Does The Jayco Hummingbird Have A Bathroom? [Models Across The Years]

If you are shopping for a new or used lightweight travel trailer, then manufacturer Jayco is certainly on your radar. Their long-running Hummingbird line sets the bar for features included on a small-sized trailer. But does the Jayco Hummingbird come with a bathroom? And which model years have a bathroom? It's not always easy to find a straightforward answer during hours of trailer and RV research. But luckily, we've researched all of the recent Hummingbird models and have the answer for you here in this post. 

The four most recent model years of the Jayco Hummingbird all come with a bathroom as standard. For each of the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Hummingbirds, the buyer can choose between a small bathroom and an upgraded larger bathroom with more features. The only Jayco Hummingbird models that do not have an onboard bathroom are the 2019 and 2020 10RKs, which are the most compact of all the Hummingbirds. 

So, every model of the Jayco Hummingbird since 2017 has a bathroom on board. But, there are some essential differences between them that we must note. Please keep reading to find out more about the bathroom differences between the years and models of the various Jayco Hummingbirds. We will also discuss some of the other features that come with the Hummingbird, along with a glimpse at what Jayco has planned for 2021. 

A travel trailer parked on the side of a camping ground, Does The Jayco Hummingbird Have A Bathroom? [Models Across The Years]

Does the Jayco Hummingbird Have a Bathroom? 

For the model years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, every trim of the Jayco Hummingbird has a bathroom on board, except for two. The 2020 and 2019 10RKs are the only Hummingbirds that are so compact that they don't include a bathroom of any kind. This trim of the Hummingbird has an open back where you can access the kitchen, sink, and TV. The interior of this model is reserved for the bed. 

The rest of the models across the four years have either the standard small bathroom or a larger bathroom.

  • 2020 models:  the 17RK has a small bathroom, and the 16MRB, 17MBS, and 17RB all have a large bathroom.
  • 2019 models: the 17RK, 17FD, and 17BH have a small bathroom, and the 16MRB and 17MRB have a large bathroom.
  • 2018 models: the 16FD, 17BH, 17BD, and 17RK have a small bathroom, while the 16MRB, the 17RB, and the 17MBS have a large bathroom.
  • 2017 models: the 16FD, 17BH, 17FD, and 17RK have a small bathroom, and only the 17RB has a large bathroom. 

Features in the Jayco Hummingbird Bathroom

As mentioned above, the Jayco Hummingbird has two types of bathrooms; one small and one large. The small bathroom is usually located on the passenger's side of the trailer, about halfway back. The larger bathroom typically takes up the width of the camper across the very back. All bathrooms and other rooms on the Jayco Hummingbird are stylish and feel roomy for their size due to LED lights and windows. Here are some more details about each of the two bathroom types found in the Jayco Hummingbird:

Standard Bathroom

The smaller bathroom on the Jayco Hummingbird is meant to save space for other non-bathroom-related features. The small bathrooms in these Jayco campers are more of a self-contained shower with a toilet and sink versus an actual bathroom. The small room features a foot-flush toilet, sink, showerhead, and storage pouches. The door and everything inside the small wet bath are water-resistant so that you can shower inside it without fear of water leaking out into the rest of the caravan. 

Upgraded, Larger Bathroom

The large style bathroom resembles the type of bathroom that you might find in a small apartment. They typically have a small, near 2x2 foot shower with a detachable showerhead. Next to the shower, a vanity area includes a sink, mirror, and storage space. Opposite those two features, there is a toilet with a storage cabinet above it. There are also nets and towel hooks around the bathroom to help keep your materials secure during transit.

Some of the larger style bathrooms do not include a sink but instead rely on the kitchen sink found just outside the bathroom door. Those bathrooms have a little more floor area and a toilet that sits at an angle, making it more accessible. If having a bathroom aboard your travel trailer is a priority, then we recommend selecting a Hummingbird with this bathroom style. 

Does the Jayco Hummingbird Have a Kitchen?

All trims on all model years of the Jayco Hummingbird come with a kitchen of some form. Most models have an interior kitchenette like the ones you can see in the floorplans above. Those kitchens consist of a combination refrigerator/freezer, a combination microwave/convection oven, a two-burner stovetop with a cover, a small sink, and overhead and under-sink cabinet storage. 

A few models, like the 2020 and 2019 10RKs (the same models that do not have bathrooms), have an exterior rear kitchen. This type of kitchen is not accessible from inside the trailer because the interior is essentially reserved for a sleeping space. The exterior kitchen consists of a microwave, mini-refrigerator, cabinet and drawer storage space, and a small sink. The small sink has changeable hoses to function as either a sink faucet or an outdoor shower. The exterior kitchen space even comes with a small television. 

How Many People Can Sleep in a Jayco Hummingbird? 

The Jayco Hummingbird is a small travel trailer that doesn't always have room for guests. Some of the Hummingbird trims, like the 2020 16MRB and the 2019 17MBS, only have sleeping space for two people. Like the 2020 17RK, other models have a full-size bed plus a U-shaped dinette that has a collapsable table that turns the seating area into another full-size bed space. You can see the same type of U-dinette in the above photo of the 2019 17RB Hummingbird. 

The 2018 Jayco Hummingbird 17BH, on the other hand, has bunk beds in place of the regular full-size bed. Both bunk beds are near full-size and can sleep two persons in each one. Combine that with the convertible U-dinette that we already discussed, and the 17BH can sleep up to six people. 

How Much Does a Jayco Hummingbird Weigh?

According to the Jayco website, the 2020 Jayco Hummingbird weighs between 1,545 and 3,015 pounds unloaded. The smallest model is the 10RK, which weighs 1,570 pounds while unloaded. The heaviest of the 2020 Hummingbirds is the 17RB, which weighs 3,010 pounds unloaded. Overall, it is a lightweight travel trailer that can be pulled by most trucks, full-size and medium-sized SUVs. 

Is there a 2021 Jayco Hummingbird?

Based on the offers on the Jayco website, the RV manufacturer is no longer producing the Hummingbird travel trailer for the 2021 model year. Additionally, the older Hummingbirds under the model years 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 are only available through dealerships. This shows that Jayco is no longer producing any Hummingbird trims but has focused on other models. 

What Replaced the Jayco Hummingbird? 

The Jayco Hummingbird may have been discontinued for the 2021 model year, but there is still another ultra-light travel trailer available from Jayco to fill its place. Jayco has introduced the Jay Feather Micro for the 2021 production year. Overall, the Feather Micro is similar to the Hummingbird in size and features.

The Feather Micro weighs between 1,500 and 4,500 pounds and tends to be slightly heavier in some trims than its predecessor. The extra weight comes from added features such as the 199MBS having a murphy bed and double-sized bunk beds. Comparatively, the 2020 Hummingbird's best bed feature is a pull-out couch though the 16MRB does have the murphy bed, just no accompanying bunk beds. The Feather Micro has the same compact size but does more with the space versus the Hummingbird.

Bathroom options are also slightly improved on the Feather Micro. The 166FBS, 171BH, 173MB, and the 199 MBS all come with a full-sized bathroom. The 171BH is the model that has the most compact of the four. The 12SRK trim is the only Feather Micro that does not come with a bathroom of any sort. 

In Closing

If you are shopping for a compact, lightweight travel trailer, the Jayco Hummingbird is an excellent option. Nearly all of the trims across all model years come with an onboard bathroom in either the small or large style. The only versions to stay away from if you must have a bathroom are the 2019 and 2020 10RKs. Unfortunately, the Jayco Hummingbird is no longer in production. If you want one, you'll have to buy it from a dealer's stock or on the used market. Don't be afraid to check out Jayco's replacement for the Hummingbird: the Feather Micro. It's a comparable travel trailer in every area. 

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