Do Decals Stick To Raptor Liner?

Using a raptor liner can give your car a unique look, but sometimes adding decals can fortify the look. We researched to determine if decals stick onto the raptor liner.

Decals can stick onto the raptor liner. But you'll have to use equipment such as a heat gun to help secure the decal onto the raptor liner. The raptor liner has a textured surface that makes it hard for decals to stick without heating.

Please keep reading to learn more. We will guide you on how to install decals onto the raptor liner. We'll also share if decals are waterproof and tell you how long raptor liners last. 

How To Install Decals Onto Raptor Liner?

Painting your car or parts of it with a Raptor liner can give the vehicle a unique look and add some texture, and the new paint job also implies that you need to add new decals after repainting.

Shiny gray car with yellow geometric decals

Because a raptor liner has a textured surface, air pockets will form if you try to stick the decal on the liner. These air pockets will result in a poor bond between the raptor liner and the decal, as well as a subpar look

Below are the steps to correctly install decals onto a raptor liner.

  1. Take measurements. The decal you are placing must be in the correct position before you install it, especially if you have to put it on both sides.
  2. Place the decal onto the raptor lining. 
  3. Use a heat gun to help fuse the decal to the raptor lining. Note that you should use the lowest setting of your heat gun and apply pressure to the decal with your hand to stick it in the bumps.
  4. After a while, go back and check the decal to see if there are any air pockets or if any sides lift (reuse the heat gun for parts that did not stick).

You will know if the decal is sticking properly when you run your hand over it, and you don't feel any air pockets or hear a plastic sound. With a proper installation of a decal onto a raptor liber, the decal should have the same texture as the liner, with a glossier look.

Here is a YouTube video of this installation technique.

Are Decals Water Proof?

Installation of black foil decals on a blue luxury fast car in the garage

Yes, decals or vinyl stickers are somewhat waterproof. Typically decals made to stick onto cars are self-adhesive and water-resistant.

So you don't have to fret when it rains or when you have to wash your car. But if the decal is not laminated, it can get washed or wear out over time.

Generally, the decal will not stick to a wet surface that easily. You'll have to dry it out first to ensure the decal sticks to the surface of your car.

How Long Is Raptor Liner Good For?

Knowing how long a product will last gives you additional insight into your upcoming projects. With a Raptor liner, you can expect a product shelf life of around two years, and once applied to a car, it can last years.

How long a raptor liner that you apply on a vehicle serves you depends on how well you prep it before painting and how you use your car.

You must take the proper precautions before applying Raptor liner to your vehicle to ensure you install it correctly to avoid cracking or chipping. Also, using your vehicle for heavy work, such as hauling or off-roading, can cause your Raptor liner to fade or get damaged faster.

Keeping paint or similar products around after application is very handy since you can retouch any damage with the same substance. Note when these products expire because they will have different expiration dates.

Here is a YouTube video of a vehicle with a Raptor liner for 10 years.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Raptor Liner?

Polyurea coating for truck bed

When planning to paint your vehicle, preparation is essential. Lack of preparation can lead to poor application, or other problems may occur while the paint or liner is drying.

Preparation can take a couple of hours to a few days, depending on how much work your vehicle needs.

Below are steps to properly prepare your vehicle before applying Raptor lining.

  1. Find a location where you can do your project. Working in a covered area is great since you shield yourself from the elements. You can also work outside. But it is best to do this when you are sure of good weather for a few days.
  2. Gather all the necessary supplies.
  3. Prepare the surface of your car. Clean the surface of your vehicle and remove any rust or adhesive that can interfere with bonding. Then, sand down the surface until it's no longer glossy so the primer will stick.
  4. Dust off the surface of your vehicle after sanding. Next, tape off parts of the car that you don't want to get a primer on.
  5. Wear proper eyewear and a mask in preparation for priming.
  6. Mix your primer (follow the instructions provided by the primer manufacturer), load it into your spray gun, and start test spraying. Test the spray on a surface other than your car to get a feel of it.
  7. Apply the primer and let it sit for a bit before you apply the Raptor liner. Inspecting the areas where you've sprayed the primer for imperfections is prudent. If you find any defects in your priming job, wait 2 hours, then try to patch it up by sanding it and reapplying it. 

You can apply the Raptor lining after the primer has sat for 2 hours to ensure that the primer is ready.

Pro tip: always double-check your work before going into the next step to ensure nothing will go wrong with your project.

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How Long Does Raptor Liner Take To Harden?

How long does raptor liner take to harden, Do Decals Stick To Raptor Liner?

Raptor liner will take around 72 hours to set before you can expose it to water or the elements.

Can You Paint Over Raptor Liner?

Yes, you can paint over Raptor liner. You'll have to wait 24 hours before you prepare the Raptor liner for painting. Painting over the Raptor liner is a great way to change the external look of your vehicle since the Raptor liner is typically color black.

Before you start painting over the Raptor liner, clean the surface of your vehicle to ensure that the new paint sticks properly. You can apply most paints to the Raptor liner surface.

Is Raptor Liner Water Resistant?

Yes, the raptor liner is water-resistant. It also helps prevent rust. So, you can use this product on surfaces commonly exposed to water.

The raptor liner is resistant not only to fresh water but salt water as well. Having a liner resistant to fresh and saltwater gives you a lot of versatility and helps ease your trouble finding a liner that would fit either.

Can You Apply Raptor Liner On Your Wheel Rims?

Mag wheel high performance auto part decoration

It is possible to cover your car's wheel rims with a Raptor liner. Like any other part of your vehicle, you'll need to prepare your wheels for the Raptor liner to stick on properly.

Sand your wheels since these typically are glossy. It is ideal to use 80 to 180-grit sandpaper and Raptor Acid Etch Primer when planning to do this. The Raptor liner will give your wheels a textured layer.


You can have decals on your raptor liner. However, you will need to heat the decal with a heat gun to have it properly stick to the textures surface of the Raptor liner. You must put your heat gun on the lower setting to avoid damaging or melting your decal.

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