Class C RVs with Twin Beds [With 9 Examples]

9 Class C RVs with Twin BedsFinding a class C RV equipped with twin beds can be quite a challenge. This is a rare combination that many RV manufacturers don't bother making these days. However, there are still plenty of RV shoppers who need this configuration.

No matter the reasons, finding the perfect twin-bed-equipped C-class RV might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. You might prefer the beds to be at the very rear of the van, or maybe you want them to convert into a king bed, yet when it comes time to look for RVs, there are hardly any out there with twin beds. It's all quite confusing and difficult, so to help you out, we have found 9 of the best C-class RVs that also feature twin beds.

Class C RVs with Twin Beds

Coachmen Orion T21TB

Built on a modern Ford Transit chassis, the Coachmen Orion has plenty of features to long for, including a fuel-efficient V6 and great sightlines from the driver's seat. To help with maneuverability and reliability, each Orion RV includes a custom-designed steering gear made for RV use. The T21TB offers plenty of sleeping options as well. The layout places the bathroom in the very rear of the RV, right next to two twin beds. At the other end, a bunk bed measuring 48 X 87 inches provides even more sleeping options.

See everything this C-class Coachmen has to offer by clicking here.

Coachmen Orion T24TB

Okay, so maybe that first layout looked appealing, but you just don't have a need for that large bunk bed. If so, consider yourself lucky, because the T24TB offers another twin-bed layout that does away with the bunk bed in favor of a large entertainment center. You will still find the bathroom in the rear of the RV, but now the twin beds have been moved up, just behind the driver's and passenger's seats.

See the layout and all of the specs here.

Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW

Tiffin's 2020 Wayfarer models are built on the newly-redesigned Mercedes Sprinter van chassis. This modern van platform gives these RVs a fuel-efficient 3-liter turbo diesel engine paired with a 7-speed transmission. Tons of time has gone into keeping road noise to a minimum as well. On the 24TW floorplan, Tiffin installs two twin beds in the very back, with the toilet and shower situated next to the beds. A tri-fold sofa or optional reclining theater seats reside in a slideout that creates some space in the kitchen area.

If this sounds like a great product to you, click here to find out more.

Winnebago View 524V

Up next, we have a Winnebago offering that is also built on the Sprinter van chassis - but the similarities don't stop there. Taking a look at the floorplan, you will notice the twin beds in this C-class RV are also situated at the very back. Of course, Winnebago has infused plenty of its own personality into this RV, with a new design bringing plenty of luxury touches that any RVer should appreciate. Deciding between the Wayfarer and the View might just come down to personal preferences, but it's always nice to have options!

Click here to see all about the View 524V.

Winnebago Navion 524V

If you thought the previous two RVs were similar, you haven't seen anything yet. For all practical purposes, the Navion is identical to the View - same 25'5" length, same storage, same layout. The only real differences are in the color schemes offered on each model. Note that on both models, the flex bed system means that the two twin beds can easily convert into one king-size for the ultimate in flexibility. Even if they are twin RVs, they still have plenty of great features to bank on. Just check out their websites to find a color theme that works best for you.

Check it out - even the websites are basically the exact same.

Winnebago Fuse 23A

The Winnebago Fuse uses a different layout and is about a foot-and-a-half shorter than the other two. For starters, the bathroom resides at the very back of the Fuse, instead of sitting across from the kitchen as in the Navion and View. Next to the loo are the twin beds, which also use the flex bed system. Moving forward, we find a spacious kitchen/living area between the beds and the cockpit. If you think Winnebago is the way to go, do a walkthrough of each type of floorplan and decide which will work best for you.

Check out the 23A's floorplan and specs here.

Gulfstream Conquest 6315

At 32 feet long, this Gulfstream offers tons of space inside. That makes this the ideal C-class RV for large families. The rear quarters of the RV can sleep 4, with two sets of twin-bed bunks. Mom and Dad can put themselves a comfortable 30 feet away at the front overhead bunk. In between, the large slideout moves the dinette and sofa back to create some nice living space when stopped. This Gulfstream is built on either a Ford E350 or E450 chassis, making it a slightly more dated platform that others on this list.

See for yourself by clicking here.

Thor Chateau 25V

Thor offers you more choices for flexible sleeping arrangements with the Chateau and Four Winds models. Both offer twin beds at the rear that can be converted into one king bed. They also offer the choice of a Ford E-350 van chassis measuring 26'5" or a Chevy chassis coming in at 26'11". The only real differences between the two Thor models seems to be the color schemes - even the prices are identical. So, check out the Imperial, Ocean Pearl, and Saddleback decor and see if any of them appeal to you. If not, head on over to the Four Winds.

Click here to find out all about the Chateau.

Thor Four Winds 25V

Gemstone, Nautical Blue, and Summit Grey are your interior decor choices on the Thor Four Winds 25V, and they represent the main difference between this and the Chateau RV. I have to say, I personally prefer the Gemstone design with the Brazilian Cherry cabinets, as shown on the website. Buyers are still presented with a choice between a Ford or Chevy van chassis. The engine will either be a Ford Triton V10 or Chevy Vortec V8. These engines, while powerful, will not offer the same fuel economy benefits as the smaller, turbocharged engines on newer models.

Check out the Four Winds in all its glory here.

Happy C-Class RV Hunting

With all of these options, you should be able to find your ideal C-class RV with twin beds. From compact and economical RVs riding on modern van platforms, or a more traditional RV with tons of space for the whole family, there are lots of RVs out there to fit your needs. Take your time shopping so you can find the best RV out there for your family.

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