Here’s What The Dodge Grand Caravan Interior Is Like

The Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the most well-known minivans out there. It is also one of the most popular--for good reason. You've seen these around, maybe on the car lot or in passing on the street. You know how the exterior looks. However, what you might be wondering about is what the interior is like. We researched the Grand Caravan's interior and found the details for you.

The interior of the Dodge Grand Caravan is spacious, with room for up to seven people to ride comfortably. The seating comes as a pair of buckets up front, a pair of buckets or a two-person bench in the second row, and a three-person bench in the back seat. That is space for seven adults to stretch out, and it has tons of cargo space and compartments for each of them to stow their things on a trip.

We dig more into the details below.

Dodge Grand Caravan minivan parked on the street, Here's What The Dodge Grand Caravan Interior Is Like

Dodge Grand Caravan Interior


The interior of the Dodge Grand Caravan has a lot of room, with 163 cubic ft. of passenger volume, allowing you and your family to travel in comfort and style. You can seat up to seven, which means there is likely room for your entire crew in this capable people-mover. The Grand Caravan seating is available in one of two configurations, arranged as follows:

  • Two bucket seats in the front
  • A two-person bench seat or two Stow 'N Go bucket seats in the second row
  • A 60/40 split three-person Stow 'N Go bench seat in the third row

You have plenty of seating room for even adults to relax, with legroom for all but the tallest in even the third row. Your seating room breaks down as follows:


  • Front seats: 40.7 inches
  • Second-row seats: 36.5 inches
  • Third-row seats: 32.7 inches


  • Front seats: 39.8 inches
  • Second-row seats: 39.3 inches
  • Third-row seats: 37.9 inches

Shoulder Room

  • Front seats: 63.7 inches
  • Second-row seats: 64.1 inches
  • Third-row seats: 62 inches

Hip Room

  • Front seats: 58.4 inches
  • Second-row seats: 65 inches
  • Third-row seats: 48.7 inches

The front seats have more options than the back, with optional power seats, power lumbar support, and heated seats available, and standard with some packages on the SXT. All models have reactive front head restraints. There are even multiple air vents in the ceiling, to keep all the passengers cool and comfy. For a more detailed discussion of the Grand Caravan's seating, see this article.

Upholstery And Interior Color Options

The upholstery selection is limited in the Grand Caravan. These are your options:

  • Black cloth (SE)
  • Light Graystone cloth (SE)
  • Black with silver accent cloth (SE Plus)
  • Leather-trimmed seats, with black suede inserts (SXT)

Likewise, your interior trim color options are limited:

  • Black and Light Grayston combo (SE and SXT)
  • Solid Black (SE Plus)


The seating may accommodate seven passengers, but you will be happy to know that it has plenty of storage for their things, as well. Almost everywhere you look, you are going to find some storage. Here is a list of some of the available storage areas:

  • Large bins in the floor, which can be used when the Stow 'N Go seating isn't in use
  • A front center console on SE Plus or SXT, in-dash cubbies in center of SE
  • Both an upper glove box, and a lockable lower one
  • Bin in the instrument panel area
  • Driver's door sill bin
  • In-door storage bins
  • Rear corner bin on left side
  • Pockets in back of all bucket seats
  • Small overhead bings 

That is a ton of storage for all your little odds and ends. That doesn't even account for the cupholders provided for each seat.

The cargo space is likewise impressive, at 33 cubic ft. with all the seats up, and up to 143.8 with both the second and third-row Stow' N Go seats folded into the floor. For more on the cargo space, check out our article on the subject.

For a good look around the inside of the Grand Caravan, check out these videos:

Does Dodge Grand Caravan Have Stow 'N Go Seating?

The Dodge Grand Caravan has Stow 'N Go seating on the third-row bench, which is split into a 60/40 configuration to allow either side to be stowed within the floor independently. The second row comes standard with either a two-seat bench, which does not stow or two bucket seats that are Stow 'N Go. 

What Are Dodge Grand Caravan Interior Dimensions?

The Grand Caravan has ample room for up to seven passengers, with plenty of legroom, headroom, hip room, and shoulder room for all. 

  • Legroom ranges between 32.7 to 40.7 inches
  • Headroom ranges from 37.9 to 39.8 inches
  • Shoulder room ranges from 62 to 64.1 inches
  • Hip room ranges from 48.7 to 65 inches

The Grand Caravan has a total of 163 cubic ft. of passenger room in all. This space allows plenty of room for all your passenger to relax on your journey.

When it comes to cargo space, there is a lot of room there, as well. Depending on the seating configuration, you have between 33 and 143.8 cubic ft. of space. That's enough room to haul a lot of stuff. If you want to see more about the cargo capabilities of the Grand Caravan, see this article.

What Interior Comfort Features Are Available On Dodge Grand Caravan?

The Dodge Grand Caravan comes with a variety of comfort features right from the factory. Some of the elements all trim levels share, right from the factory, are:

  • 3-zone climate control air conditioning
  • Storage bins and cubbies galore
  • Rear air conditioning with heater
  • Power windows, both front, and rear
  • Auto-dim rearview mirror
  • Touchscreen sound system
  • Auxiliary audio input jack for mobile devices
  • Steering-wheel mounted audio controls
  • Six speakers
  • Dual glove boxes
  • Cup holders for each seat

They also all come with plenty of seating space for your passengers, which includes plenty of legroom for adults in all seating locations. All Grand Caravans have a lot of room for your cargo, with or without the second or third-row Stow 'N Go seats stowed away.

The upholstery and color options are different for each trim level. 


  • Black or Light Graystone cloth seats
  • Black and Light Graystone combo interior trim color

SE Plus

  • Black with silver accent cloth seats
  • Black interior trim color


  • Leather seats with black suede inserts
  • Black and Light Graystone combo interior trim color

The SE Plus adds these interior features over the base SE:

  • Remote start system
  • Leather-wrapped shift knob
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Power front seats
  • SIRIUSXM Radio
  • Uconnect Voice Command
  • Uconnect Hands-Free Group
  • Security alarm

The SXT adds several optional packages, plus these interior features over the SE Plus:

  • Super Console
  • Heated front seats
  • Leather-trimmed seats with suede inserts

Other than these differences, the trim levels all share the same roomy, comfortable interior features.

What Is The SXT Package on Dodge Grand Caravan?

The SXT is the top trim level available on the Dodge Grand Caravan. It adds several features as standard that were either optional or not available at all on the other trim levels. Some of the additions are:

  • Leather-trimmed seats with suede inserts
  • Powered sliding and rear doors
  • Three 12-volt DC power outlets
  • Super Console
  • Chrome window trim

With the SXT, you also get things that were on the SE PLUS, but not the SE, like:

  • the 17-inch Tech Silver wheels
  • Power-adjustable seats
  • Uconnect Hands-Free Group

What Is Uconnect on Dodge Grand Caravan?

UConnect on the Dodge Grand Caravan is a touch screen infotainment system. It gives easy access to the radio or other media sources, including Bluetooth audio from a mobile device. It also allows access to SiriusXM Radio. With the proper options and Android or Apple phones, you can make hands-free calls and send text messages with it. It has an available navigation function, as well. There are a variety of additional features. For more information on UConnect, read this post.


If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable interior and plenty of storage in a roomy people-mover, you can't go wrong with the Dodge Grand Caravan. It will seat seven grown adults comfortably, has a plethora of bins and cubbies for your things, and will provide a very comfortable experience for everyone. Wherever you are headed, whoever is with you, all your passengers should arrive happy and relaxed.

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