Does The Audi A4 Have Folding Mirrors?

The Audi A4 is a sporty four-door sedan that has people in snowy climates buzzing about its performance. The A4 has been known for its supreme all-wheel-drive, quick acceleration, and luxurious features, but does it have small features such as folding mirrors? We have done extended research to bring you that answer on the new Audi A4.

The Audi A4 has adjustable folding mirrors in all of its mirrors. When consumers park and lock their Audi A4, the mirrors will automatically fold. This is a handy feature in tight parking spaces. When consumers need to fold the mirrors manually, they can turn the exterior mirror knob on the door. This will fold the exterior mirrors.

Although this car is known for its luxurious features, many technicians have reported that these mirrors are not easy to adjust. The auto-folding feature works great, though, and can save time when parking. Keep reading as we discuss the Audi A4 features, such as its folding mirrors.

A red Audi A4 allroad parked outside a dealership, Does The Audi A4 Have Folding Mirrors?

Does Audi A4 Have Folding Mirrors?

Yes, the Audi A4 does have folding mirrors. Its standard outside mirror has a 3-step auto-dimming function and an auto-dimming feature that helps improve driver visibility on either side of the vehicle by automatically adjusting the size of both mirrors based on driving conditions. The rearview mirror also tilts downward to reduce glare at night.

Additional mirrors are available and include a LED puddle light mirror that illuminates the area just in front of the vehicle to help illuminate it during nighttime driving. The Audi A4 also features exterior mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators for safer nighttime driving, along with heated side-view mirrors.

The new Audi A4 is one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced sedans on the market. The model has always been an icon for Audi's high performance, yet it was the first time they broke away from its predecessor's styling to create something modern and fresh. The car has a lot of storage space on the side, too, so you can fit all your groceries!

The Audi A4 engine is quite powerful that can go up to 0-60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds, and its top speed is 155 miles/hour. So naturally, you would want something so great, but the price may be a little limited for you. However, the model prices range from $28,000-$50,000, which is quite reasonable as it can provide you the luxuries and comfort that you need.

How to enable and disable the electric folding mirrors in the Audi A4

To enable the electric folding mirrors, you must press the button on your side mirror to make them functional or fold/unfold them. They'll stay in that position until you turn off the car and unlock the driver's door, then they automatically return to their normal positions. You can also adjust it manually by using a switch located inside your Audi's door panel.

Now, if you want to disable them, you can do so by pressing the button on your side mirror several times until it says fold. You must then press and hold the button for a couple of seconds until they disappear. You can also manually disable them by pressing and holding the switch inside of your Audi's door panel until they're gone.

How do I know if my Audi has folding mirrors?

You must check your Audi's door panel for switches that will indicate if you have folding/electric mirrors or not. If it does, then that means you do. Otherwise, it means that they're manually controlled, which is more convenient than how cars usually work.

If you find the switch and it says "fold," then that means it's working. If they say "auto," though, you must follow the steps above to enable or disable them.

Speaking of Audi A4 mirrors, other owners of this vehicle may wonder if aftermarket folding mirrors are available for purchase. Unfortunately, no such product exists. However, dealers offer additional advanced features like LED turn signals, rain sensors, and cameras.

If your mirrors have ceased working or are malfunctioning, you must seek help from your authorized Audi dealership to have them replaced. You can also have them adjusted or repaired if they're out of place. Whether it's a mirror or window regulator, getting them fixed is worth it as they significantly improve your visibility while you drive.

This might seem not very easy, but it's pretty simple as long as you have the correct information and equipment on hand. If you're unsure what to do about your mirrors or how to fix them, you must schedule an appointment with a local technician.

Audi mirrors fold when locking — is this ok?

Folding mirrors when locking? Well, that's normal. However, Audi has designed their car in such a way that it allows the door panels to close even if the electric mirrors are extended when you press your key fob on your steering column. This is quite convenient as it prevents damage to these parts or any other part of your vehicle. But, of course, it won't work if you manually fold your mirrors.

Another thing to note is that even if the passenger has unlocked and opened their door before exiting the vehicle, they can still close the door with a mirror extended on their side. Additionally, you can still shut them while an electric mirror is extended when opening any of these doors.

However, if your mirrors are still extended, and you want them to fold back down, get back inside your car. Once all of the doors are closed, then you can press the button on your door panel to make them disappear!

Do Audi Q5 mirrors fold in?

When you open the doors, these mirrors will fold in automatically, but there's a way to get them to fold back out. If your Audi Q5 has electric folding mirrors, then they can be controlled by getting inside of your vehicle and pressing the button found on your side mirror until it says "fold" or manually by pressing the switch located inside of your door panel. If you have manual mirrors, then you must ask your dealership if it's possible to get them replaced with electric ones so you can easily fold and unfold them every time you need to without any hassles.

Of course, these features are more convenient for customers who spend most of their hours driving than those who spend most of their day sitting behind the wheel.

In any case, if you're trying to save as much space on your mirrors as possible in a tight situation, then folding them while you lock your doors can be a great idea.

An Audi Q5 parked on the side of the street

Why do my Audi electric folding mirrors only work one way?

There could be several reasons why your folding mirrors are only functional from the driver's side mirror to the passenger side. The first one is that you might have blocked the second sensor on your Audi's door with something while it was still open, thereby making it impossible for them to work properly.

If this occurs, then what you must do is take out whatever was blocking that sensor. Then try pressing the button again on your door panel to see if it will work.

If this doesn't help or you don't know what had happened in the first place, bring your car to an authorized Audi dealership and let them know about the problem. A technician there should be able to fix it using some advanced tools.

Are Folding Mirrors Important?

A red Audi A4 allroad parked outside a dealership, Does The Audi A4 Have Folding Mirrors?

No, they're not! Audi folding mirrors aren't a necessity. It is nice to know that your nice car isn't going to get side-swiped or bumped into in the parking lot, but the chances are low. Audi's have many features, such as folding mirrors, but that is one of the small features compared to the numerous ones the A4 offers. However, if you live in a snowy area and want a car with some speed, the A4 is a great choice.

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