Do Toy Haulers Smell Like Gas? [And What To Do If Yours Does]

Toy haulers can be a great way to take your family on the road. And what makes them unique is that they allow you to bring your favorite toys with you! But what happens when they start to smell like gas? Not to worry, we have done the research on what to do in this situation.

The most likely reason your toy hauler smells like gas is due to your toys inside, especially if you've recently topped off their fuel tanks. Take out your toys and see if the smell starts to go away. If you have generators or a fuel station, be sure to turn off the gas supply lines and inspect these systems for any spills or leaks.

Another reason could be a propane leak in the kitchen area. You'll need to turn off the gas at the propane bottle to check if all the fittings are tight. If you still suspect a leak, consult a professional to inspect and diagnose the problem. Do not use your cooktop until the source of the odor is resolved.

More than likely, a gas smell in your toy hauler will be from your toys themselves. For example, if you have recently filled your dirtbike or four-wheeler with gas, that could be the problem. However, there could be several different reasons why you have a gas fume smell inside. In this article, we will discuss why your toy hauler smells like gas and how to address it. Without further ado, let's get into it.

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What To Do If Your Toy Hauler Smells Like Gas

When you take a long road trip, your toy hauler will inevitably smell like gas at some point–if the vehicle carries motorized toys back and forth from home, then there might be times when it smells of gasoline after toys are filled with fuel.

While this might not be a problem for most people, it can pose particular problems if you’re trying to sell your toy hauler–buyers might assume that the smell is permanent and choose not to purchase it.

If you have a toy hauler that smells of gas, there are some steps you can take to get rid of the odor. If your toy hauler has a fuel station that runs to your generators or is used to fill your toys with gasoline, it could be the culprit.

Gasoline and propane are distinctly different in smell, so you should be able to diagnose the difference between the two.

If the smell is coming from the kitchen, check your propane tank fittings to make sure they are tight. In addition, be sure to check the stove to see if a burner was left on. 

Make sure all your vents are open so that air can circulate through the toy hauler throughout the day–this will help dissipate any lingering odors. When you’re not using your toy hauler, make sure the door is open and do not store toys or other items inside.

If these objects stay in your vehicle for a long time, they might retain the gasoline smell. Wipe down all interior surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner to help eliminate odors from any gas or other liquid spills. Use activated charcoal to absorb any remaining odors.

If these steps fail to remove the smell, consider getting your toy hauler professionally steam cleaned. This process will kill any germs and bacteria.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to ensure that you don't accidentally transfer any contaminants into another vehicle or home where you move your toys hauler.

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How do you get the gasoline smell out of a trailer?

Here are some things to do if your toy hauler smells like gas:

  • Spray it with a deodorizing spray like Febreze and let it sit overnight.
  • Scrub the walls of the toy hauler using baking soda, water, and vinegar; then wipe down with dish soap.
  • Use an ozone machine to remove odors from your toy hauler. This will not only remove the smell of gasoline but will help to prevent future smells from occurring.
  • Use an odor eliminator spray like Glade Air Freshener (we recommend using this one because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue).
  • Check your gas lines for a leak. If you smell gas, don’t light any matches or start the oven or burners.
  • Open the windows to your toy hauler to help release the smell.
  • Take it to an expert who can diagnose if there is a leak in your gas line.

Sometimes a toy hauler smelling like gas can be a simple fix. However, if it isn't as simple as using an ozone machine or setting your toys outside, take it to an expert.

A gas smell could potentially be a dangerous situation, and the last thing you want is for your toy hauler to catch on fire. So, if you smell gas in your toy hauler, take no time to address it.

Do toy haulers have gas tanks?

Many toy haulers do have gas tanks, but this isn’t always the case. Smaller models often use a battery-powered generator to power appliances and lights, so there is no need for an onboard fuel tank.

Toy haulers with generators can still smell like gasoline if they are filled up using pumps at your local service station.

If you smell gas in your toy hauler, it's essential to find out if there is a leak or crack somewhere on the tank that’s letting fumes escape.

If you notice that the smell is becoming more robust as time goes on, there might be a bigger problem.

The gas tank could have rusted out and needs to be replaced. But, again, it’s best not to use your toy hauler until an expert has inspected it and repaired any damage (or decide if the tank should be removed and replaced with a battery-operated option).

If the smell is powerful, you might also want to check for leaks in your gas line. If there’s no such damage, take it to an expert who can thoroughly clean out any remaining odors because they could attract other animals or bugs that will leave different smells.

How do you use a toy hauler fuel station?

A fuel station is a device that lets you get gas from your toy hauler without having to use the standard gas cap on top of it. These devices usually fit into the same space as your existing fuel cap.

They can be attached or removed easily, depending on how much time you’re going to spend with your toys inside. For example, if you’re going to be away from the toy hauler for an extended period, take it off and store it in a safe place.

A fuel station can either use electricity or not—some models will pull gas through your existing line while others have their small pump. Therefore, it's essential to read all instructions and follow safety precautions before using a fuel station.

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Are toy haulers built better than travel trailers?

Some people prefer toy haulers over travel trailers because the quality of materials used in their construction is better. However, they both have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

Depending on what you will be using the camper for will depend on which one you should get.

Toy haulers are typically made from steel, which can withstand more weight and abuse than a lightweight aluminum frame found on most travel trailers.

They also have more space inside with higher ceilings and larger windows—all of these features make them more enjoyable for people who have both a large vehicle and tons of toys to haul around.

Generally speaking, toy haulers have more cargo space—hence the name toy hauler. A toy hauler is an excellent choice if you like hunting or just playing around in the woods.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more luxurious camping experience, a travel trailer will give you a comfortable living space. Nonetheless, toy haulers like Luxe offer the best of both worlds.

You will be able to load up your toys and enjoy a night of dinner and games comfortably in the living room. But if you go for a luxurious travel trailer like an Airstream, then you might be disappointed with the lack of cargo space in the back.

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Is it worth buying a toy hauler?

This all depends on how you want to use it. If you own a large vehicle and love taking your toys with you when going camping, then it's worth buying one.

Just make sure that the toy hauler is in good shape before making the purchase—with some maintenance and repairs done by an expert, they can last a long time.

The key is to find a good balance between price and features—if you go too cheap, then the materials might not be as strong, or it could have design flaws that make using your toy hauler one huge headache after another.

On the other hand, going for an expensive model with all kinds of bells and whistles will increase its cost and not get you anything extra if all you need is a sturdy base to haul your toys around.

In closing

Overall, a toy hauler can be a blast to take on family road trips. However, if you smell gas at all while using your toy hauler, it is vital to address it right away.

Be sure to turn off any gas lines right away and try to troubleshoot the problem. If you can't get the gas smell to go away, then take it to a professional.

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