Does Every Car Come With A Jack?

A jack is an essential tool to have with you in your car at all times. A jack lift is used to lift up your vehicle in emergency situations like getting a flat tire while on the road. There are many kinds of jacks, such as floor jacks, bottle jacks, hydraulic jacks, and scissor jacks. Ever wondered if any of these jacks come standard inside every vehicle? We have consulted automotive experts if every car sold comes with a jack lift. Here is what we got from them.

No, not every car is sold with a jack lift. The reason is that manufacturers want their vehicles to weigh less or consume less gas, so they do not include a spare tire and jack in the car. But for most vehicles, there will be a jack available, typically located at the rear of the car, near the spare tire.

If your vehicle does not come with a jack and or spare tire, it is best that you purchase yourself one. This can be a lifesaver when you get a flat tire while on the road, and you'll also have the ability to help others who may not have a jack. For more information about jack lifts and jack stands, keep reading below.

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Can You Get Under A Car Without A Jack

Yes, there are a few other ways to get under your vehicle without a jack. Just remember that using a jack is still the best way for you to lift your car to work underneath it. If you don't have a jack lift, it's a good idea to purchase one for your vehicle in case of an emergency.

But if you need an alternative to jack lifts, there are a few things you can do or use to lift up your car. You could use a car ramp; this will lift your vehicle off the ground by simply driving onto the ramp. A car ramp is a simple tool to use and is also stable since your car sits on a wider surface.

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You could also use a vehicle inspection pit or a garage pit. These pits are very simple; it's just a pit on a mechanic shop or garage where you'll drive and park your car over it. A vehicle inspection pit is great for changing your car's oil or components because you'll have full access to everything underneath the vehicle.

For emergencies, there are a few ways to gain access to the underside of your vehicle. You could drive your car on a high curb or dirt mound. Doing this will raise a part of your car so that you can work on it.

Also, if you are parked on a spot that is not concrete or asphalt, you could dig down on the side of the flat till the tire is completely floating. Remember, only do this if you have no other choice and always keep your handbrake up.

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How Much Is A Car Jack

Buying a jack for your car or garage is essential because you will have a safe way to lift your vehicle up. Jacks will come in different styles, and some can be manual or automatic. Jacks will have very different price ranges since they all are made from different materials and can handle different weight limits.

One thing to note is that even if a jack is the same type, it can cost differently because of its lifting capacity. The average price for a floor jack is $70, bottle jacks are $30, and scissor jacks are around $25. Price could also differ depending on where you are going to buy your jacks from.

Here are some of the jacks we found that you might be interested in:

Pro-Lift Floor Jack

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The Pro-Lift floor jack has a low profile and can lift up to 2 tons. This jack is also made out of steel, making it very durable. And it also has a built-in safety valve, which provides overload protection.

Amvia Scissor Jack

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The Amvia scissor jack is a jack that has a maximum load capacity of 1.5 tons, which is perfect for sedans. The construction on this jack is made out of steel, making it durable.

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How Do You Use A Jack

There are different types of jacks that you can use to lift your car up. Here are the most common types of jack you would typically have in your vehicle or garage.

One thing to remember is that jack lifts are only there to lift up your vehicle; you would need a jack stand if you want to hold your car up for a longer time. Also, keep your vehicle on a flat surface and put the parking brake on to prevent the car from rolling away.

Scissor Jack

  1. Take your scissor jack and place it underneath your car.
  2. Locate your vehicle's pinch weld -some vehicles will have two tabs on it; place your scissor jack in between them.
  3. Make sure your scissor jacks groove fits in between the pinch weld of your car.
  4. Raise the Scissor jack using the tightening nut at the side of your jack. Do this with your fingers first and make sure the jack is properly positioned.
  5. Use your tool to tighten up; your vehicle will begin to rise at this point.
  6. Once you reach your desired height, you can now work on your car.
  7. To lower it, just use the tool and turn the nut of the jack counterclockwise.

Bottle Jack

  1. Place your bottle jack underneath your vehicle.
  2. Make sure that the jack's release is turned all the way to the right -the release is normally on the front of the jack.
  3. Find a spot where you can put it. If your car does not have a dedicated spot for a flat top jack, you can place it on your vehicle's frame as your vehicle frame will be a solid piece of metal.
  4. Unscrew the upper part of the bottle jack until it reaches the car's frame or until it reaches its limit.
  5. Get the poles that come with the bottle jack and start pumping. After a while, you'll notice that the car is rising.
  6. To drop your vehicle, turn the jack's release to the left; this will release the pressure, lowering the vehicle.

Floor Jack

  1. Make sure your floor jack has oil on it. 
  2. Slide your floor jack underneath your vehicle.
  3. Find any hardpoint you can lift your vehicle from.
  4. Pump the jack till your vehicle is lifted.
  5. To drop the vehicle back down, take your floor jack handle and untighten the nob to the left, then your car will drop down slowly.

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Do Hydraulic Jacks Need Oil

Yes, a hydraulic jack does need oil for it to operate. A hydraulic jack is a tool used to lift up heavy objects by using hydraulic power. The hydraulic jack uses the hydraulic lever principle, or Pascal's principle, which allows the jack to lift very heavy objects. Oil is the filler inside the jack that helps raise the vehicle when getting pumped. 

When putting new oil in your jack, make sure you are using oil specifically made for hydraulic jacks. This will ensure that your hydraulic jack will operate properly. You can fill your jacks oil by removing the screw that is located on the top of your jack.

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Do I Need Two Or Four Jack Stands

Though it is not advisable to be working under your car if you are not a professional, there will be times that you will have to repair or install something on your own. The number of jacks you will need will depend on the work you will be doing.

If you have to work on your vehicle, like replacing a set of suspensions, it's best to place two or more jack stands to hold up the car so that you can freely remove and place components. If you also need to raise your car for storage, you can leave the car on either the front or the back wheels, while the opposite part is lifted by jack stands.

When you need to work on your car while only jack stands are only lifting it, you should have more than four to ensure that your car is stable while sitting on multiple jack stands. Another thing you can do is combine car ramps and jack stands together. This will give one part of your car a stable platform.

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Not every car on the market comes standard with a jack lift. If your car does not come with one, you should think about purchasing a jack for your vehicle. This is an essential tool to have on your vehicle.

There are many different types of jack lifts, and all of them will cost and operate differently. It is best to familiarize yourself with how your jack works so that you'll be able to use it properly and safely when you need to work on your vehicle.

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