Chevy Remote Start Not Working – What To Do?

There are various reasons why your remote start is not working. Do not give up on it yet. We have researched what you should do when this happens, and here is what we found out.

If your Chevy remote start is failing, you should try the following possible solutions:

  • Lock and hold down the remote start button
  • Park the car
  • Cool down the engine
  • Open and close the hood before restarting the remote start
  • Turn the hazard lights off
  • Take the fob out of the car
  • Reseal the gas cap
  • Replace the battery
  • Check your vehicle's manual

You might be confused about which one applies to you. We will discuss what problems correspond to the answers above. Aside from that, we will talk about the other things that might concern you related to this problem.

Emotional Chevrolet Thaoe at the sunrise. American Tipica SUV on the beach, Chevy Remote Start Not Working - What To Do?

What To Do When Remote Start Is Not Working

Just because your remote start isn't working doesn't mean it is broken. Sometimes you need to be aware of the things you should check which affect your radio-controlled device. Below are the probable reasons behind it and their respective fixes.

Emotional Chevrolet Thaoe at the sunrise. American Tipica SUV on the beach, Chevy Remote Start Not Working - What To Do?

Start It Right

The first thing you should rethink is if you operated the remote start the right way. We know you know how to do so, but here is a review to ensure you did it properly.Car key remote in black perforated leather interior

With the key fob:

  • Direct the fob to your car.
  • Secure the vehicle by pressing the lock button.
  • Look for the remote start button. This is the circular arrow alongside the lock and unlocks button.
  • Hold the button for four seconds until you see your vehicle light flash as a signal, and the engine will start.

With the Chevy application:

  • Open the MyChevrolet application on your phone.
  • Search for the key symbol with 'Key Fob' beside it.
  • On the 'Engine' row, you will find a gray circle with a circular arrow and a 'Start' label. Click that.
  • Enter your PIN.

'Park' The Car

Another reason your remote start won't work might be that your car is not in park mode. The remote's system doesn't work when your car is not in park mode for safety precautions. Try putting it on "P" first before hitting the remote again.

Cool Down The Engine

Engines can overheat because something’s wrong within the cooling system and heat isn’t able to escape

High-temperature levels on your engine and oil will disable your remote start. Turn the engine off and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Then, reattempt using your remote start to see if it is working now.

If you are wondering why your engine is overheating, here are some reasons you should check and address.

  • There is not enough coolant, or it is leaking
  • The water pump is clogged
  • Radiator fan is not working properly
  • The oil level is too low
  • The thermostat is failing
  • Blocked or broken coolant hoses and belt

Open And Close The Hood Before Restarting The Remote Start

Check if your hood is properly closed. This could be why the remote start refuses to start, since the hood may open up while driving without you noticing.

That is dangerous since it may block your road view. If it is not closing firmly, the latch must have an issue. If you are not knowledgeable about this, consult a mechanic.

Turn The Hazard Lights Off

Just like how the remote start won't work in park mode, hazard lights can prevent the remote start from working. Turn them off before testing the remote start once again.

Take The Fob Out Of The Car

A fob that is located inside the vehicle will not work. Try starting the engine again after taking it outside.

Reseal The Gas Cap

If the gas cap is not sealed properly, the malfunction indicator light (MIL) will light up. If that indicator detects an issue on the components under your hood, your remote start will not respond to your command to keep you safe.

Close the gas cap. After that, try using the remote control device again.

Other than the gas cap, these are the other detected issues you should consider.

  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  • Spark plug wires

Replace The Battery

Maybe, the reason why the remote start's not working is that the batteries have to be replaced. You can do so by removing the battery cover. Take them out using your fingers. Use a tool if unsuccessful.

Next, push the battery toward the key blade, preventing it from slipping out. Once removed, you can now insert the new battery. You can use the spare one you have or purchase a new CR2032.

Push it in and settle it in place. Remember that the negative side should be facing down. Put the cover back on and test if the remote start is responding to your command.

Check out this CR2032 battery on Amazon.

Check Your Vehicle's Manual

If none of the methods and reasons above apply to your situation, you should consult your product's manual. There may be a special technique or feature which you can learn about that is causing your remote start not to work.

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Should You Replace Your Remote Start?

Car key and alarm system

The issues above show the probable causes behind your remote start's failure to work. But how can you know if it is just a simple problem or not? Here are some of the signs which indicate that your device is asking to be replaced:

  • It takes more than one pressing of the key fob buttons to start your engine. Some may say that this must be due to low energy in the battery. That may be it. However, if you've just changed the batteries and got the same response, consider replacing your remote start.
  • You need to be near the vehicle for the remote start to be able to send a command to it. The sensor may be going bad if starting your engine from a distance is not possible.
  • The car is starting all by itself even if you did not press that button on your key fob. The reason behind this is that there may be a shortage in your remote start's system.

If you have encountered any of the circumstances above, it is best to ditch your old remote and get a new one from your respected manufacturer. If you are uncertain that some problem may be due to your remote control device, have it and your car checked by a professional.

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How Much Is A Chevy Remote Start?

According to Chevrolet's website, you can buy a new remote start kit for an MSRP $of 295. It consists of two key fobs and a document with installation instructions included.

Cautions and reminders are also part of the document to ensure you will get the best performance of all the remote starter functions.

Cheaper brands are available via online stores. But make sure to consult your original remote start manual or directly contact your manufacturer to see if it is safe to use a generic remote start on your car.

Check out KeylessOption's remote start on Amazon.

Is It Good To Always Remote Start Your Car?

Hand of man holding and push remote control of car and white car parking background technology transportation safety concept

Yes, since the remote start does not damage your vehicle unless installed improperly and the system is of poor quality. If installing a remote start is not part of your expertise, let your manufacturer or a professional installer put it in your car.

Meanwhile, here are the myths about remote starters that you should not believe:

  • It promotes wear and tear on your vehicle. Letting your engine warm up before driving is healthy since the oil has enough time to disperse throughout the parts that need lubrication.
  • Remote start throws away a huge amount of gasoline. Remote start uses the same amount of gas (usually 1/2 teaspoon) consumed when starting a car.

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Final Thoughts

Emotional Chevrolet Thaoe at the sunrise. American Tipica SUV on the beach

If your remote start is not working, you should check if you did it right and make sure your engine temperature is not high. You should also turn off the hazard lights, properly close the hood and gas cap, and make sure the car is in 'park mode.

The key fob should be outside the vehicle when you try to use the remote start. You can review your device's manual for any tips on how to fix your remote start.

Once the remote start shows symptoms such as a weak sensor and starting the engine without a pressing command, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

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