Do Jayco Trailers Have Aluminum Frames?

Jayco trailers are one of the industry standards when it comes to building high-quality trailers and RVs. With over five decades of legacy, the brand has cemented its name in the RV world, but do they make aluminum trailers? In this article, we have done the research for you, and we will tell you if Jayco produces aluminum trailer frames. 

Yes, Jayco produces trailers with an aluminum frame with an exclusive construction process called StrongholdVBL™ or Vacuum-Bond Lamination. But these are not purely aluminum frames as they are laminated fiberglass and aluminum tubing. Jayco says that this process is better because it increases the trailer's overall strength and durability while making them as lightweight as possible. 

For more detailed information about Jayco Aluminum trailers, continue reading as we delve deeper into their construction. We will also discuss more about aluminum frames, like how you will know if your trailer is an aluminum frame and much more.

A fifth wheel motorhome parked in the camping grounds, Do Jayco Trailers Have Aluminum Frames

Jayco aluminum frames

Jayco's StrongholdVBL™ is a high-tech process of making aluminum frames. Aluminum tubings are coupled with laminated fiberglass and then welded together to form their sidewalls.

Jayco also uses a five-layered sidewall that is proprietary exclusive to Jayco-built products. Sidewalls of the frame are also lined with high-density block foams that create better insulating properties and soundproofing.

This technique, according to Jayco, makes their aluminum frames rot-proof, warp-proof, mold-proof, and mildew-proof. The extensive and meticulous process also prevents the frames from deterioration due to wear and tear during long travels. Jayco trailers will hold up with regular usage as long as intentional damage or accidents are not inflicted on them.

The exterior of the RV is finished with glossy composite fiberglass panels, making a polished look and an easy-to-clean surface. Lauan plywood is also part of the final layer, bonded with the aluminum and fiberglass assembly, which adds strength and durability plus the smooth appearance of the trailer.

All of this assembly is done through a climate-controlled facility year-round specifically tailored to help make sure that the humidity and heat temperature will not interfere with the consistency of the bonding done to the frame. This also helps the curing process of the melted urethane that makes sure that their trailers provide 100% glue coverage.

What Makes Jayco Frames Different

Ultimately, as technology improves, companies like Jayco have to make innovations. Fiberglass is the current king of RV components for the exterior because of its better qualities than older aluminum body frames. But make no mistake about it, Jayco still uses aluminum for their frames as part of their patented process.

Jayco has improved their aluminum frames through Stronghold Aluminum-Framed Vacuum Bond Lamination, which bridges the gap between fiberglass and aluminum by combining them.

The key difference of modern aluminum frames is they are amalgamated with fiberglass and wood for a better and more durable finish, unlike older aluminum RVs constructed of pure aluminum from the frame to the body.  Jayco's line of Jay Flight, which do not use StrongholdVBL, still uses the same components except for fiberglass, which makes it their only model closest to old-style RVs.

Who makes Jayco frames?

Jayco Company produces its own frames to make sure their quality standards and procedures are met. They build frames from scratch, assembling each one-by-one. You can locate their headquarters in Middlebury, Indian,a where you can also find a huge chunk of their manufacturing. Jayco also has manufacturing in Australia.

Like most RV companies, Jayco also employs Amish people for their manufacturing. A lot of RV assemblies are located in Northern Indiana, where significant Amish communities are located. Amish men have been constructing RVs in the local area since the 1930s.

Pros and Cons of aluminum trailer frames

A Jayco fifth wheel trailer parked next to a red Ford pickup truck

Aluminum frame trailers are already tried and tested and have been the primary RV trailers for decades. Because of its lightweight, durable, and easy to repair qualities, it is the go-to choice for most RV enthusiasts. The addition of it being cheap is just simply the nail in the coffin as to why aluminum frames are chosen by those who don't want to splurge on their RV.

Although, there are some disadvantages associated with aluminum, such as: It is harder to clean, has a lower resale value, is less aerodynamic potentially affecting gas mileage, and it can be easily damaged, especially by the weather.

Now you might be wondering why the disadvantages that we just enumerated seemed to completely go against the claims of durability and non deterioration qualities of Jayco trailers above. This is because what we are describing are fully aluminum frames while Jayco produces aluminum frames with the incorporation of fiberglass.

This is what separates Jayco aluminum trailers from normal trailers, because of the special patented way that Jayco trailers are made. These aluminum frame trailers are stronger and not susceptible to damage compared to normal aluminum ones. Jayco trailers have infused the qualities of a fiberglass frame into an aluminum body frame getting the best of both worlds but still maintaining an aluminum frame.

How do I know if my RV has an aluminum frame?

A fifth wheel trailer deployed in the camping grounds

Typically you can spot the main difference of aluminum frame ones just by the RV's exterior. Aluminum RVs have ridges on their outside while other materials like fiberglass don't. Aluminum RVs are also less shiny compared to other materials and, aluminum frames are relatively cheaper in price.

It is worth noting that some trailers are aluminum-based frames but have fiberglass incorporated in their outside walls, like the 2022 Jay Feather Micro. So, be careful with this. It is still best to identify with your dealership to find out which is which.

You can check Jayco's online website to see in detail what specific model fits you.

Jayco offers a wide array of trailers, from mid-size all the way up to 5th wheel trailers: you can also pick which trailer construction you prefer. 

If you are convinced on an aluminum frame already, hold your horses and read first our article on RV Fiberglass Vs. Aluminum Siding (Which Is Best?) to help you more with this decision.

What RVs have aluminum frames?

Jayco produces all of its frame aluminum through their proprietary Stronghold Aluminum-Framed Vacuum Bond Lamination. Even with their Jay Flight that doesn't use this patented procedure, it is still built with aluminum components just like what classic aluminum trailer frames are made of.

As for other brands:

  • the Keystone Passport 175Bh received best-in-class awards for its storage capabilities
  • the Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL18RB bolsters a futuristic look and an aerodynamic design for better wind resistance.
  • the Palomino Backpack HS-750 Truck Camper on the other hand is equipped with all the bells and whistles for your modern-day connectivity such as solar port, satellite jack, and media sections. There are also multiple charging ports to juice up your electronic devices.

Considering other RV brands? We have written a detailed article tackling the top 15 RV brands available in the market. But before that, we have also written a comprehensive guide on buying an RV to completely help you make the right decision in starting your RV life.

In summary

Jayco is the industry standard when it comes to aluminum trailer frames. Their trailer frames are unique because they combine the strength of aluminum and fiberglass while maintaining the majority of the frame as light as possible. Aluminum alone as a component for your frame is outdated compared to the new rave which is fiberglass, but Jayco has found a way to upgrade their aluminum trailer frames to give the best quality for their customers.

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