Chrysler Pacifica Door Not Closing – What To Do?

Chrysler Pacifica is a car with a distinctive car door. Like other car sliding doors, it might develop a defect and not close well. We have asked experts what to do in case of an issue like this, and here's what they said.

A stuck latch is usually the reason your Chrysler Pacifica car doors won't lock. The latch is supposed to hold down the door once it's closed. If the latch stays out of position, the door won't be locked. Other potential causes include: 

  1. Frozen Latch
  2. Previous Accident Causing Deformity
  3. Latch Jaw and Striker Alignment
  4. Bad Door Handle
  5. Closed Latch

There are several reasons your Chrysler Pacifica car door would refuse to lock. Keep reading to learn how to fix your car door when it doesn't latch. 

A white Chrysler Pacifica moving down the road, Chrysler Pacifica Door Not Closing - What To Do?

Chrysler Pacifica 

Chrysler Pacifica is an excellent car choice for most occasions. It has a luxurious outer look, it has a flexible interior made of plastic, and the design, too, is simple. It has a V6 powertrain that ensures family travel is comfortable. The latest model of this car comes with an Amazon Firestream TV for users who want to stream videos online. 

Gray colored Chrysler Pacifica

The inside also features leather interior, heated steering, and an outer perforated wheel. The exterior is made of a unique sliding door which is unique to Chryslers. 

Chrysler Pacifica Sliding Doors

The sliding door is a type of door that slides in or out to open. Sliding doors are a common feature in many vehicles because they are more modern than traditional car doors.

A sliding door consists of two panels that slide past each other. The frame and the panel. The panel is attached to the frame with hinges, and an electric motor spins a gear that moves the panel when it is needed.

The top panel is usually the one that slides, and it is attached to a track on the top of the vehicle’s frame. This track has a gear system that an electric motor can power to move the panel up and down. The most common use for this type of door is on the side of a vehicle.

5 Reasons Your Chrysler Pacifica Door Won't Shut or Latch

A car door with a defect that won't lock or open properly can be hazardous. Either you can't get out of the car because it is not responding while being pulled, or worse, you or your kids can be locked in. In this case, there are a few reasons you can look out for. These include: 

1. Stuck or Frozen Latch

As explained earlier, the latch is placed at the back of the door, near the end. So, it is in charge of your car opening or locking. If it's not working correctly or stuck, it won't be able to pin down the door properly. 

During winter and other icy conditions, some car parts might freeze. Or sometimes, it might even compress a bit. Hence, it loses the natural hold it should have had. In the case of your Chrysler car door, despite the latch being affected by the temperature, it can still be returned to its normal shape. 

2. Previous Accident

If you were in an accident or bumped hard into an object, it could have deformed some parts of the car. Some of these parts might be in charge of locking your doors. This can cause the bending of the latch, for instance. Once the parts are not aligned together, the doors won't lock.

3. Latch Jaw and Striker Alignment

If your car latch has started corroding, the jaw might not align with the car striker. Hence, they won't work together to lock the door.

5. Bad Door Handle

This can also relate to the accident or damage to the car door handle. The handle might be broken from the inner fraction if it wasn't broken from the outside. Hence, the latch and the handle won't connect well. Meaning the car won't later lock or shut properly. 

5. Closed Latch

The latch should be wholly opened once the car door is opened. However, if the latch is not fully opened, then there is an issue. This will restrict the latch from moving when the handle is later applied.  

Since you know the reasons your car won't shut and the potential problem with your latch, you should also read on to learn different ways you can fix it. 

How to Fix a Chrysler Car Door That Won't Shut or Latch

The most crucial part of fixing your car when it is not shutting is identifying the problem. So, from there, you choose the right fixes for it: 

If The Latch is Stuck

The latch of your car door can be easily reached with your hands or not. So, you can use a flat head screwdriver to return it to its position carefully. 

If Your Car Was Involved in an Accident

Try looking out for where the problem is coming from if your door can't latch because of an accident. If you can't identify it, take your car to a mechanic shop to check your latch.

Misaligned Latch and Striker

If your car door can't close due to a misaligned latch, it needs to be taken to the appropriate authority to replace the rot in the latch. 

If The Latch is Frozen

A frozen latch can be left alone till the temperature changes so it returns back to normal. Once it is back to its normal position, you might need a screwdriver to affix it to its position tightly, and then it should work correctly.

Bad Door Handle

If the door handle or the mechanism used in controlling it is not working correctly, you will need the services of an auto shop to replace any damaged component in the door.

How Do You Reset a Chrysler Pacifica Sliding Door? 

You can reset a Chrysler Pacifica door that has a sliding problem by following these steps:

  • Check for a small black box. 
  • Draw the red button to the other side (just like toggling it). 
  • Leave it for a few seconds.
  • Then come back to it to switch it back to the default position.
  • Try to close the door until it clicks like it's locked. 
  • Use the handle to slide it to the closed position. 

With this, you will have reset your Chrysler Pacifica door. 

How Do You Manually Close a Chrysler Pacifica Door? 

You can manually open and close your Chrysler Pacifica door. First of all, switch off power doors which are used for enabling automatic closing and opening of the door. Once you are done with this, pull the handle, typically like you want to close. It should work and close on its own.

Does Chrysler Pacifica Have Child Safety Locks? 

A baby trying to open the driver side door

When the primary lock of a car is not working correctly or children are sitting in the rear seat, you should enable a child safety lock to protect your child. In a Chrysler Pacifica, a child safety lock protects kids and every other car passenger. 

When using a child safety lock, children can not open the car from outside. If the kid tries to open the door from the inside and the child lock is enabled, it would be impossible. To enable child safety, look in your Chrysler Pacifica door, and follow these steps:

  1. Open the rear door
  2. Put your car ignition key into the space left for child lock control
  3. Slide it up to engage child protection on the door
  4. Repeat that on the other door
  5. To disable it, follow the same steps above and do the opposite when inserting the car ignition. 

How Do You Roll a Window Down With a Key Fob On a Chrysler Pacifica?

If you want to roll down one of the vehicle's windows without getting in, you can use your key fob. You can use the key fob from a short distance away, just like when you unlock your car, instead of returning the full distance to the car to do it on location. Here is how it is done: 

  1. From your car knob, press the remote unlock button. 
  2. Relsease it.
  3. Then, press it and hold it down. 
  4. After which, you can turn the key clockwise to drive the window down.
  5. If it is not working like that, hold down the unlock button and turn the know in the anti-clockwise direction.

To Sum Up

A white Chrysler Pacifica moving down the road

Some of the latest models of cars, such as the Chrysler, are built with sliding doors.  Their setup keeps getting more advanced with time. However, there are still those that are not 100 percent efficient.

Suppose your Chrysler's sliding door won't close, you should identify what the problem is and then troubleshoot it. For the best care, you should take your vehicle to an expert. 

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