Does The Dodge Grand Caravan Have Bluetooth?

Dodge Grand Caravan on display, Does the Dodge grand Caravan have bluetoothYou want to stay connected while you travel, so you might be wondering if the Dodge Grand Caravan has Bluetooth. VEHQ asked this very question to determine what features the Grand Caravan offers for interior technology.

There is no need to plug-in with Dodge’s Uconnect system. It comes standard on the Grand Caravan. Uconnect provides Bluetooth audio streaming to play your music wirelessly from a smartphone or Bluetooth-capable device. Control your music from the Uconnect touchscreen or audio controls located on the steering wheel. If you prefer the old-fashioned direct-connect method to link your device, the Grand Caravan is also equipped with a USB port to plug-in your smartphone or MP3 player.

Now that you know the Dodge Grand Caravan is equipped with Bluetooth technology, keep reading to learn how to use the Uconnect system to easily integrate your devices to stay connected and entertained during your drive.

The information in this post has been updated to reflect current information.

What Is Uconnect?

Uconnect is a standard feature on the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan models. This convenient infotainment system bundles connectivity, entertainment, and navigation onto one, user-friendly 6.5-inch touchscreen located on the dashboard.


Uconnect is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Pair your smartphone with Bluetooth to make calls and send text messages via the Uconnect touchscreen or use hands-free voice command activation.

Turn the Grand Caravan’s antenna into a 4G WiFi Hotspot. With the optional, built-in 4G WiFi Hotspot feature, you can access data from the interior of the minivan or up to 50-feet away. This service has an additional fee after a 3-month trial period (1 GB) within your first year of new vehicle ownership. Choose the day-pass (up to 250 MB) or monthly subscription (unlimited data) service.


Dodge’s Radio 430 NAV and Radio 430 systems are equipped with a CD/DVD player, MP3 compatibility, an internal hard drive, USB port, and auxiliary input jack. Use Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone to stream audio. Optional SiriusXM radio (subscription fee) provides over 150 channels.


woman using ipad mini to navigate the map using GPS

Uconnect Navigation uses sensor-assist GPS to provide step-by-step directions to get you where you want to go accurately. Simply say the address to begin navigation. Use the remarkable 3D graphic touchscreen to view terrain, cities, and landmarks along your route. SiriusXM Traffic Plus and Travel Link are available for navigation assistance on Grand Caravans equipped with Dodge’s Radio 430 NAV.

Enroll in the Drive Rating program to enable Uconnect to record your driving habits and record a personalized driver score. You can use your driver score anonymously to learn if you are eligible to receive insurance discounts.

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless replacement for cables used to transmit data between devices over short distances. The Bluetooth connection is less prone to interference and uses less power than WiFi.

Using the same 2.4GHz frequency used by cordless phones and routers, Bluetooth enabled devices to broadcast connectivity signals to one another. When ‘paired,’ the devices can transmit data. Bluetooth connections are relatively secure and offer device-specific restriction settings.

How To Pair Your Device With Bluetooth On The Dodge Grand Caravan?

woman driver trying to pair her smartphone to the Dodge Grand Caravan via bluetooth

To wirelessly connect your device to Dodge’s Uconnect system using Bluetooth, the Dodge Grand Caravan must be stopped entirely and shifted into park (P). First, make sure the Bluetooth function is activated on your smartphone or MP3 player. Follow these simple steps from Dodge:

  1. On the Uconnect touchscreen, press Phone > Add Device > Settings. The Grand Caravan’s Bluetooth system can now be discovered by your device, and a PIN might be displayed on the touchscreen.
  2. On your device, select ‘Dodge’ from the Bluetooth menu. The touchscreen will confirm when the pairing is complete.
  3. Your device has successfully been paired to the Uconnect system via Bluetooth.

Want to pair your device via Bluetooth to another vehicle’s Uconnect system? Check out Mopar’s handy, online phone pairing instructions to select the vehicle, year, and model and get connected.

Can You Add Uconnect To Dodge Grand Caravan?

You can add the Uconnect system to a Dodge Grand Caravan by installing a Dodge compatible Mopar Uconnect system. Alternatively, you can install a Bluetooth-capable stereo or navigation system to achieve hands-free control of your devices. Let your passengers choose which CD/DVD player they prefer to listen to with Uconnect headphones along for the ride.

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Does The Dodge Caravan Have Bluetooth?

Dodge began offering Bluetooth technology as an optional feature in 2007 Caravans. During 2017, the Uconnect feature with Bluetooth technology became a standard feature on Dodge Caravans. Check your owner’s manual to determine if your Caravan is equipped with the Bluetooth feature.

What Are The SiriusXM Radio Options For Grand Caravan?

Sirius XM Radio app as shown in an ios display

SiriusXM Radio is an option on Dodge’s 2019 and 2020 Grand Caravan SE and SXT models. This service provides a wide array of commercial-free entertainment on over 150 channels. New vehicle owners can sample SiriusXM Radio for a free, 1-year trial period.

Grand Caravan models equipped with Dodge’s Radio 430 NAV can access SiriusXM Radio Travel Link for a 5-year period (subscription fee waived for new vehicle owners). SiriusXM Travel Link provides users with weather updates, fuel prices, movie listings, sports score updates, stock market updates, and safety alerts for speed zones and school zones. SiriusXM Radio options come standard on the Grand Caravan GT model.

Does The Dodge Grand Caravan Have a DVD Entertainment System?

Upgrade the Dodge Grand Caravan by adding an optional DVD Entertainment System. Entertain passengers in the second-row and third-row with the entertainment system's 9-inch overhead screen, remote control, and two sets of wireless headphones.

What Are The Safety Features Of The Uconnect System?

The Uconnect system uses voice command to let drivers operate the phone, radio, or navigation system hands-free. With voice command, drivers can keep their hands safely on the steering wheel.

When the Grand Caravan is shifted into reverse, the Uconnect touchscreen provides a wide-angle view with on-screen gridlines for the standard, ParkView rear-view camera. See exactly what is behind your Grand Caravan to avoid a collision when you back-up.

In Closing

As you can see, Dodge's standard Uconnect system on the Grand Caravan uses Bluetooth technology to integrate communication, entertainment, and navigation into one, user-friendly infotainment system. Check out VEHQ for other interior features on the Grand Caravan:

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    • Hi Dan. To get a better idea of what might be causing your Grand Caravan’s Bluetooth to malfunction, we recommend consulting with Dodge.

  1. funny it says they come standard with the Uconnect but mine never did now i have to have the added expense of putting one in and getting it turned on. NOT STANDARD if you have to install one.

  2. When we got our used 2019 caravan gt, we found that the prior owners, a well known car rental company, had removed the rear DVD screens and all accessories. We are having issues finding and reinstalling them for my children without breaking the bank.

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