Do Any Rental Cars Have Tinted Windows?

Window tint is a layer of film that you place on your vehicle's windows. Tinting is a popular add-on to any vehicle since it reduces harmful UV rays, helps keep your interior from fading, and the most popular reason is to increase security and privacy. Ever wondered if rental cars also apply tint on their vehicles? We have asked automotive experts if rental car companies have cars with tinted windows. Here is what we got from them.

Yes, a rental car from a company can have tinted windows. Vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, and trucks come with ultraviolet protection but not a black-out tint. If you find rental sedans with darker or blacked-out window tints, these were installed by a previous user, not the car rental company. If you prefer darker tint, you should look at SUVs or trucks since these vehicles usually come tinted.

You must be careful when renting cars or sedans with window tint since the are different rules on how much and where you can tint a window. A rented car's tint may be allowed where you got it from, but it may be illegal when you go to another state. For more information about car window tints, keep reading below.

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Do All Car Windows Have Tint

Yes, vehicles that come out today have some sort of UV ray protection tint. UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can speed up skin aging and may cause skin cancer. With a tinted window, you can block up to 99% of these effects.

Factory car window tint is usually embedded in the glass, and there is no way to peel or remove this tint. You also can't lighten a vehicle's factory tint, but you can darken it using aftermarket tint film. On the other hand, SUVs and trucks may have a darker tint straight out of the factory compared to sedans.

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Can You See Through Tinted Car Windows At Night

Yes, you are still able to see through your tinted windows at night, but it may be a bit darker depending on how dark you got your windows tinted. You may also have a hard time seeing when you are driving through a badly lit road or roads without lights.

It is best not to get your vehicle's window tinted heavily to avoid this problem. A good tint percentage would be 35%; you can still see through this even at night. Do not go any lower than that because it will make your tint darker; you'll only benefit from it in the daytime if your tint is lower than 35%.  

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Is Tinting A Car Worth It

You can benefit from tinting your vehicle's windows, such as blocking harmful UV rays, preventing your interior from fading quickly, giving extra privacy and security, and lastly, it reduces the heat coming from the sun. Also, in case of an accident, a tinted window may prevent your windows from shattering.

In addition to privacy and comfort benefits, tinted windows are a great aesthetic addition to your vehicle. It makes your car look sleeker or aggressive. Most people pair dark tinted windows with a black vehicle giving it a VIP look. One thing to remember a black-out vehicle gets a lot of attention from both the public and law enforcement.

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Different Types Of Car Tint

There are many kinds of tints available on the market today. All these tints also offer different properties and are also priced differently. From tints that offer excellent UV and heat protection to tints used mainly to make your car look good, here is a list of the most common types of tints available. 

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Ceramic tints are the best type of tint you can buy for your vehicle. This tint is excellent at blocking UV rays, ceramic tints can reduce up to 99% of the effects of UV rays.

Ceramic tints also have a high shatter resistance and reduce glare. The only downside of a ceramic tint is its price; it is the most expensive tint you can buy. But for what the ceramic tint is and does, its price is worth it.


A carbon tint has a matte finish, giving a vehicle an undercover or VIP look when installed. This tint has ultra-reflective carbon particles infused in it, and it won't fade away over time.

The carbon tint is great at reflecting heat, and it also has an insulating property, so it's great to use in winter and snowy areas. Also, carbon tints won't interfere with your electronics signal, unlike metalized tints. The downside to this tint is it is expensive. 


A dyed window tint is one of the most popular options for tinting the window of a vehicle. This tint is affordable, but it provides very little protection against heat and UV. It is also prone to scratches and fading, so you will have to replace a dyed tint after some time. Overall dyed tint can help cool down your vehicle a bit, but it is mainly used is for aesthetics.


A metalized tint is a tint that has metal microparticles infused within the film. Metalized tints are great for keeping out heat and UV rays; it does this by using reflection. It also has a shinier finish, is a lot more scratch-resistant, and helps hold the glass when it shatters. One thing to note is a metalized tint may interfere with your electronics signal.


A hybrid tint is a combination of a dyed and metalized tint. It gives you a lot of privacy of a dye tint and protection against heat, UV rays, and scratches from the metalized tint. Since this is a combination of dyed and metalized, you will, unfortunately, get its negatives, too.

The hybrid tint is expensive and may still give you signal interference. Fortunately, you won't have to change them as frequently as dyed tint.

What Is The Darkest Legal Tint

The darkest you can get is 5% tint, but this is not legal in most states and is not allowed to be installed on your front windshield. Usually, vehicles with 5% tint would be tucks that can not really see using a rearview mirror, so it is ok for them to have it, but vehicles like sedans and SUVs do have a limit. The most common legal tint darkness you can get is 35%.

If you plan to install tints on your vehicle's window, it's best to look up your state's law about tints. Every state will have a different tint limit, and even if your tint is legal in your state, driving a tinted window in another may cause you to get pulled over by law enforcement. Rules on tinted windows may change as the years pass, so it's best to always check on the laws of your state.

There are also a few states that only require you to have a certain percentage of your windshield tinted, but it can be darkened as much as you want. While side windows and rear windshield may be darker than your front windshield.

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What Percent Is Limo Black Tint

A limo black tint is a 5% darkness tint. They started to call 5% tint limo tint because it was most commonly seen installed on limos. These types of tints are very popular for people who like to make their cars look like undercover or VIP cars. 

5% carbon tint will also make your car look sleek and aggressive. When installing a tint this dark, be prepared to be pulled over much more than a regular tint. These tints may be illegal because they have a very dark tint that restricts anyone outside from seeing inside the vehicle.

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You may find rental car companies with tinted vehicles, but these are not common since rental car companies don't tint their windows darker. Tinting your vehicle's window also gives you a lot of benefits like reducing the effects of UV rays, reducing heat, and increasing privacy.

Also, make sure that your tint has the legal amount of darkness to them. You must always be updated on these laws if your vehicle is tinted, since law enforcement may pull you over and give you a ticket if you exceed the legal limit.

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