Do Chrysler Pacifica Rear Windows Open?

The Chrysler Pacifica is a popular family vehicle with a spacious interior, especially for the rear seats. You might wonder if you can open the rear windows to let fresh air in for the passengers. We've researched and found some answers.

Yes, you can open the rear windows of your Chrysler Pacifica if it's equipped with the feature. Press the power switch controls on the driver's door panel to open the left or right rear windows.

Some models have fixed rear windows that you cannot open or need package upgrades. Continue reading to learn how opening the rear windows can be helpful when you are driving or keeping the Chrysler Pacifica parked. 

Can You Open A Chrysler Pacifica's Rear Windows?

A Pinnacle Edition Chrysler Pacifica minivan on display at the Motor Bella Autoshow

The Chrysler Pacifica is a high-end minivan that accommodates seven to eight passengers. It is a reliable minivan with advanced features for a complete driving experience. To open the rear windows, check if your model has this feature.

The vehicle has power windows, which you can control using the power switch on the driver's door panel. The power switch controls all vehicle doors and windows, locking and unlocking them. It lights up to indicate the activated window.

The window opens during a power accessory delay if the ignition switch is ON or in the ACC position. But this function is only available for some trims of the Pacifica.

Models That Allow You To Open The Rear Windows

Chrysler Pacifica currently has four models. But not all models allow the opening of the rear windows. The Pacifica Limited and Pinnacle have the standard power one-touch up/down control for the rear window.

You can also open the rear windows for the Touring L models, as this is an available package for the trim. You can choose which Chrysler Pacifica model to purchase if you want to open the rear windows.

How To Open The Rear Windows

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It is easy to open the rear windows of the minivan if the existing unit you have allows you to operate the rear windows.

Before you can open the window, you should set the vehicle's ignition switch to ON. When it is in power accessory delay, set it into the ACC position and follow the process below to open the rear windows.

  • Press and hold the button for the rear window on the power switch. The buttons are below the front window controls.
  • Choose the appropriate button to open the left or right window. It is also possible to open the rear windows halfway.
  • Press and hold the button and release it to stop.
  • The window controls remain active for 10 minutes after turning off the ignition. When you open the front door, it deactivates the feature.

At some point, the power switch will wear out. If the power switch does not work, you need to replace it. You should purchase a compatible power switch for your Chrysler Pacifica's year and model.

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Is It Safe To Open The Rear Windows Of A Chrysler Pacifica?

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica on display at the Chicago Auto Show

Safety depends on environmental factors when you are driving the vehicle. There are varying factors that might affect this decision. You should also consider if you need to open the windows when parking.  

If you only open the rear windows, you can encounter wind buffeting or noise. The wind's pressure is intense inside when there are open and closed car windows.

You can minimize the impact of the wind by opening all the windows. Add a wind deflector or replace damaged gaskets if you only want a few windows open.

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Other than the wind, debris can get inside the car. Leaves, pebbles, and dust can enter through an open rear window. In that case, it is unsafe for the passengers, especially for children, if you open your rear windows when driving.

Opening the rear windows allows exhaust gas fumes to enter the car. When you park and leave your children inside the vehicle, keep them safe by opening the windows to let out the fumes. 

Below are other safety tips when opening the rear windows:

  • Do not open the windows when someone is in the way of the window openings.
  • Do not leave children unattended inside when you lock the vehicle. 
  • Do not forget to take the keys with you so that no one can open the windows after a few minutes and the ignition has been off. 

How To Close A Chrysler Pacifica's Rear Windows

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It is also crucial that you also know how to close the rear windows. By controlling the power switch, you lift the detent and hold the rear window button until it closes.

Be sure to check that you did indeed close the windows. Water can leak into the vehicle's interior if the windows are not completely closed. Check the window frames to make sure they're not loose or damaged, and replace them when needed.

What To Do When The Rear Windows Of A Chrysler Pacifica Reopen

After you open the rear windows for the intended use, you will need to close them. When closing, you lift and hold the button corresponding to the open rear window you need to close.

However, the window may bounce back if an obstruction prevents it from closing. The Chrysler Pacifica has a pinch or jam protection function that automatically reopens the window when it detects an obstacle.

If there are no obstructions in the window, but it bounces back, there is a problem with the programming or the power switch battery. You can reset the programming or replace the dead battery to fix the issue.

In addition, if the window stops midway after the reset, you may need to lubricate the window frame with water-resistant silicone. 

How Do You Clean The Rear Windows Of A Chrysler Pacifica?

Chrysler Pacifica, A Family Minivan on a sideway

You must clean the rear windows to keep them clear and properly working. Cleaning is essential to avoid debris and dirt build-up on the window frames, which can affect the opening and closing of the windows.

You should use suitable products to clean the interior and exterior of the windows. For the window's exterior, the Chrysler Pacifica has a rear window wiper and washer.

You activate the cleaning cycle by rotating the lever's middle switch. If equipped in the vehicle, it can have defroster or rain/snow wipers with sensors.

You should not use abrasive cleaners and tools when cleaning the interior side. You should use a soft cloth and a mild washing solution. Wipe the cloth parallel to the heating elements. Keep any objects inside the car away when you are cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Chrysler Pacifica Rear Windows?

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid on display during LA Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Do Chrysler Pacifica Rear Windows Open?

If you have damaged rear windows, you can replace them. You should take into account the cost of the window and its replacement.
A Chrysler Pacifica rear window replacement costs $293.31 for the glass and fitting. The cost can go higher if you request customized tinting, glass thickness, and labor for installation. Also, remember to check if the dealer offers a warranty.
Let a professional automobile glass professional install the new windows to avoid errors and damage.

In Summary

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid on display during LA Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Yes, you can open the rear windows of a Chrysler Pacifica. However, the capability is available in the Limited, Pinnacle, and Touring L models. You can open the windows by pressing and holding the power switch button for the rear windows.

If you know how to open the rear windows of your Chrysler Pacifica, you'll have an enjoyable trip with your family.

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