Class C RVs with Bunk Beds [9 Options Reviewed]

At first, people might be confused by what we mean by "Class C RVs with bunk beds." Doesn't every Class C rig come with an overhead bunk bed? Yes, they do, but some rig owners need additional bunks in their motorhome's floorplan. 

Finding Class C RVs with these additional bunk beds can be a little tricky. In most cases, these extra bunks will only appear in the more extended models. But we've made it easier by compiling a list of for you to choose from. 

Nine Class C Rvs that have bunk beds in their floor plan are:

  • Forest River Forester LE 3251DSLE
  • Forest River Sunseeker Classic 3270s
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H
  • Jayco 2020 Redhawk 31F
  • Jayco 2020 Greyhawk 31F
  • Jayco Seneca 37L
  • THOR Motor Coach Chateau 31E
  • THOR Motor Coach Quantum LF31
  • THOR Motor Coach Omni BB35

An RV moving down the road near Green Lake in Whistler, BC, Class C RVs with Bunk Beds [9 Options Reviewed]

But listing these Class C rigs out doesn't tell the whole story. We need to dive deeper into their amenities to determine whether these RVs are a good fit for your needs. Let's look at what each of these Class C RVs with bunk beds can offer a motorhome owner.

9 Class C RVs with Bunk Beds

1. Forest River Forester LE 3251DSLE

Forest River's Forester LE 3251DSLE is a 32-foot, gas-powered rig capable of offering sleeping spots to six people. These spots come from its a queen bed, flip-down bunk bed, a 60" X 80" bunk, and multiple couches. As a result, it's a good fit for a family traveling together.

Families will also love its 3-burner range, USB and Bluetooth compatible touchscreen radio, and LED flatscreen TV. These amenities will make even those rough nights a bit more bearable. 

Buyers would be crazy to overlook this product's spacious kitchen area, as well. It has more than enough space to cook a real dinner and entertain guests during those nights at the campground.

Click here to see more of the Forest River Forester LE 3251DSLE.

2. Forest River Sunseeker Classic 3270s

Our next gas motorhome features a split level design to promote more headroom in the living area. It'll ensure everyone feels comfortable moving around the rig. 

Six people will have no problem co-habiting this 31-foot rig with its queen bed, bunk beds, a bunk mat, and a comfortable sofa. These people will live in style thanks to the luxurious interior design. 

It's hard to imagine anyone disliking this RV's gorgeous wooden storage areas and cabinets. As for entertainment aspects, this rig comes with LED TVs in every sleeping area, and everyone onboard can wind down with their favorite show/movie after a long trip or activity.

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3. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H is a 32-foot long Class C rig with eight comfy sleeping areas. This model's versatile U-shaped dinette provides those two crucial extra sleeping spots. It can transform into a cozy two-person bed with ease.

Buyers will love this rig's solid surface countertops, stainless steel sink, and extensive pantry. Each of these features will promote a home-like feeling, which is invaluable on longer trips. The large 26"x 38" shower area won't hurt either and should keep everyone from getting too stir crazy. 

Its $105,058 price tag is affordable compared to other options this list, making it quite a bargain buy. What more could an RV owner need than what's provided by this fully-equipped motorhome?

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4. Jayco 2020 Redhawk 31F

Buyers looking to prioritize comfort should consider Jayco's 2020 32-foot Redhawk 31F. It features a comfy floorplan that'll make everyone feel relaxed onboard. The rig feels spacious even when it reaches the 6-person sleeping capacity and finds room for other useful aspects.

Some of these appealing features include a 32" shower area, queen bed, and legless dinette system. However, everyone's favorite feature seems to be the motorhome's large bedroom wardrobe. It ensures RVing trips no longer mean traveling with a suitcase full of clothes. 

Click here to see more of the Jayco 2020 Redhawk 31F.

5. Jayco 2020 Greyhawk 31F

Jayco's 2020 Greyhawk 31F offers a few improvements over their prior option on our list. These include a more extended sofa and added room in the master bedroom to promote additional comfort. Buyers will even have enough to walk around their queen bed, which isn't possible with the Redhawk. 

Rig owners will love this 32-foot rig's overhead bunk. This bunk has a 750-pound capacity and offers an excellent sleeping area for whoever uses it. The 32-inch LED set up inside will make it a favorite among children and guests.

In any case, you can expect this gas-powered rig to have a six-person sleeping capacity. But the improvements mentioned earlier do increase its price tag to $130,568.

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6. Jayco 2020 Seneca 37L

Our last Jayco motorhome is a 39-foot long, diesel-powered monster called the Seneca 37L. It comes equipped with a king-sized bed, 50" LED TV, fireplace, and large overhead bunk. These features promote luxurious travel that most other Class C rigs can't match. 

But what's impressive is these features don't take away from its sleeping capacity. This rig offers six sleeping areas because it uses its extra 7-feet well. Rig owners and their families will never find themselves feeling cramped inside this motorhome.

However, buyers will have to shell out a whopping $267,300 for this upper-class rig. 

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7. THOR Motor Coach Chateau 31E

THOR Motor Coach's 32-foot Chateau 31E has buyers going crazy over its 68" jackknife sofa, which can transform into a cozy bed for two. This aspect increases the rig's sleeping capacity to a formidable seven people. 

Its 71" dream dinette makes an excellent place for enjoying dinner with your family. The kitchen's large pantry offers enough space to store everything needed in this cooking process. Plus, the rig has a 54" x 96" cab-over bunk with a 39-inch LED TV for whenever one of your kids/guests needs a rest. 

You might think it is one of the most expensive options, but it costs an affordable $124,950. This figure falls around the average rate for Class C RV with bunk beds. 

Click here to see more of the THOR Motor Coach Chateau 31E.

8. THOR Motor Coach Quantum LF31

If you enjoy cooking for your family, THOR's Motor Coach Quantum LF31 is an attractive motorhome choice. This rig comes with a residential fridge capable of fitting all your food and drink supplies. You'll also find the 2-gas burner cooktop and stainless steel microwave oven more than adequate. 

Its heightened focus on providing a more equipped kitchen resulted in a higher price, $137,850. But this area isn't the only impressive one as its sleeping arrangements aren't anything to overlook. Its floorplan is suitable for seven people with its cab-over bunk, jackknife sofa, queen bed, and bunk beds.

Click here to see more of the THOR Motor Coach Quantum LF31.

9. THOR Motor Coach Omni BB35

Our last product might offer the comfiest accommodations with its massive sofa bed, bunk beds, and king bed. The cab-over bunk is a bit smaller, but every other sleeping area received a significant size upgrade. Six out of seven people will be much more cozy resting on this diesel motorhome than this brand's prior two models. 

These improvements come from its 36-foot length, which provides more area to move around inside. You should be aware that the extra space results in a higher price of $218,400. But this cost increase is worth paying as the added space does make a huge difference. 

For instance, it provides room for the additional cabinet and pantry space inside this RV. It will no longer be such a hassle to fit all your cooking supplies and equipment in your rig.

Click here to see more of the THOR Motor Coach Omni BB35.

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