Dodge Charger Trim Levels And Packages Explained

If you're thinking about purchasing a Dodge Charger, knowing the differences in trim levels ensures you get the specifications and features you want without the added cost of those you don't. We've researched the trim levels available and compiled the highlights to help you decide. 

The Dodge Charger is one of America's favorite muscle cars. The 2022 model is available in 8 different trim level packages to satisfy the everyday driver and speed enthusiasts. Below is a listing of the Dodge Charger trim levels available. 

  • SXT 
  • GT 
  • R/T
  • SCAT Pack
  • SCAT Pack Widebody
  • SRT Hellcat Widebody
  • SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody
  • SRT Jailbreak

Keep reading to learn about each trim level plus common questions people ask about the Dodge Charger.  

Black with blue stripes Dodge Charger Hellcat parked infront of snow mountains, Dodge Charger Trim Levels And Packages Explained

2022 Dodge Charger

There once was an iconic orange Charger that raced through the back roads of Hazzard, evading law enforcement officers (not recommended), and people loved it and still love the Dodge Charger. 

Today's Dodge Charger features more than the famous 1968-69 model. The full-size sedan has five passenger seats, a roomy interior, and ample trunk space. Safety components include a high-strength steel frame, steel side door beams, airbags throughout, and front head restraints.  

Dodge Charger display at the Chrysler transmission plant in snow

Standard Features

All Dodge Charger models include the following standard equipment:

  • Push-button Start
  • Remote Proximity Keyless Entry
  • Outside temperature display
  • Solar glass 
  • Acoustic windshield
  • SiriusXM radio
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • Parkview rear backup camera
  • Parksense Rear Park Assist System
  • Rain brake support 
  • Ready brake Alert
  • Hillstart Assist
  • UConnect® with Apple Car Play or Android Auto smartphone connectivity & touchscreen multimedia system
  • Dual remote USB charging ports & media hub
  • 12V center console power outlet
  • Dual bright exhaust tips
  • 18.5-gallon fuel tank


The SXT model might be the Dodge Charger base model, but it's anything but basic.  

  • Engine = 3.6L V6 24V VVT 
  • Transmission = TorqueFlite® 8-Speed Automatic
  • Horsepower = 292hp @ 6,350RPM
  • Torque = 260lb-ft @ 4,800 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 19/30 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD with AWD available
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $32,500


The Dodge Charger GT  adds the muscle look with the hood scoop and spoiler, along with 20" wheels. The GT also gets the Super Track Pak to enhance performance. The interior bumps up to performance seats and alpine speakers. This model also offers the Hemi Orange package. 

  • Engine = 3.6L V6 24V VVT
  • Transmission = TorqueFlite® 8-Speed Automatic
  • Horsepower = 300hp @ 6,350 RPM
  • Torque = 264lb-ft @ 4,800 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 19/30 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD with AWD available
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $35,275


The Dodge Charger RT model is named the best value balancing features, power, and price. With a larger engine for more horsepower and torque, a boosted transmission, and an upgraded rear axle for better performance, this model has everything a driver needs at a moderate price point. 

  • Engine = 5.7L V8 Hemi® MDS VVT
  • Transmission = 8-Speed Automatic 8HP70
  • Horsepower = 370hp @ 5,250 RPM
  • Torque = 395lb-ft @ 4,200 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 16/25 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $40,500


The SCAT pack model is where the real power begins. To support it, you get the addition of the Brembo 4 piston brakes, knock-back mitigation, line lock launch control, high-performance suspension, 220 amp alternator, severe duty engine cooling, launch assist, and 180MPH speedometer. There are also unique badges and heated bee stripe interior seating. 

  • Engine = 6.4L V8 SRT Hemi® MDS
  • Transmission = 8-Speed Automatic 8HP70
  • Horsepower = 485hp @ 6,100 RPM
  • Torque = 475lb-ft @ 4,100 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 15/24 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $46,225

SCAT Pack Widebody

What is the difference between a widebody and a scat pack?

The Scat Pack is available in a widebody version with 20" wheels with Pirelli® tires, a sway bar, and stiffer front springs to improve straight-line and lateral grip. 

  • Engine = 6.4L V8 SRT Hemi® MDS
  • Transmission = 8-Speed Automatic 8HP70
  • Horsepower = 485hp @ 6,100 RPM
  • Torque = 475lb-ft @ 4,100 RPM 
  • Fuel Economy = 15/24 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price =$52,220

SRT Hellcat Widebody

The SRT Hellcat won't disappoint when you feel the need for speed. Yet another upgrade in engine and transmission adds even more power, so you get the 200 MPH speedometer and hellcat badges and interior. 

  • Engine = 6.2L Supercharged Hemi® V8 SRT
  • Transmission = 8-Speed Automatic HP90
  • Horsepower =717hp @6,100 RPM
  • Torque = 650lb-ft @ 4,800 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 12/21 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $74,900

SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody

The Redeye upgrades the Hemi engine to a 2.7L supercharger for added horsepower plus high flow fuel injectors, twin intake fuel pump, revised cylinder heads, a different camshaft, rotating system, and exhaust to handle the high heat of the powerful engine. All this power makes the Hellcat Redeye the world's most powerful and fastest mass-production sedan. 

  • Engine = 6.2L Supercharged Hemi® HO
  • Transmission= 8-Speed Automatic HP90
  • Horsepower = 797hp @ 6,300 RPM
  • Torque = 707lb-ft @ 4,500 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 12/21 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $83,500


The Dodge Charger Jailbreak breaks all the rules. Unlocked engine with the most horsepower and unlocked customization, allowing buyers to build a unique Charger. Buyers can personalize badges, stripes, spoiler, hood, decklid, roof, rims, brake calipers, exhaust tips, seats, belts, console, floor mats, and steering wheel.

  • Engine = 6.2L Supercharged Hemi® HO
  • Transmission = 8-Speed Automatic HP90
  • Horsepower = 797gp @ 6,300 RPM (807hp unlocked)
  • Torque = 707lb-ft @ 4,500 RPM
  • Fuel Economy = 12/21 MPG
  • Drive Train = RWD only
  • 2022 Starting Base Price = $84,495

Check out this ">YouTube video to watch a Dodge enthusiast describe the Dodge Charger trim levels. 

Which Charger trim is the fastest?

A Dodge Charger on the desert

The Dodge Charger SRT Jailbreak leaves all others in the rearview mirror. The 6.2L Hemi high out-put V8 engine is supercharged with raw power. The 807 horsepower makes this vehicle a leader, not a follower.  

The Jailbreak edition is an unlocked upgrade of the SRT Hellcat that's been let out of its cage and is ready to run. You get ten extra horsepower added to an already demonish engine. 

How do I know if I have Scat Pack?

The Scat Pack is available on sure Dodge Charger and Challenger models. The reputation is that the vehicle finishes the quarter-mile in under 14 seconds, while the name derives from the term "scat," which means to go away or leave. It also gives the nod to Frank Sinatra's rat pack.

You'll first recognize a Scat Pack by the unique exterior design features like the bee stripe, exclusive grille, decklid, and striking fender badges announcing the 392 Hemi. With this package, you also have the option to add a shaker hood with Mopar® cold air intake.

Under the hood, you will find a 6.4L V-8 engine that boasts 480 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. 

How reliable is the Dodge Charger?

A black Dodge Charger SRT-8 model sports car in front of an industrial building

The Dodge Charger gets an average rating when it comes to reliability. As with any vehicle, proper care and maintenance help give owners years of dependability and driving pleasure. 

However, common issues exist that should interest owners and potential buyers. Below are areas in which Dodge Charger owners have experienced and reported problems.  


One way to determine a vehicle's reliability is to review the number and nature of the recalls issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA). You can search by VIN or by make and model. A dealer will correct recall issues at no charger to the owner. 

Searching the NHTSA website for Dodge Charger shows all recalls by specific model plus the number of investigations, complaints, and communications associated with the recall. 

Number of Recalls by Model Year

Below shows Dodge Charger recalls issued by year model. After the list is a summary of the recalls by category. 

  • 2022 = None at this time.
  • 2021 = 1
  • 2020 = 2
  • 2019 = 4
  • 2018 = 5
  • 2017 = 4
  • 2016 = 6
  • 2015 = 8
  • 2014 = 11
  • 2013 = 7
  • 2012 = 11
  • 2011 =10


Number of recalls issued related to airbags since 2011 = 16

Multiple recalls across several year models involved airbags. Complaints include airbag light activation and sensor module failure. The recalls address improperly sized terminal crimps, overly sensitive impact sensors, propellant degradation, and inflator explosion. 


Change new car alternator with hand in the garage or auto repair service center, as background automotive concept.

Number of recalls issued related to the alternator since 2011 = 10

Several recalls involve alternator failure with the risk of fire or stalling. 


Number of recalls issued related to the electrical system since 2011 = 10

Electrical issues include an overheated power distribution system, short-circuiting cruise control wiring, and instrument panel failure to illuminate warnings.


Number of recalls issued related to the transmission since 2011 = 1

One model had incorrect transmission park lock rods installed, preventing the vehicle from being placed in Park.


Number of recalls issued related to the vehicle's software since 2011 = 1

Vulnerability to the software system allowed unauthorized third-party access and modification of the system. 


Number of recalls issued related to the engine since 2011 = 3

Engine issues include rod bearing failure due to debris within the engine, o-ring failure resulting in fuel leakage, and engine oil cooler failure resulting in rapid oil loss.


Number of recalls issued related to structure since 2011 = 8

Structure issues include the body sill caving while using the tire jack and improperly bonded windshield resulting in detachment. 


New winter tires for sale in store

Number of recalls issued related to tires since 2011 = 2

Tire issues involve the tire monitoring system's failure to warn. Also, an incorrect tire package installation caused the front tire to touch the steering knuckle resulting in damage to the tire.

Power Train

Number of recalls issued related to power train since 2011 = 13

Issues with the powertrain include a failure to warn that the vehicle remains in gear and cruise control not disengaging correctly. Other problems include the front driveshaft disconnecting and U-Joint seizure.


Number of recalls issued related to equipment since 2011 = 5

Fire extinguishers may experience forceful nozzle detachment, causing injury. Also, the backup camera failed to show a reverse display while in stealth mode. 

In Summary

With eight trim levels available, there is a Dodge Charger for everyone. The Charger won't disappoint whether you enjoy the muscle car look or want raw speed and performance. 

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