Does The Ford Bronco Roof Come Off? [With Instructions On How-To]

If you're curious about the new Ford Bronco, there's probably one key feature that you're wondering about. The old Broncos had a removable roof and doors. They were removed due to safety changes before the line was discontinued. So on the new 2021 Ford Bronco, does the roof come off? We've taken a closer look at all the models to get the answer.

The new line of Ford Broncos, starting in 2021, features a removable roof. The roof is available as a soft-top or hardtop, depending on the trim. Remove the soft top by following these steps:

  1. Flip the latches at the header bar.
  2. Then, push the top back.
  3. Further, remove the rear panels by undoing the velcro and fasteners.
  4. Then, fold the top the rest of the way down.

The hardtop has three or four panels depending on style. These can be removed by these steps:

  1. Remove the roof rack.
  2. Then, flip the latches and unlock the L-lock for the front panel.
  3. Lift the front panel off, then store it in the cargo area.
  4. Flip the latches, and next unlock the center panel, removing it like the front.
  5. Unfasten two screws and four bolts on either side of the rear panel.
  6. Remove and store the rear panel in a safe place.

Keep reading to learn more - we'll go over each step and the necessary tools in greater detail. Further, this article will detail what kind of roof comes with each trim option. Then, we'll also explain how the doors can be removed as well. Finally, what's the difference between Bronco and Bronco Sport? We'll explain that too.

Ford Bronco Wildtrak on wilderness,Does The Ford Bronco Roof Come Off? [With Instructions On How-To]

How Does The Ford Bronco Roof Work?

Removing the roof is fairly easy. Ford provides a tool kit with everything necessary and storage bags to help keep things secure. The steps vary, of course, depending on the roof style.

Removing The Soft-top Roof

  • At the header bar are two latches; begin by flipping them down.
  • Then, simply stand up, pushing the top back. 
  • The rear panels are three pieces. Undo the velcro and fasteners and slide all three panels out.
  • Then, to finish folding it down, find the latch near the already-folded top -it's on the driver's side.
  • Hold it down, which releases the top, and push it completely back.

If you want to remove the assembly and roof entirely, you can do that by following these steps:

  • Pop off the two plastic panels in the back of the car - one on either side of the assembly.
  • Underneath each panel, three bolts hold the assembly to the car.
  • Use a ratchet and 13 mm socket to undo the bolts.
  • Now, the assembly can be lifted off with the help of another person.

Removing The Hard Top Roof

Removing the hardtop is easy, though it takes some tools. You will need:

  • 10 mm hex socket
  • T30 hex tool
  • Ratchet
  • T50 Torx plus
  • Triangular bolt tool (for a roof rack)

These tools should all be supplied in a tool kit that came with the Bronco, courtesy of Ford.

1. Removing The Roof Rack

If there's a roof rack, removing that comes first.

  • To begin with, remove the front rack cover. Use the T30 hex tool to remove the screws and pull the cover off.
  • Next, use the 10 mm hex socket to remove the rack nuts in the front.
  • Then, in the back of the rack, use your Bronco key to open the rear fastener.
  • Once the rear fastener is open, use the triangular bolt tool to loosen the fastener. 
  • Finally, lift the roof rack up and off with the help of a partner.

2. Removing The First Roof Panel

  • In the glove box are two plates -  install these over the roof rack mounts. In addition, place the cover on top of each plate.
  • Fold the sun visors down and then unlatch the header panel.
  • Then, unlock the L-shaped locks that hold the first panel to the rest of the roof.
  • Lift the first panel off. Repeat for the passenger's side.

Store these two panels together in the correct storage bag, with the divider between them. Place in the back of the Bronco, standing upright, in the cargo area. Secure the bag strap around the rear headrest to keep it in place, then secure the bottom of the bag to the D-rings in the cargo area.

3. Removing The Center Panel

  • Next, undo the center panel by flipping the two latches at the front.
  • Then, unlock the L-shaped locks in the back of the panel.
  • Remove the center panel, storing and securing it in a safe place.

4. Removing The Rear Panel

  • Open the tailgate and lift the tailgate window.
  • Disconnect the electrical harness in the cargo area, driver's side. Plug it into the holding spot in the Bronco.
  • Disconnect the hose connector near the electrical harness. Plug it in like the harness.
  • Use the T50 Torx plus to remove the two screws holding the panel in place.
  • Unscrew the four bolts that are on each side of the rear roof panel.
  • Leaving the tailgate window open, lift the rear roof panel up and off with the help of a partner.
  • Store it somewhere safe, continuing to leave the tailgate window up.

Putting The Hard Top Roof Back

Ford Bronco Wildtrak on a scenic road in the mountains

Once you manage to get the roof off, putting it back isn't all that hard. As common sense might dictate, it's really mostly just reversing the order of steps.

  • Put the rear panel back, making sure to line the locator pins up correctly.
  • Secure the four bolts on either side of the rear panel, and put the screws back into the C-pillar.
  • Reconnect the electrical harness and hose connector.
  • Install the center panel, securing the two front latches and locking the L-shaped locks in the back of the panel.
  • Replace the front panels, passenger side first. Secure in the same way.
  • Remove the windshield trim covers and fastener to remount the roof rack.
  • Position the roof rack using the triangular bolt tool to fasten the rear. Replace the covers.
  • In the front roof rack, tighten the nuts with the 10 mm hex.
  • Replace the rack cover using the T30 hex tool to secure the screws.

Need to see it for yourself? Check out this helpful video from Ford:

Do All Broncos Have A Removable Roof?

Way back when the old Broncos were out, they were known for their removable roofs. This started in the second generation of Broncos with a removable hardtop.

But by the '90s, safety regulations had changed. Bronco could no longer offer the removable roof that was one of its defining features. It was too late to redesign it, so they simply secured the roof with tamper-proof bolts. 
Bronco was axed by Ford in 1996. Car buyers weren't as interested in two-door options, and Ford instead moved onto the Expedition. 
Now, the new line of Broncos is finally back in 2021. The two-door model comes with a three-piece removable hardtop, while the four-door comes with a soft-top. Some of the trim options give the four-door model a four-piece removable hardtop, and it can also be purchased as an upgrade. 

Does The Top Come Off The Bronco Big Bend?

Ford Bronco Wildtrak on wilderness,Does The Ford Bronco Roof Come Off? [With Instructions On How-To]

The Bronco Big Bend, like all Broncos, comes with a removable top. The trim options with the standard two-door hardtop and four-door soft-top include:

There are only two exceptions that come with a standard hardtop, whether two or four doors. These are:

Can You Take The Doors Off A Ford Bronco (And How To)?

All Ford Broncos come with removable doors - it's one of their key features! The new Broncos are designed for the doors to fit perfectly in the back for added convenience.

The Bronco even comes with special bags to put each door inside, which protect the door. The bags have labels indicating which door goes in each bag. It also shows you the correct order to store the bags.

  • Make sure that the window is down, secured in the door.
  • Next, push the side mirrors forward so they are out of the way.
  • Then, open the door and disconnect the electrical connector that's attached to the door.
  • Next, undo the 10 mm bolts holding the door.
  • Find the correct storage bag for the door, and slide the bag over the door.
  • You can now simply lift the door out of place - grab the two handles, one outside and one inside the door.
  • Finish zipping the bag up and place it in the back, in the correct order indicated on the bag.
  • Secure the bags with the strap in the back of the Bronco.
  • Finally, latch the bags together; each bag latches to the bag before it.

Confused? Check out this video:

Does The Ford Bronco Have A Sunroof?

With a removable roof, the Ford Bronco doesn't have what can technically be called a sunroof. The Bronco Sport, however, comes with an available safari-style sunroof.

Besides the common name, the Ford Bronco and the Ford Bronco Sport are still two completely different models. A few design points are the same, but otherwise, they're barely related. 

In Summary

Ford Bronco Wildtrak on a scenic road in the mountains, Does The Ford Bronco Have A Sunroof?

The Ford Bronco still comes with a removable roof and doors. The four-door Bronco comes with a standard soft top, while the two-door offers a hardtop. You can also upgrade the roof for a fee. Ford provides the necessary tools and even storage bags to make the process simpler. The Ford Bronco Sport does not have these removable parts and is really nothing like the Ford Bronco, though it does offer a safari-style sunroof.

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