Does GMC Yukon Have Wifi?

You might have a long trip with your GMC Yukon, and streaming nice songs online can help pass the time. But does the GMC Yukon have Wifi? How could you connect the car to Wifi? What features can Wifi do to a car? Don't worry! We've researched these questions and have answers for you.

GMC Yukon 4th generation, or those manufactured after 2015, began to include Wifi. You should check the production year of your car, as well as the user's guide for detailed features.

You can follow these steps to set up the GMC Yukon on Wifi:

  1. Turn on your car. Put the ignition into the "accessory" option.
  2. Find and tap the Wifi settings icon on the menu screen. You can also use voice commands by pressing the button on the car's front mirror inside.
  3. Save the network name and password that will appear on the screen. You would want to change them for your own convenience.
  4. Using your phone or any smart device, access the car's wifi by clicking on the network name and typing in the password.
  5. You can now enjoy browsing online with the car's wifi. A notification may display on your phone's screen or on your car's control panel that the connection is successful.

This time, we'll talk about Wifi in a GMC Yukon. How do you establish the connection, and what online features can you browse on it? We'll go deeper into discussing the essence of Wifi in your car. We're thrilled to share more with you. So let's read up to the end!

GMC Yukon 4th generation has WIFI. - Does GMC Yukon Have Wifi

Does the GMC Yukon Have Wifi?

GMC SUV cruising in Houston TX

Most modern GMC models do have Wifi, including the Yukon series. The inclusion of Wifi in GMC cars started around the years 2015-2016. So, your model most probably has Wifi if it's dated after those years.

GMC is affiliated with IntelliLink for having advanced technology that includes Wifi in car models. Infotainment, or short for informational entertainment, lets you browse online platforms for music, news, and more.

With regards to the steps of setting up Wifi, you can watch this short clip:


How Does GMC Car WiFi Work?

Your car will activate its antenna to find a signal from network providers. When you turn on the ignition, the Wifi will activate automatically. However, you need to subscribe to a data plan to access the Wifi. Subscription prices may vary depending on data size and length of coverage.

What Are the Benefits of Car WiFi?

Wifi boosts the convenience of using the technology by accessing online platforms for different purposes. The car's Wifi serves a variety of options for every user. The following are the primary benefits of having Wifi in your car.

Road Directions

Once you connect your car to Wifi, the GPS will be turned on. This will allow you to navigate maps that show the route going to different locations. It's ideal to turn on the GPS while driving so that you can see the traffic volume along your route.


You can watch videos, stream music, and browse social media websites to entertain yourself. You can use the menu screen or your phone to launch online apps.

Depending on the data requirements of an app, the time span of using Wifi for entertainment may charge a lot of data. You can check on your phone how much data is used on every website you visit.

News and articles

The ability to read, listen to, and watch the news is another feature. You may watch live video coverage on your trusted news portal. You can also view some articles published online that will help you find quick answers. For instance, you have questions about GMC models. You can search for your question, and relevant articles will pop up.

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What Are the Subscription Plans for the GMC Yukon?

It's practical to subscribe to any of the plans the GMC offers for Wifi access. See below for some subscriptions and the basic inclusions.

Connected Access

This plan grants you access to diagnose your vehicle, in which you'll get timely notifications about your car's issue. You'll even get monthly reports from GMC about the car's operating system.

You'll also have access to GMC Smart Driver, which will give you feedback on every ignition cycle and what driving skills you need to work on.

GMC App Access

You'll gain access to some famous streaming platforms for music, weather forecasts, and navigation sites. This feature includes Alexa for voice commands in searching for songs and getting directions.

You'll also enjoy the GMC Maps+ feature that allows you to see the real-time traffic on your route. You don't even need to connect your phone while driving. You just have to select the app from GMC's touch-screen panel.

Remote Access

It allows you to control some features of your car with your mobile phone. You can easily close and re-close your car, even sending your destination and as to where you're going.

You can personalize your car's infotainment depending on what content you desire. Send your voice commands to Alexa for more convenient navigation on apps.

Additionally, you can locate your car if it's lost. From your phone, you can lock the access and restrain others from getting into your car. There's also a health monitoring system, in which you'll get to know your car's fuel range, tire pressure, and more.

Connected Vehicle

Unlock all access with this feature. There's an unlimited hotspot so that you will not worry about data charges and limitations. You can use this hotspot for to browse websites when you're in a business meeting or even talk to your family at home.

Real-time traffic information and some built-in apps for entertainment are included in this feature. It also has a WarnerMedia RIDE that grants you 1,000 hours of live and popular TV shows.

How to Connect a Phone with GMC Bluetooth

GMC Yukon SUV truck display at a dealership. GMC is a division of GM and offers the Yukon in SLE, SLT, AT4 and Denali models.

Bluetooth is a good alternative to Wifi because you can connect your phone even without the internet. However, this feature is limited to the phone's specifications. Follow these steps to connect your phone or device to GMC's Bluetooth.

  1. Turn on the vehicle, then switch to park mode. 2.
  2. Find the "phone" space icon on your car's panel. You should select the option to pair or connect to a nearby device.
  3. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth, then select the name of your car that will appear on the list of available Bluetooth connections.
  4. Press PAIR on your car's touch-screen panel and wait for it to connect successfully.
  5. You can now navigate the infotainment screen by receiving and initiating calls.

There is another way of connecting your phone to GMC's Bluetooth. Simply press the Push-to-Talk button once you hear "pair phone." The car's screen will show you the phone's availability. Just follow the steps provided above.

How to Program the GMC Yukon key fob

The key fob is a convenient tool to control the car's features from a distance. That's why we're sharing steps in setting up the GMC key fob. Follow these steps below on setting up a key fob for pre-2007 models.

  1. Close the doors and go inside the car.
  2. Press and hold the door's lock button while turning the key repeatedly between ON and OFF.
  3. Press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons on the keyless remote for at least 15 seconds.
  4. Repeat the first three steps until you complete all the transmitters.
  5. Turn the ignition on, then test the key fob.

How to Protect GMC Yukon's Screen Panel

2019 GMC Yukon XL at Bonneville Salt Flats

Protecting the touch-screen panel is a wise way of prolonging its lifespan.

You can purchase a screen protector that will fit your car's screen.

See this screen protector on Amazon.

Now to install the screen protector, follow these steps:

  1. Peel off the screen protector from its corner.
  2. Slowly put the protector at the corner of the screen until the entire screen is covered.
  3. Gently flatten the screen with your hand.


In this article, we learned that the GMC Yukon has WiFi and how to connect devices to the WiFi. We also provided a list of the purposes of this wifi.

You learned about the subscription plans that could fit your needs. We shared the details of these plans.

Finally, we listed down the steps to connecting to GMC's Bluetooth. We briefly talked about setting up the GMC's key fob.

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