Do RV Toilets Have A Wax Ring?

Do you need to know if your RV toilet has a wax ring? Perhaps you need to replace your RV toilet ring and aren't sure if you need a rubber or wax ring. Well, we have researched these questions and have the answers for you.

Some RV toilets use a wax ring to seal the toilet. Other RV toilets, however, use a rubber ring. The rubber ring won't melt in a hot RV as the wax ring would. Check which ring your RV uses before buying a replacement ring.

This article will cover if your RV has a wax ring and other RV toilet-related questions. For instance, what to do when your RV toilet isn't holding water? And, how to replace the seal on your RV toilet? Keep reading to learn more!

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Do RV Toilets Have A Wax Ring?

All toilets need a ring to connect to the sewer or black tank and keep smells out of the bathroom. This ring is traditionally a wax ring, but lately, people with RVs have been using an alternative. This is where the rubber ring comes in.

Rubber Ring

RVs are homes on the move. This means that sometimes you will be in changing climates. If the climate gets too hot or too cold, it could cause issues with a wax ring.

If it gets too hot, a wax ring could melt and break the seal on the toilet. This will cause gas from your black tank to stink up the bathroom. To prevent this problem, many RV owners now use rubber rings.

The rubber ring works just like the wax ring, except that the rubber ring won't melt if it gets hot.

Wax Ring

Some RVs still use wax rings on their toilets. If you are changing your RV toilet and find that it previously used a wax ring, you don't necessarily have to use a wax ring again. If you decide to use a rubber ring, be sure to clear off all of the old wax before installing the new rubber ring.

If you decide to replace it with a new wax ring, cleaning up all of the old wax is still essential before installing a new toilet ring.

How Long Should An RV Toilet Seal Last?

Toilet in a luxury caravan. Do RV Toilets Have A Wax Ring

How long your toilet seal should last depends on which type of toilet seal you have. If you are using a wax toilet seal, the typical length it should last is 30 years. The problem with this figure is that it doesn't calculate in the RVs environmental conditions.

A wax ring in an RV toilet will last fewer years because of the heat. This is why many RV owners select a rubber toilet seal. The thing about a rubber toilet seal is that they dry out over time.

To remedy this, you have to keep it lubricated for proper maintenance. If you do properly maintain your RV rubber toilet seal, it can last for many years.

How Do You Lubricate An RV Toilet Seal?

When it comes to owning an RV toilet, you may have opted for a rubber toilet seal. If you did, you would have to perform maintenance about once a year to lubricate the rubber toilet seal.

To lubricate your toilet seal, you will first need to get to the seal. Before removing the toilet, turn off the water supply valve that feeds the toilet water. Then, start to unscrew the toilet bowl from its base and tilt the bowl on its side. On the underside of the toilet, you will see the rubber seal.

After thoroughly cleaning the seal and the area surrounding it, you can then add lubrication. Take a liberal amount of vaseline and spread it around the rubber seal with your fingers. Be sure to completely coat the seal. This will help to keep the rubber from drying out.

Now reinstall the toilet and turn on the water. Your RV rubber toilet seal will now be lubricated for another year.

Why Is My RV Toilet Not Holding Water?

When your RV toilet doesn't hold water, there is usually a simple problem. There is a rubber seal that wears out called the blade seal. The blade seal holds water in the toilet bowl. When this seal wears out from being too old or dry, it no longer holds water in the toilet bowl.

Fixing the issue is as simple as changing out the old blade seal for a new one. You will need to turn off the water and pull the toilet apart but, it isn't a complicated repair. Most anyone would be capable of doing the repair themself.

You can find this product here on Amazon.

You can buy this blade seal on amazon and repair it yourself for a few dollars. Next, we will cover how to replace the seal on your RV toilet.

How Do I Replace The Seal On My RV Toilet?

When you need to replace the seal on your RV toilet, it is best to follow a few simple steps to ensure you properly replace the seal. Here are the main steps:

  1. Turn off the water supply valve.
  2. Unbolt the toilet from the ground.
  3. Unbolt the toilet bowl from the toilet.
  4. Remove the old seal.
  5. Clean the surface before inserting the new seal.
  6. Insert the new seal.
  7. Bolt toilet bowl on the toilet.
  8. Bolt toilet to ground.
  9. Turn on the water supply valve.

We will now go into detail on each step.

1. Turn Off The Water Supply Valve

Before you want to unbolt the toilet, you need to make sure that the water to the toilet is shut off. Locate the water supply valve and turn it clockwise until it shuts off. This should shut off all water to the toilet.

Since this is an RV toilet, there is no need to empty the bowl before beginning. You can now begin to unbolt the toilet.

2. Unbolt The Toilet From The Ground

You will need to unbolt the toilet from the ground before you can make any more progress. You will need to check which size socket wrench will work with your toilet's bolt, but you can also use an adjustable wrench.

Once you have the nuts off of the bolts, you are good to move the toilet. Be sure to store the nuts somewhere you will be able to find them again.

3. Unbolt The Toilet Bowl From The Toilet

Now that you have the toilet unbolted and free to move around, adjust the toilet so that you have access to the bolts that hold the toilet bowl to the toilet. It will be easier to work on the toilet if it is fully dissembled.

Unscrew the nuts attached to the bolts that hold together the toilet. Once detached, move the toilet bowl aside so it doesn't get damaged. You will now be able to get to the toilet seal.

4. Remove The Old Seal

You will now have access to the old toilet seal. Remove it from the toilet. You can discard it if you wish. It will have no further use. Now before you insert the new seal, there is an important step that you must not skip.

5. Clean The Surface Before Inserting New Seal

When you pull the old seal off the toilet, grime or other impurities might be gathered on the surface. To ensure your new seal works as well as possible, clean up these impurities.

You can use a wet washcloth with warm water to clean up the grime and other gunk stuck to where the seal was. After a thorough cleaning, you are ready to insert the new seal.

6. Insert The New Seal

Now that the surface is clean, insert the new rubber seal where the old one was. Some people like to apply a layer of vaseline to improve its sealing functions. While this does extend the seal life, it isn't wholly necessary.

7. Bolt The Toilet Bowl On The Toilet

The seal has now been replaced but, it is time to put the toilet back together. To work in reverse order is the solution. Start by rebolting the toilet bowl back to the toilet. Once complete, you will be ready to move on to bolting the toilet back to the ground.

8. Bolt Toilet To Ground

Bolting the toilet to the ground is as easy as aligning the holes in the toilet's base with the bolts and then securing them with nuts. Be sure not to over-tighten the nuts as this could crack the toilet. Only tighten enough to stop the toilet from rocking back and forth when you sit on it.

9. Turn on Water Supply Valve

Now that the toilet is back together, you still need to turn on the water. Locate the water supply hose and reconnect it to the toilet. Then find the water supply valve and turn it counterclockwise to turn on the water.

You can then give your toilet a test flush to see if it works. Also, it could be a good idea to look out for leaks. If you see a leak, it means a part of the hose may need to be retightened.

RV with Tito DIY has a great YouTube video on the process of replacing an RV toilet seal if you would like to follow along for help:

How Much Does An RV Toilet Cost?

Luxury large open plan motor home interior

If you decide you want a new toilet, you will need to know how much an RV toilet costs. The average range of RV toilet prices is between $180-$250.

Suppose you buy a cheaper toilet than $180. It will likely be a model with little to no comfort features. Also, many toilets around this price range are portable toilets and not proper RV toilets.

If you opt for an RV toilet for more than $250 it will likely have many comfort features. It may even come with digital options. Like the feature to stream youtube while you go to the bathroom.

Ultimately how much you spend will depend on your tastes and budget. 

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Final Thoughts

This article taught us that RV toilets use both wax and rubber rings to seal the toilet. We also learned how to replace the seal on an RV toilet.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to learn more, check out some of these other posts:

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