Do Hummers Have 3rd Row Seating?

If you have a big family or want extra seating when the time comes, 3rd-row seating is an option you want to have in your vehicle. With the help of automotive experts, we will help you determine if Hummers do have 3rd-row seating available.

There is a Hummer with 3rd-row seating—the H2 model. It may be surprising for some, but most Hummers, for their large size, do not all have 3rd-row seating; instead, it typically has two rows of seating and a storage area at the rear.

Hummers are a great car to own, especially if you like large vehicles. One thing to note is that these cars are gas guzzlers. For more information about the Hummer, keep reading below.

How Many Rows Of Seating Does A Hummer Have?

Humvee on the road

Hummers are large vehicles that can easily dwarf many cars on the road; this car is a tank on wheels. The Hummer originates from the US military, and they would commonly use this vehicle for troop transport, ambulance, communications vehicle, or a support vehicle.

Back in the military, the Hummer's name was HMMWV or Humvee. The standard configuration of this vehicle, as seen in movies, has two rows of seating and fits five people (driver, commander, two passengers, and a gunner).

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Humvee has been available to the public. The first generation of the Hummer, the H1, is similar to its military counterpart, just missing the equipment meant for war.

The H1 Hummer has two rows of seating that can also fit five people comfortably. This model also offers a 3rd-row seat which can provide one additional passenger. The rear end of the Hummer is where you can locate the cargo space.

As GMC makes different generations of the Hummer, the seating arrangements stay the same for some. The H3 models have the same number of seating rows and fit the same number of people, and they also have the option of 3rd-row seating for one.

But when it comes to the H2, you do have third-row seating. This is the most common model to have it. Even if the 3rd-row seats are not in the vehicle, you can see on the floorboard where to install these seats.

There is also a newer Hummer, but unlike its gas-guzzling predecessors, it is a fully electric vehicle with only two rows of seating. The Hummer EV may look like the other SUVs in the market, but it is still a beast regarding raw power even if its fully electric.

The difference between the models will be the space you have between each row since all the generations of the Hummer are different in size. Though only five people can fit in a Hummer without the third row, they can sit comfortably because of the spacious interior.

How To Install 3rd Row Seats On A Hummer

Motor car Hummer H2 parked at the city street with door open, Do Hummers Have 3rd Row Seating?

If you need to fit a few more passengers in your Hummer and you have the H2 model, you can install your 3rd-row seating. Below are the instructions on installing the H2's 3rd-row seats properly:

  1. Open the rear of your vehicle and roll the seats into position. Your floorboards will have indents to indicate where the seats go.
  2. When you lift the seat up, you will find a lever that goes across the seat; this engages and disengages the clamps. The seat should be at a 70-degree angle when doing this. After that, pull the lever on the right side to put the seat down.
  3. Pull the lever with the number "1" to flip up the seat. After pulling the lever, your seat should fold up into an upright position.

Note that this option is for the H2 Hummer, not the H1 or H3. What's great about a detachable 3rd-row seat is that you can remove it if you need extra storage space.

Here is a YouTube video on how to remove your H2 Hummer's 3rd-row seats:

Do Hummers Back Seats Fold Down?

Interior of a Black Diesel Hummer Wagon

Yes, you can fold down the 2nd-row seats of the Hummer to make more room for your belongings. The rear of the more modern Hummers folds in 60/40 fashion, allowing you only to fold one seat or both.

Be sure to remove any items that could be on, under, or in front of the seats before folding them down. Below you can find the steps to fold down the rear seats of an H2 and H3 Hummer.


  1. There is a strap loop that you can find on the rear of the seat cushion; pull this up while pulling the seat cushion up and folding it forward.
  2. Pull and fold the seat back down until it is entirely flat.
  3. If the seat back won't fold flat, move the front seat forward or move the seat back to a more upright position.


  1. Reach the bottom part of the seat and lift it while pulling it forward.
  2. Pull the cushion forward until it is at the footrest.
  3. There is a latch at the top of the seat back, which you'll have to lift while pulling the seat back forward. Fold the seat down until it is entirely flat.
  4. If the seat back won't fold flat, move the front seat forward or move the seat back to a more upright position.

Folding the rear seats allows you to store or haul more oversized items and strap them down using the tie-down loops. Tying your things down, especially if they are loose, is a great safety practice.

Which Is Bigger: A Hummer H2 or Hummer H3?

Regarding vehicle size, the Hummer is one of the biggest vehicles on the road. You will surely tower over other vehicles, even SUVs and trucks when driving this one.

When comparing the different models of the Hummer, the H1 is the largest of all three. But between the two modern Hummers, the H2 Hummer is biggest.

Motor car Hummer H2 at the city street, Do Hummers Have 3rd Row Seating?

The H2 Hummer has a length of 203.5 inches, a wheelbase of 122.8 inches, a width of 81.3 inches, and a height of 79.0 inches. If you're looking for a giant, modern Hummer, then the H2 is for you.

The H3 Hummer, on the other hand, is the smallest of the three hummers. The H3 Hummer has a length of 188.1 inches, a wheelbase of 111.9 inches, a width of 81.3 inches, and a height of 74.7 inches.

Even if the H3 is the smallest of all the models, it is still not a tiny car. You still tower over other vehicles; you are simply smaller than the other two Hummers.

Why Is Hummer Discontinued?

Red Hummer H2 patriot edition isolated on white

Hummers first started their life as a multi-purpose vehicle for the military, and at that time, it wasn't called the "Hummer." At the same time, a particular actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger took an interest in this vehicle when he saw a fleet of them.

He then repeatedly contacted AM General to acquire one of these vehicles. AM General then denied Arnold's request since the Humvee was not street-legal.

Arnold then requested AM General for a civilian version. After some time, a contractor made a civilian version. As one of the biggest stars in the 90s, Arnold helped in promoting the Hummer in addition to the Humvee always being in the news then.

When AM General made the civilian version of the Hummer, it sold many units despite being a vehicle with a reputation for having terrible mpg. Back then, gas was reasonably cheap, so people did not mind.

After a while, GM acquired the Hummer, and they released the H2 Hummer. At this time, gas prices were rising, but people did not bother since having a Hummer symbolized wealth.

But as time went by, gas prices kept rising, and people finally caught up to the demanding fuel consumption of the Hummer. Additionally, there were many protests towards the vehicle, calling it an "environment killer."

With the combination of rising gas prices, low sales, and GM filing for bankruptcy, GM had no choice but to end the Hummer brand. Sales of the Hummer dropped from 9,046 in 2009 to 3,812 in 2010.

Check out the interesting history of the Hummer:

In Closing

Hummers have 3rd row seating and you will mostly encounter this on the H2 model since this option allows you to fit two extra people while the other models only allow one. The option to remove the 3rd row is a great feature since you can have extra storage space if needed.

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