Do Ford Transit Windows Open?

The Ford Transit van is a wonderful option for consumers who need a large, effective passenger van. Whatever your reason for owning a van like the Ford Transit, you might want the ability to open the window. However, it's challenging to tell by looking at specific types of Transit vans whether or not the windows open. We researched the Ford Transit and its trims to provide you with an answer. 

The 2021 Ford Transit passenger van comes in two broad trims, XL and XLT, both of which have wrap-around windows. Of all of the windows on the Transit, only four of them open. First, both the front driver and passenger side windows slide up and down like a regular vehicle. Next, the two windows in the middle position on either side also slide open.

On the extended-length versions of the Transit, the secondary opening windows are on the very back of the van on either side. The window options may vary from dealership to dealership.

That is the basic information on the window situation for the Ford Transit passenger van. In the remainder of this post, we will discuss the differences between different Transit models, the size options for the Transit, and the possibility of converting and living in a Transit. Keep reading for all the details!

White Ford Transit passenger van drives at the interurban road. Do Ford Transit Windows Open

Windows on the Ford Transit

It's not always clear on the Ford Transit product page whether or not the 2021 edition of the van comes with windows that can open. Windows are only available on the passenger version of the Transit, not the cargo or the crew models.

The window options vary depending on which base model and subsequent options you choose for your Ford Transit. Some models of the Transit have middle windows that open slightly. These windows are found either on the left side, middle, or right side sliding door. 

Additionally, the extended version of the Transit has opening windows on the rear window of each side of the van. These types of windows mean that the middle windows are excluded from the model and are only stationary. 

To be sure of the presence of windows on your potential Ford Transit, either call or visit the dealership to see firsthand. There is even a disclaimer on Ford's website that some features and options may look different and are not guaranteed to be the same as the website. 

White van Ford Transit in the city street.

What are the Different Types of Ford Transit?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are two broad types of Ford Transit; the XL and the XLT. When compared, the two broad models are nearly the same and only differ cosmetically. The XLT has a few upgrades in its base form, like an exterior upgrade package and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Additionally, there are some differences in the seat types and functionality between the two models and the materials that go into the interior design. But overall, the engine and capabilities are the same for the XL and the XLT. 

Customize Your Ford Transit

When you purchase a Ford Transit, you do so from a pick-and-choose feature menu. This method allows you to customize the Transit to a degree, giving you the best van for your needs. Of all the available features, the size options are the most important for daily van life and the most obvious to the eye. 

On the Ford Transit build page, you must first select the base model, either XL or XLT. After that, you choose from three roof height options; low, medium, or high. This is an important option selection for the comfort and accessibility of a passenger van. Next, you must choose between three length options; regular, long, and extended. This selection will determine how many seats or cargo space you can fit in your passenger van. 

To finish building your own Ford Transit, you can make a few final selections:

  • First is the engine option between a 3.5L V6 and the EcoBoost version of the same engine.
  • Then comes the drivetrain, which can either be rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.
  • Lastly, you round out the finer details by choosing a payload package, axle ratio, and transmission.

Please note that certain combinations are not available with one another when building your Ford Transit. 

Which Ford Transit is Best for Conversion?

Honestly, you could really convert any of the size and feature combinations described above into a camper van. But the most important features to look into when planning a conversion are the size features. 

The roof height and length are the two features that will determine how comfortable your converted van is. The higher the roof, the easier it will be to stand and move around in your van. The longer the length, the more features and storage you will be able to include in your new mobile campsite. So, the best Ford Transit for conversion is either the XL or the XLT with the high roof and extended length options selected. 

No matter which spec you choose, the wrap-around windows on the 2021 Ford Transit make the van a great platform for conversion. The windows will make your stay inside the van feel more bright and open, but you will need curtains to block out the world during the night. The opening windows in the middle or back of the van will ensure that you always have the ventilation you need during the day or the night. 

Can You Stand Up in a Ford Transit Medium Roof?

If you are planning on converting a Ford Transit into a livable van, you're going to want to choose a roof height that you can comfortably stand up in. The Ford Transit is a tall vehicle by nature, but is the medium-size roof option enough to stand up in and move around comfortably? 

The medium roof Ford Transit has an interior height of 72 inches from floor to ceiling, exactly six feet of clearance for standing in the Ford Transit. That means that most people should be able to stand comfortably. If you are taller than six feet, you might want to go with the high roof option, which gives you 6.79 feet of standing height. 

Can You Live in a Ford Transit?

Without all of its passenger seats, the Ford Transit is large enough to make a very nice converted van. Additionally, it's built well and has a good engine and good drivetrain specs. You can most certainly live in a Ford Transit and trust it to get you safely from destination to destination. 

Are Ford Transits Easy to Break Into?

Many prospective van dwellers are concerned about safety since all of their personal belongings are inside the van. Vans are notoriously easier to break into than other vehicles, and the Ford Transit is no exception. Luckily, there are precautions you can take to help protect your van from burglary, whether you're using it to transport passengers and cargo or if it's your full-time home. 

The best thing you can do is install additional locks on your front doors, sliding doors, and back door. The locks may need to be installed professionally, but you can find some on Amazon for a reasonable price.

The lock below is made especially for Ford vans. Additionally, preventive measures like mindful parking and not leaving any valuables in visible locations go a long way to prevent burglary. 

Click here to see the Slick Locks Ford Sliding Door Kit on Amazon. 

In Closing

Ford Transit on city road, one with a convoy. Do Ford Transit Windows Open

The Ford Transit is a van that has been around for a long time in different versions and iterations. This causes confusion on the presence of opening windows on the van. Regardless, the newest passenger models of the Ford Transit are excellent platforms for camper van conversions.

The important things to remember are to visit your potential van in-person to ensure it has the features you are expecting and to upgrade your van with the necessary safety features to keep your belongings safe. 

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