Chevy cautions that if you opt for a standard 12-volt battery, you may notice decreased performance.

According to Chevrolet, they use ACDelco brand automotive batteries at their certified service locations. Beyond brand specifics, their recommendation is to use a battery with the right balance of Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC). However, they don’t say what this precise balance should be, referring again to your SUV’s user manual.

Sticking with Chevy’s standards, an AGM battery is ideal. For a 2015 or newer SUV, the fit you need is a size 48. For 2014 and earlier Equinoxes, you’ll need a size 47.

How Much Is A Battery for A Chevy Equinox?

Pricing for Chevy batteries depends on what brand you choose and whether you visit a dealership for installation. When you’re buying a battery from Amazon or another retailer, you can expect to pay between $170 and $250 for a battery.

When you receive service at a dealership, however, you can expect to pay up to $800. The final bill depends on how much time the shop spends on your vehicle, plus the hourly rate they charge. Costs are typically steep because it takes extra work to remove the components on top of the battery.

How Long Does A Chevy Equinox Battery Last?

You can expect your Chevy’s battery to last anywhere from three to seven years. How often you need to change depends on many factors, such as how often you drive and how often the vehicle sits. If you have heated seats or other high-draw electrical components, those can affect your battery life, too.

Don’t be surprised if your Equinox’s battery lasts much longer than average, however. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there haven’t been any complaints about the 2019 Equinox’s battery as of yet. No recalls have been reported, either.

Newer Equinoxes—2015 and on—also tend to have great customer reviews in online forums when it comes to battery performance. It probably helps that the interior lights automatically shut off after 10 seconds, since that avoids a power drain once you leave the vehicle.

How Can I Tell When The Equinox Battery Is Low?

When it’s time to swap batteries, you might notice signs like flickering headlights or a rear liftgate that refuses to open. Depending on the vehicle’s age, the warning light on your dash might come on. Most models have a charging system light, which turns off once the ignition is on and the vehicle is running.

If it doesn’t shut off, there might be a problem with the electrical charging system. Chevy says that if you need to drive while the battery light is on, you should avoid using extra electrical features like the radio and AC. You should also get to a service center ASAP.

Is A New Battery Covered Under Chevy Warranty?

What’s impressive about the Chevy Equinox is that it received an award from J.D. Power for the lowest rate of reported problems in its class. On top of that, Chevy also offers a bumper-to-bumper limited warranty on brand-new Equinoxes. There’s also a limited corrosion warranty and both last three years. A rust-through warranty component lasts six years.

But does Chevy’s warranty cover a new battery? Under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, Chevrolet covers every “warrantable repair” from defective materials or quality. In short, if your Chevy’s battery quits early, causes corrosion under the hood, or affects any other systems, the manufacturer will likely cover the damage.

However, if your battery lasts for a reasonable length of time, it’s unlikely that Chevy will help you purchase a new one. The good news is, most manufacturers provide warranty coverage on their batteries. When it’s time for a replacement, looking for one with an extended warranty is ideal.

Can I Change The Equinox Battery Myself?

If you have a few tools and a bit of mechanical knowledge, you can probably change the Equinox battery on your own. Here’s how.

There’s a cover that must be removed from the right side (driver’s side) of the engine compartment. Underneath the cover is your Equinox’s computer. You need tools to remove the nuts and bolts off the computer to get it out of the way. You’ll also need to take out some rivets to remove the plastic covering.

After you remove the bolts from the computer, you’ll need to set it aside to access the battery. Keep in mind that you don’t want to disconnect it; only set it aside with the wiring intact.

It’s easy to see that removing a battery from a Chevrolet Equinox isn’t as straightforward as it might be with other vehicles. But once you get the computer out of the way, it’s business as usual with disconnecting the terminals.

In its online user manual, Chevrolet cautions drivers to:

  • Only charge batteries in a ventilated area.
  • Always disconnect the negative cable first (and reattach it last).
  • Handle batteries carefully.
  • Follow state and local laws regarding battery disposal.
  • Only select batteries that are the proper size and rating.

Read on for our recommendations on the best battery for your Equinox.

Best Chevy Equinox Replacement Batteries

Our recommendations for Equinox batteries stick with Chevrolet’s suggestion of an AGM option with a well-balanced CCA versus RC output. It’s always a good idea to do what the manufacturer suggests, especially with components as vital as batteries. Here we’ll list size 48 and 47 batteries for both iterations of the Equinox.

ACDelco 48AGM Battery

The ACDelco 48AGM is the exact battery Chevrolet recommends on its website. Therefore, the CCA 760 and RC 120 strike the perfect balance for responsiveness and power.

Per the manufacturer, the ACDelco battery has features like high-density negative paste, silver calcium stamped alloy, and calcium lead positive grid for better performance and long life. ACDelco also promises longer life expectancy with regular use because of its maintenance-free design. These batteries also come with a 36-month free replacement period.

If you want the peace of mind that the service center provides, this is an excellent option that lets you DIY the job at home.

Click here to see the ACDelco 48AGM Battery on Amazon.

Optima Batteries DH6 YellowTop AGM Battery

Another AGM option from a reputable brand, the DH6 Yellowtop from Optima Batteries is a true dual-purpose battery that delivers CCA 800. Enhanced vibration protection avoids the failures commonly associated with lead-acid batteries, and it can be mounted in almost any position.

It also lasts more than three times as long as its competitors, with minimal maintenance.

Click here to see the Optima Batteries DH6 Yellowtop on Amazon.

Delphi BU9048 48 AGM Battery

Delphi’s 48 AGM battery delivers 760 CCR and 120 RC. Its fortified posts, straps, and welds help resist vibration and damage, so this is one heavy-duty replacement option. The hardy construction helps prevent corrosion and the effects of both heat and cold.

Delphi promises a better life than conventional automotive batteries, which is a given with most AGM options. They also highlight ample reserve capacity power for running power accessories, which is another reason to stick with Chevrolet’s recommendations on battery ratings. Amazon highlights a manufacturer’s warranty, but you’ll need to contact them for details after purchase.

Click here to see the Delphi BU9048 48 AGM Battery on Amazon.

Northstar Pure Lead Group 48 Battery

Northstar’s AGM battery offers 775 CCA and 135 RC, which is a higher rating than Chevrolet’s minimum or OEM replacement. Per Northstar, the battery starts quick and will cycle over 400 times to 80 percent charge depth. While you won’t need it in your Equinox, you can even install the battery on its side—that’s how water-tight it is.

Durable plastic protects against bumps, heat, and other engine compartment conditions. Northstar does offer warranty coverage, but you need to contact them and visit a Northstar distributor to get your product checked or replaced.

Click here to see the Northstar Pure Lead Group 48 Battery on Amazon.

ACDelco 47AGM Group 47 Battery

The smaller 47 battery from ACDelco is an excellent fit for older Equinoxes. With the same robust features as the 48 from ACDelco, you can expect this battery to have a long life. There’s also an envelope separator with puncture resistance, which helps reduce the potential for electrical shorts.

A pressure-tested case gives further peace of mind. Plus, this is the same enclosed-style battery that newer Equinoxes have—just in a smaller package. Exceptional warranty coverage—the 36-month free replacement period—is another highlight.

Click here to see the ACDelco 47AGM Group 47 Battery on Amazon.

Delphi BU9047 47 AGM Battery

Delphi’s group, 47 option for pre-2009 Equinoxes, offers 600 CCR and 100 RC. That’s plenty of power for a small SUV, especially given Chevrolet’s standards. If you have a lot of onboard electronics, you’ll want to double-check your user manual’s guidelines.

This battery has excellent vibration resistance and fortifications against rough road conditions. OEM quality means you can have your battery replaced and be back on the road in no time. A manufacturer’s warranty covers the BU9047, but you’ll need to contact them directly for specifics.

Click here to see the Delphi BU9047 47 AGM Battery on Amazon.

As much as there is to know about your Chevrolet SUV’s battery, our recommendations can help make the battery replacement process simpler. No matter what year Equinox you own, you can find the right fit and power combination.

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  1. I just replaced my battery in my moms 2017 equinox in July 2020 and now have to replace it again 15 months later. This is just another reason added to my list of why I really really really dislike the equinox . I don’t understand why they put the cars computer on top of the battery.. it’s like they just crammed all the components under the hood (almost like a fat cat in a box if it fits it sits kinda thing) and because of that it makes it even harder to do any repairs yourself , when I changed the oil the first time after she bought this car it was so hard to get the socket on the oil filter because so many wires were in the way I think they did this purposely to force owners to take it to the dealer for repairs or to a mechanic and I think that is just wrong . My mom says it’s a mid sized SUV I say no it’s not because SUV’s front bumpers are not supposed to scrape the ground going over a speed hump at 10 mph this is Chevy’s compact car with the way everything is jam packed under the hood.
    Thanks for the information on the battery it was very helpful and much appreciated.

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