Does Kia Seltos Have Leather Seats?

Kia Seltos is known for its modish exterior, from its key-signature tiger-nose front grille, functional roof rails, and extra ground clearance. And the high-tech interior, including Bose speakers, just makes you drool over how luxurious it is! However, if you're wondering if Seltos seats have leather, then we gladly have all the answers in store for you. 

The Kia Seltos has a combination of premium leather and Sofino cloth trims in their seats. The leather and cloth combination gives the car interior a smooth modern touch for all-around seating with comfort, style, and elegance.

As much as the exterior of the Kia Seltos pleases, the interior doesn't disappoint either. In fact, several great things about this model are found inside the car. You can read further and know more interesting features this car has to offer!

back view of a red Kia Seltos on display at a car dealership. Does Kia Seltos Have Leather Seats

Kia Seltos Interior: Features And Advantages

It's wise to get to know the interior that comes along with the Kia Seltos. Thay way, we can appreciate the vehicle much more, along with the unique features that come with it.


The Kia Seltos is equipped with advanced technology. The dashboard itself looks very modern and sophisticated, even if the whole thing is made out of hard plastics. 

When you are inside the Seltos, the very first thing that grabs your attention is the 8-inch infotainment system located in the middle of the dashboard. It has access to all the multimedia functions such as AppleCarPlay and Android Auto. 

The Kia Seltos infotainment system has a 10.25 HD touch screen feature and, at the same time, provides physical buttons for you to easily operate it. Based on reviews, the Kia Seltos infotainment system is ranked as the most responsive when it comes to touch sensitivity. With just a click of your finger, the screen operates accordingly. 

Kia Seltos has a multi-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel. It has audio controls that come with it. Most importantly, a cruise control feature in case driving becomes too tiring. 

It's also equipped with an automatic climate control operation with a matching automatic defogger and rear air vent for a maximum experience in comfort and temperature control as you drive. 

Sofino Cloth And Leather Seats

Kia is now using a new fabric called Sofino. It is a synthetic leather made out of plastic and synthetic cloth fibers that contain Polyvinyl Chloride.

Although it may have some setbacks since its non-biodegradable and is composed of harmful chemicals, this material has the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain in cases where there are foods spilled and other stains. 

This type of fabric seating extends from the rear seat, and it's really a great thing for every occupant to feel cozy. Additionally, it has heated front seats that provide warmth, especially during winter, so you don't have to worry about traveling in cold temperatures. 

Above all, since Kia Seltos seats have both premium leather and leatherette, it gives the impression of a perfect balance of function and luxury to let you experience riding in comfort while arriving in style. 

Bose Speakers 

One of the unique features of the Kia Seltos is its speakers that stand out from the other ordinary speakers found in cars. 

Kia Seltos has a premium 400 watt 8-speaker Hi-Fi sound system from Bose.  It's jammed with dynamic speed compensation technology for a great sound experience while being in the car. What's more, the speaker extends from the rear seats, which is why it's great for singing along during a long road trip!

It also comes with sound mood lights that come in six multicolor themes. Also, it works well together with the infotainment system and the steering wheel's audio control so you can manage the volume sufficiently. 


The front seat provides abundant space for storage. Occupants can have enough space for wallets, smartphones, pouches, and other personal gear. It also has a center console, glove box, two cup holders, and door pockets. 

The back seat also has rear pockets on each door to hold important documents and personal belongings.  Not only that, the second-row seats are foldable, so you can adjust them to your own liking. 

Kia Seltos provides extensive space for cargo loading, and you'll be amazed as to how much stuff you can put in there! When the second-row seats are up, the subcompact crossover has a space of 26.6 cubic feet. When they're folded down, it has a space of 62.8 cubic feet, and that's obviously spacious enough. 

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Leather Vs. Leatherette: What's The Difference?

To know the difference between leather and leatherette, you need to simply observe the material. Leather and leatherette and distinguished by these factors:


Authentic leather is naturally made from real animal skin hides. It has wrinkles and a rough surface with different patterns. The fabric stretches when pressed between your fingers. More importantly, it has a strong, apparent smell that's hard to compare to any manufactured objects with chemicals. 

Leatherette is chemically made of synthetic cloth fibers mixed with Polyurethane and scraps of old leather. It has a uniform pattern since it's created with a machine, and it smells of plastic and other harmful chemicals. 


Authentic leather is biodegradable since it comes from animal skin hides. It can decompose but will take at least 50 years before it does.

Leatherette uses non-renewable materials and is non-biodegradable. It wears out easily so you'll have to keep replacing it. 


Authentic leather doesn't have much color variety. It is usually only black, brown or white. 

Leatherette has a wide range of color variety because it's chemical. It can be dyed easily. 


Authentic leather is very durable and can last for 10-15 years if you take good care of it. It will somehow fade over a period of time and will look vintage. 

Leatherette can only last up to 5-6 years but can be resistant to water and stains, and it ages better than authentic leather. 


Authentic leather is more expensive since it's a luxury item. 

Leatherette is cheaper. It costs $3-$10 less than real leather. 


Authentic leather requires a higher maintenance to prevent it from aging. 

Leatherette only requires simple and basic cleaning since stains are easy to remove, and sometimes the material is waterproof. 


Authentic leather is processed through tanning and crusting. 

Leatherette is bonded with fibers, PU, and PVC to produce its texture and color. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Leather Seats?

Not only do leather seats make cars look polished but they offer a lot of advantages that are good for you and your car.

Here are the following benefits of having leather seats: 

  • Leather seats make cars have higher resale value. 
  • It gives the car a pleasant smell. 
  • It gives the car a much more comfortable feeling. 
  • Leather seats are durable so you won't spend too much on repairs and replacement. 

Genuine leather is authentic and high quality, and so it also serves a lot of advantages when you have them. However, it can be very expensive because of the origin of the fabric. Not only that, it may take you to spend a lot on when cleaning it because there are particular tools needed to maintain them. 

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Can You Customize Kia Seltos Leather Seats?

In case you want your Kia Seltos all-covered with premium leather, it is absolutely possible to customize and turn it into full leather without any Sofino cloths. 

There are great products like Katzkin that offer special and customized leather seats designed perfectly for the model Kia Seltos. You can visit their site for inquiries, or you can order online!

Find this Katzkin leather seat cover on Amazon.

A diesel-engined KIA Seltos car at the International Auto Show. Does Kia Seltos Have Leather Seats

In Closing

Now that you know what Kia Seltos seats are made of, you can choose to stick with the combination of leather and Sofino cloth or customize this into full-premium leather. Whatever suits your style and needs!

More importantly, remember always stick with the more functional material with a lot of advantages for you to drive with satisfaction and class. 

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