Do Car Warranties Cover Windshields?

Windshields aren’t indestructible. And, it can be costly to replace these pieces of automotive glass if they become damaged. Now you’re wondering if car warranties cover windshields. We researched for your benefit, and here’s what we found.

Many kinds of car warranties cover windshields. A couple of examples include bumper-to-bumper and comprehensive car warranties. However, warranty providers may void these guarantees if windshields crack or break because of certain conditions like negligent driving.

Car owners should read and understand the terms written in their automobile warranties. Doing so may help drivers drive safer than before. Keep reading as we talk about the different car warranties and their coverage in greater detail.

A woman phoning for help after car windshield has broken, Do Car Warranties Cover Windshields?

What Does A Car Warranty Not Cover?

Most car warranties provide coverage for defects or damage that aren’t classified as wear and tear. For example, the average lifespan of a front windshield is about five years. If the glass breaks after that period because of negligent driving, the warranty supplier may void the warranty.

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Other exclusions that may exist in typical vehicle warranties are:

  • Unauthorized modifications
  • Scheduled maintenance and repairs
  • Aesthetic problems (e.g., dents and dings)
  • Theft and vandalism

Automobile owners can reduce the risks of some of the mentioned incidents happening by taking preventive measures. One example would be to install an automobile security system. Installing this system would prevent unwanted out-of-pocket expenses that may come from stolen or vandalized items in the car.

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Is Cracked Windshield Covered By New Car Warranty?

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Car manufacturers and windshield suppliers typically provide different coverage for their offered warranties. Vehicle owners should read the terms of these service contracts to verify the existence of a cracked windshield clause.

Here are some example statements you may come across in a new vehicle warranty regarding the windshield:

  • The supplier only allows up to 90 days to replace a broken windshield caused by natural incidents.
  • The warranty can cover the purchase of the replacement glass and its installation.
  • The warranty can also cover the repairs for windshield chips and cracks caused by flying rocks.

Expect that some automobile warranty providers won’t usually attempt to fix a chip or crack on the windshield if the issue is larger than a pinhead. If so, suppliers may advise car owners to choose windshield replacements instead.

Do Bumper-To-Bumper Warranties Cover Windshields?

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A bumper-to-bumper warranty, also known as a new vehicle limited warranty, generally includes coverage for broken windshields. Take note that this type of guarantee typically only covers up to three years or up to 36,000 miles from the start of the policy, whichever comes first.

Car owners shouldn’t confuse bumper-to-bumper warranties with powertrain warranties. The former generally covers the parts and replacement for different parts, excluding items like tires, windshield wipers, and brake pads.

On the other hand, the standard powertrain warranty covers the parts located beyond the things in between the vehicle’s bumpers. Some car parts usually covered by this policy include the engine, drivetrain, and transmission.

Some car warranties may also include tires. You can read our post about the new car warranty to check if this policy covers the tires.

How Much Is A Windshield Replacement?

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Without a car warranty, vehicle owners may need to pay $200 to $400 in out-of-pocket costs to replace a windshield. Keep in mind that many factors can affect the overhead for this service. Some of these elements can include the auto glass company, the type of glass, and the vehicle’s specific model.

Does State Farm Cover Windshield Cracks?

State Farm, an insurance company, offers comprehensive coverage for vehicles that cover different automobile parts, including windshields. It’s also important to note that State Farm offers an insurance package and not a warranty.

Insurance protects financial stress to policyholders by allowing the guarantee provider to pay for the damage or losses partially or in full. However, a warranty generally covers newly bought items, such as a new windshield. Moreover, some warranties don’t cover the cost but can repair or replace the covered object with no additional charge.

In that context, State Farm can cover for the payment needed to repair or replace a windshield. But the vehicle owner may still need to take care of the process to fix or swap the broken automobile glass. However, the product manufacturer or supplier will usually handle the costs and procedures to repair or replace the damaged car window.

Additionally, some warranties often specify the covered parts. For example, a windshield retailer may only provide a warranty for the glass alone. But one car insurance policy might cover multiple automobile parts.

How To Make A Windshield Crack Disappear?

Automobile owners may save money from expensive repairs to fix fairly small chips on their windshields. Applying DIY techniques can also save you the time to travel to your car dealer to have the issue fixed.

Keep in mind that not all windshield cracks are repairable using DIY methods. You’ll know if you can fix a chip on a car’s glass window if:

  • It has an indent
  • It has an air gap
  • It’s not near the glass’ edges
  • It is no larger than a $0.25 coin

If the chip on your windshield ticks all the variables mentioned above, you can proceed with this task.

What You’ll Need

  • Windshield repair kit
  • Safety pin or thumbtack
  • Razor

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Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Tape a piece of cardboard at the cabin side of the crack’s location.
  2. Use a safety pin or thumbtack to pick out pieces of broken glass that might be lingering in the crack.
  3. Clean the area around the chip using the alcohol wipe that should be part of the windshield repair kit.
  4. Peel the cover on the adhesive disc from the repair kit. Then, stick the disc onto the glass with the chip in the center hole.
  5. Place the pedestal from the repair kit and place it on top of the disc.
  6. Put a catching material like a folded piece of tape below the disc construction. This structure will help catch any poured resin that may leak out.
  7. Pour the resin into the hole of the pedestal.
  8. Press the plunger of the kit’s syringe. Next, insert the syringe into the pedestal’s hole and pull the plunger up. Make sure to secure the pedestal by holding it down with your other hand while you’re doing this step.
  9. Lock the syringe and wait until air no longer exists in the chip.
  10. Remove the syringe and put it back into the pedestal’s hole.
  11. Press the plunger to put compressed air into the hole, pushing the resin deep into the chip. Then, lock the syringe again.
  12. Leave the setup for at least 20 minutes.
  13. Remove the syringe, pedestal, and adhesive disc by carefully sliding a razor underneath the setup.
  14. Wait for the resin to fully cure, which takes about 1-hour.

By the end of this project, you should still have a small resin layer on the glass. Scrape off this residue with your razor carefully, and your windshield should look good as new.

Additionally, ensure that you park your car under a shade. That way, you can see the chip fairly easily. Otherwise, sunlight may cause unwanted glare onto the windshield, which might blind you temporarily from doing this repair project.

You can also watch the video below to find more details about fixing a small crack on a windshield:

Finally, if your automobile’s windshield contracts a large crack, its can be a good choice to have the vehicle towed to a repair shop. Read our post on driving with a cracked windshield to know the dangers associated with this scenario.

Final Words

Certain car warranties cover windshields as part of their coverage. Warranty policyholders should read and pay attention to the details written in their statements to ensure their contracts cover their vehicles' windshields. Failure to check the existence of a windshield clause in a warranty may result in costly out-of-pocket expenses.

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