Does The Ford Ecosport Have A Spare Tire?

Whether you are making a fast trip across town or preparing to embark on a cross-country road trip, you'll want to be sure that the vehicle you're driving is well-equipped for mishaps. One of the most critical items you need in your vehicle is a spare tire. If you are wondering if the Ford EcoSport has a spare tire, we can help. We researched this popular compact SUV from multiple professional sources so that you'll know for sure.

The Ford EcoSport models in the United States do not come equipped with a spare tire. The 2018 model S trim level had a full-sized spare as an option, but this option was not available for any other trim level or in any model year since. In place of the traditional spare tire, the EcoSport comes with a tire mobility kit.

Now that we know that the Ford EcoSport does not have a spare tire, we'll take a closer look at the Ford tire mobility kit. You might also be wondering how you take a tire off of a Ford EcoSport, or if the EcoSport is a good car to purchase. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Ford EcoSport compact SUV in a car show, Does The Ford Ecosport Have A Spare Tire?

The Ford Tire Mobility Kit

While Ford still manufactures their EcoSport models in Asia that come equipped with a full-sized spare tire, the U.S. versions of this compact SUV are without one. So what happens if you're on the road and you blow a tire? Are you just out of luck?

The spare tire can take up a good amount of room meant for cargo in smaller SUVs. Mounting one on the swing gate would also obstruct the rear camera. For these reasons, Ford decided to equip the EcoSports with the Ford tire mobility kit. This kit will get your tire mobile enough for you to get to a service station for a replacement. 

The tire mobility kit contains all that you'll need to get you back on the road. Ahead in this post, we'll go through how to use this kit step-by-step. But for those who would rather have a full-sized spare tire, some EcoSport owners have purchased their own and had them mounted on the swing gate. Be advised that this would require moving the license plate brackets and the rear camera.

How do you take a tire off a Ford EcoSport?

Ford EcoSport compact crossover SUV on display

Removing the tire from an EcoSport will require some tools and a little bit of know-how. If you've never attempted it before, we can walk you through the process in a few simple steps. 

  1. Place the jack under the EcoSport, making certain that the jack points align with the slot in the jack. You can find the jack points by looking in your owner's manual, should you not be able to find them on your own. 
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on the tire, as they will be more difficult to remove after you jack the car up into the air. 
  3. Gently jack up the EcoSport.
  4. Remove the lug nuts and carefully take off the tire. 
  5. Place the new tire onto the car and hand tighten the lug nuts.
  6. Lower the Ecosport, then tighten the lug nuts with your lug wrench
  7. Remove the jack, and place it and the lug wrench back into your vehicle. 

Where is Spare Wheel in EcoSport S?

As we noted earlier in this post, the S trim level of the 2018 EcoSport had the option to add the spare tire. While costing extra, it gave some relief to drivers who didn't want to rely on the Ford tire mobility kit. 

This spare was mounted on the rear swing gate of the EcoSport. You've probably seen other model vehicles with tires mounted in this fashion, as some Jeeps are built with rear tire mounts as well.

Ford Ecosport SUV car for urban user

How Do you Use a Ford Tire Mobility Kit?

Using the Ford tire mobility kit can be easy if you follow several steps. You'll need to retrieve the kit from the inside of your EcoSport, which you will find in the rear cargo area. On the floor of the cargo bay, you'll see a handle. Lift it, and the floor will pop up and reveal the kit that is stored there.

Opening up the kit

The kit contains an air compressor, a bottle of fix-a-flat, a funnel, and a towing loop. Fixing the tire will only require the bottle of fix-a-flat and the air compressor. To get started, you'll remove the orange cap on the top of the air compressor and attach the bottle of fix-a-flat to it by screwing the bottle into place. Then, using the hose that is on the underside of the compressor, connect the compressor to the air valve on the tire that is flat. 

Powering the compressor

You'll now need to power the compressor. You can do this with a cord that you'll find underneath the base of the compressor. You will need to unwind and insert this into the auxiliary power outlet in the console of the EcoSport.

After you connect it, turn the power switch for the compressor on by flipping the switch on the side. This will force the fix-a-flat through the air hose and into the tire, where it will seal the puncture as the tire inflates. 

Getting back on the road

A meter on the top of the compressor will indicate when you've inflated the tire properly. Disconnect the air hose, unplug the power source, and screw the valve stem back on the tire. Listen for leaking air. If the tire remains inflated after several minutes, it's ready to drive.

Just be sure not to exceed the recommended mileage on the "fixed" tire. Ford sets this at no more than 120 miles. We were able to locate a great video tutorial, which will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.


Is Ford EcoSport a Good Car to Buy?

A reliable vehicle, the Ford EcoSport is also an affordable compact SUV. For under $22,000, you can drive off the dealership's lot with a brand new base trim model. So why would Car and Driver rate the EcoSport as a 3.5/10?

This model lacks a lot of the onboard features that others in its class come equipped with. The EcoSport has a weaker engine as well, making acceleration much slower. Critics also point out that the ride is pretty noisy and that the cabin room is a bit cramped. Car and Driver also maintains that some of the interior pieces have cheap materials, even on higher trim levels. 

Do these criticisms mean that the EcoSport is a bad buy? Not necessarily. The EcoSport is certainly affordable, and while it might lack certain features in the cab, it still has great upgrade options that are available. It might not have everything that a driver would want, but the EcoSport is still a good car for the money if you want a newer SUV but are on a tighter budget.

In closing

Ford avoided placing a spare tire on the EcoSport so that it could have more room for onboard storage. While it doesn't have a spare, the Ford tire mobility kit will help get you and your vehicle back on the road. This is only a temporary solution, however. As soon as possible, get the damaged tire replaced. Drive safe!

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  1. What if a blow out happens and the tire is destroyed, theres no way to air up a torn tire? There you are stranded, no spare, no jack. Ugg i will have to spend xtra and get this ride equipped for such an emergency on the road. Every car needs a spare tire. Do not like this feature. Love the ecosport tho

    • @Debbie Cartwright, my thoughts exactly!!! Although, the Ford vehicles are supposed to have free roadside assistance.

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