Do Car Dealerships Fix Scratches And Paint Chips?

Cars are one of life's most convenient machines. They can make almost anything accessible for you! But, there comes a time when you'll start noticing scratching and paint chips. Or, you bought it from the car dealership and only noticed it has them once you've come home! If you're wondering if car dealerships fix scratches and paint chips, we've found the answerlet's take a look! 

It depends on the car dealership. If you get scratches and paint chips straight out of the dealership, the dealership will most likely decline to do any fixing. However, if you've bought it with chipped paint, the dealership could be liable to provide for repairs. In this case, they'll contract the repair to a professional detailer. In most cases, you'll have to prove there were scratches and paint chips before you've bought the car. 

There's still more information to go over that a few sentences won't be able to cover. How can you claim the repairs to a dealership? How likely are they to agree to provide for repairs? If you'd like to know this and more, keep reading ahead.

A close up of deep scratches in red paint of car bumper, Do Car Dealerships Fix Scratches And Paint Chips?

Getting Repairs From a Dealership

So, two situations can come up where you'll need to look at a car dealership for repairs.

The first scenario involves scratches and paint chips after driving off of the dealership meaning you've inspected the car thoroughly and found no damages.

But, after you've driven off, you developed some marks and paint chips while running some errands. 

It's a recent purchase. So, it's understandable if you want to keep it in the same condition you had it. In this case, the dealership isn't liable to provide for repairs. The responsibility falls in your hands. 

The other scenario is noticing the damages only after you've driven the car out of the dealership. In this case, they can be liable to provide for repairs.

But, it's a hard case to prove. To get the dealership to provide for your repairs, you'll need to prove it wasn't in pristine condition before driving off.

Stock of cars in showroom of automobile dealer

Proving Your Case

In all cases, you'll have to prove the dealership wasn't being truthful to their word. Did they claim the car had no damages? Is there a written statement of it? If your answer is yes, you can call in and voice your concerns. 

You can get lucky and have a car dealership that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. In which case, they'll provide for the repairs.

However, it's most likely no going to turn out in your favor. For this reason, it's crucial that you pay attention to detail while you're at the dealership! 

Is the Repair Free?

Now let's say they accept to do repairs on the car! You might expect that they will pay for the repairs themselves.

Unfortunately, it's another 50/50 case. Some will cover the costs completely. Others will ask you to cater for the repair fees.

Of course, some users experience varying results. For example, one user found success in getting their dealership to cover the repair costs.

If we scroll down a little further, the quality of the paint job might not be guaranteed! Another user explains in detail the headache they had to go through to get the results they wanted.

So, if you're not one that likes confrontation, it's best to let it go. 

If you're buying a car, it's understandable that you'd want it in top shape. But that doesn't mean you should lower your guard because of the excitement.

Nevertheless, it's an understandable situation. You'll have to look at other options to get the repairs you want. 

Should I Repair Paint Chips?

Close-up of the scratches on the blue car

After looking at your options for repair, you might not have the best of spirits. It looks like you have to put in a lot of effort to get the dealership to do the repairs.

So, you might think, is repairing paint chips necessary? Can we ignore it and go on with our lives? Or, can we fix it ourselves? 

Regarding the first concern, yes, repairing paint chips is a necessity. It's not uncommon to think—it's only painting. What's the worst that can happen? As some suggest, the paint is the first line of defense against rust. 

If you leave the paint chips as is, even small ones, you expose the bare metal to a wide range of conditions. It will be more apparent in areas that experience rain, snow, or air containing sea salt.

Not only will it damage the bare metal, but it will also widen the damage. Regardless, you're going to want to get the chips repaired.

DIY or Professional Repair

Choosing between doing the repairs yourself or seeking professional help depends on the severity of the damage and your expertise. Are you sure you can detail it out well enough?

If you're not confident in your repair skills, it's best to leave it to a professional. 

In addition to fixing the paint chips and scratches, they'll also check for any underlying damage to the metal. Best of all, they'll make sure your car looks as good as new.

Sometimes it's hard to get matching paint. So, a DIY fix might have the repair sticking out like an eyesore.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Paint Chips and Scratches?

The cost to repair the damage depends on the severity of it. In general, it should range anywhere from $150-$250 for minor repairs.

If you're going the DIY route, the cost will drop down significantly. It will range anywhere from $10-$50

Of course, it's only advisable to perform the repairs yourself if you know what you're doing. Let's move on to extensive damages.

The price range will hover around $200-$400 for a fix. If you go to a body shop, it increases slightly. They will charge anywhere from $250-$600. 

If the scratches are deep, getting a fix will be more costly. Deep scratches mean the bare metal is exposed. So, every layer of paint will need repair.

The price range of repair depends on several factors like the age of your car, the number of scratches, and more. Cost can reach up to $7,500. In most cases, you'll pay anywhere from $500-$2,500. 

Can You Fix Deep Scratches on a Car?

Scratched car with deep damage to the paint

After looking at the costs of repair, you might get an idea to fix the mess yourself! Maybe you're on a budget and going to a professional isn't an option.

Or, you like fixing problems yourself. In either case, fixing deep scratches can be a DIY project. 

Regardless, it's still more advisable to go to a professional to do the repairs. If you must do it yourself, there is a way to fix them. These steps apply to minor deep scratches. To repair the scratch, you'll need to: 

  1. Clean the surrounding area.
  2. Use a scratch repair kit.
  3. Apply a rubbing compound. The compound is slightly abrasive. You'll apply it to a cloth and work it into the area doing fast circles. This process wears down the edges of the scratch. 
  4. The compound should disappear. Inspect the scratch and repeat the process until the scratch is gone. 
  5. Lastly, cover it with touch-up paint. There are many in the market. So, you won't have too much trouble finding a matching color. 

Can You Buff out a Paint Chip?

Car body work in garage

If you've looked all over the place, some sites might advise sanding down the area before you apply a new coat of paint. It can get confusing to know what situations this applies to. So, if you're wondering if you can buff out a paint chipno, you can't. 

The reason is that sanding down a paint chip can cause damage to the surrounding paint.

As some suggest, if you're thinking about sanding, leave it to a professional. You're likely to damage the painting more if you don't have adequate experience. 

Does Insurance Cover Paint Chips?

Covering costs can be a pain to deal with. So, what if we try to get insurance to cover the paint damage? Is that a possible solution? 

The answer varies. Is the paint damage a result of vandalism? Comprehensive insurance will cover the costs. You'll still be responsible for covering the deductible on your comprehensive coverage. 

In general, if the damage came from an unexpected event, your comprehensive insurance should cover the costs. Unexpected events mean theft, vandalism, natural disasters, falling debris, and hitting an animal. 

In most cases, it isn't advisable to have insurance cover the costs. Unless the damage is extensive, it's better to fix the problem yourself or have a professional do the work. 

Final Takeaway

No matter the car, we'll always want to keep them looking as presentable as possible. Paint not only makes the car look great, but it also provides a layer of defense for the bare metal.

So, it's crucial to seek ways of repairing scratches and paint chips. We hope you found the information above helpful! 

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Until next time!

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