How Much Does a Dodge Journey Cost?

How Much Does a Dodge Journey Cost?If you’re on the lookout to buy a Dodge Journey, you’ll be getting a car with good gas mileage and a great engine. All you need to know now is how much a Journey will cost you.

The average price of a Dodge Journey depends on a few key factors:

  • Added features
  • Whether you buy to own or to lease
  • Where you purchase it from

The average MSRP, or list price, for the most basic model of a new 2019 Dodge Journey starts at $23,245 and the most expensive model starting at $33,645. Used models start around $19,000 with generally no more than 15,000 miles.

With prices this affordable, you won’t have to worry too much about the cost being extremely high. There are a few factors that can influence what the overall price will be. Keep reading to find out.

Price per Model 

Listed below is a price comparison chart of the costs to lease, buy per month, or buy upfront. All four models come with 25 highway MPG and 19 city MPG (except for the GT which has 17 city MPG).

Model MSRP Lease Per Month Own Per Month
SE Value $23,245 $327/mo $308/mo
SE $23,895 $341/mo $316/mo
Crossroad $28,345 $267/mo $377/mo
GT $33,645 $288/mo $449/mo

Optional Packages

If you purchase directly from Dodge, you have the choice to add option groups to your vehicle. Keep in mind that not all features are available to all models; the SE Value comes with no option packages. Adding any of these packages can influence the overall price.

Optional packages (also called option groups) include:

Premium Group (SE exclusive) Includes an interior observation mirror, leather shift knob and steering wheel, cloth low-back bucket seats, 4.3-inch touchscreen radio, and a one-year subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio.
Popular Equipment Group (Crossroad exclusive) Includes heated front seat and steering wheel, remote start, and a universal garage door opener.
Trailer Tow Prep Group (GT exclusive) Includes a trailer-tow with 4-pin wiring.
Driver Convenience Group (Crossroad and GT) Includes a rear parking assist system.
Blacktop Package (SE and GT) Includes 19x7in black aluminum wheels, black exterior mirrors, black grille, and black side roof.

Which Model is Best for Me?

With the Journey having four models, it can be a little difficult picking one if you care about more than just the price tag. Below is some information that may help you reach a decision.

Similarities and Differences Between the Models

When looking at the details underneath the hood, you’ll find that all four of the models share quite a few major specifications.

TRANSMISSION Each model comes with automatic transmission. The SE Value, SE, and Crossroad include 4-speed while the GT has 6-speed transmission.
ENGINE The SE Value, SE, and Crossroad have a 2.4-Liter 16-Valve VVT engine, while the GT has a 24-Valve engine.
INTERIOR No matter which model you choose, you will definitely have the space for anything you want to put inside. All models include back seats that recline and fold flat. They also contain storage bins in the floor of the second row.
COLOR SCHEME If you want the inside of your car to look attractive, all four models have the option of black interior color (this is the only color for the GT model). If you’re looking for a brighter, less heat-absorbing color, the SE and SE Value also has beige as an option for the interior color.
ENTERTAINMENT Each model has a touchscreen display for the radio; its size and radio type can either be 4.3-inch with Radio 4.3 (for the SE and SE Value) or 8.4-inch  with SiriusXM Radio and a year subscription to its premium subscription (for the Crossroad and GT).
SAFETY No matter which model you pick, you can be assured that every model comes with great safety features such as an advanced airbag system, a back-up camera for when you’re in reverse, a theft-deterrent system that immobilizes your car to avoid it being stolen, a push-to-start button, and the ability to enter the car with just the fob. Also, according to AutoBlog, the Journey received really high crash test ratings. You and anyone else riding along with you will definitely be riding safely and smoothly.

Click here for a detailed comparison of the four models.

How Does a Dodge Journey Compare to Other SUV’s?


The Dodge Journey is a great bang for your buck, being comparatively cheaper than many other SUVs in its class, as shown below.

Model MSRP
Dodge Journey From $23,245
Ford Escape From $24,885
Nissan Rogue From $25,200
Subaru Outback From $26,645


The Ford Escape, the Nissan Rogue, and the Subaru Outback are all SUVs at the top of their class. Despite this, the Dodge Journey still outperforms in other ways, such as the interior and the engine.

If you have a large family, the Journey will definitely be your best bet compared to the other three SUVs. This is because of the Journey’s seven-passenger capacity, whereas the others can only seat five. The V-6 engine also outperforms the Nissan Rogue and the Ford Escape with its better horsepower and acceleration. However, the Outback’s engine has more strength to tow and handle off-road driving.

Should I buy a Used or new Model?

Whether you choose to buy this SUV new or used, know that you’ll be getting a fantastic deal nonetheless. If you’re okay with having a little bit of mileage come with the car, then buying used will be perfectly fine. You can save roughly $5,000 off the regular price of a new model depending on the year you select.

Click here to view the prices of used Dodge Journeys.

Dodge Journey is a Great Option

If you’re searching for an SUV that has a lot of space, can carry a large family, has good miles per gallon, and a great V-6 engine, look no further than the Dodge Journey. You’ll save quite a bit of money on this versus buying any other SUV in its class. The optional packages will help keep you and your passengers safe, entertained, and/or help to make the interior look more impressive than it already is.

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