Does The Lexus NX Have A Spare Tire?

Running into issues while you're driving can be the worst. Do you have a Lexus NX and want to know whether it comes with a spare tire in case of emergency or if you're out of luck? Well, we've done plenty of research and have the answer here for you. Let's get right into it.

Yes, the Lexus NX will come equipped with a compact spare or run-flat tire. You can find this extra tire in the trunk of your vehicle, underneath the floor, along with a jack and tool kit. That said, some NX model years will have compact spares, while newer 2021/2022 SUVs will only have a run-flat tire, so this may be different for everyone.

As we begin, we will cover all things spare tires and discuss whether or not your Lexus NX has one. Whether you're new to the brand or need a spare ASAP, we're here to offer you some help. With that said, let's jump into this post!

A mechanic hand taking spare tire in the trunk of the vehicle, Does The Lexus NX Have A Spare Tire?

Does A Base Model Lexus NX Come With A Spare Tire?

Yes! Even if you're driving a base model NX, it will include a spare tire. Like we said above, Lexus has recently swapped out the compact spare for a run-flat tire in its 2021 and 2022 lineup, so if your car is newer, expect a smaller, more temporary tire.

That said, NX's from 2020 and previous model years will have a slightly bigger, more durable spare tire to use, so this will be different depending on when Lexus made your vehicle.

Lexus NX at the international press launch

Why Did Lexus Change The Spare Tire In The NX?

Gas mileage is to blame for those wondering why their NX doesn't come with a longer-lasting spare. Like many carmakers, Lexus switched out the compact spare for a lighter run-flat option to take the extra weight off your vehicle and improve its overall gas mileage.

Considering many brands have gotten rid of spare tires completely, Lexus is still one of the better options if you want a tire for emergencies. Again, you don't want to drive on a spare tire too long regardless of its size, but it is nice to have one in case of a flat.

How Do You Change The Tires On A Lexus NX?

Doing this shouldn't be too tricky for those who need to change the tires on your NX. To start:

  1. Make sure you're in a safe area, and your car is in park.
  2. Go into the trunk of your vehicle and lift its floor to reveal your spare tire/tool kit.
  3. Using the tools supplied with your spare, loosen the lug nuts on your NX's wheel.
  4. Use your jack to lift your vehicle and remove the lug nuts from the affected tire.
  5. Remove your flat tire and mount your spare in its place.
  6. Tighten the lug nuts on your spare tire.
  7. Place your tools and flat tire into the trunk of your vehicle, and you're done!

It's also worth mentioning that this process will take around 30 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Where Is The Jack On A Lexus NX?

To find the jack in a Lexus NX, you want to check under the floor in your car's trunk. The jack will be underneath your spare tire and should also be close to a tool kit that you can use to remove and replace the tires on your NX.

This is pretty standard for placement across all of Lexus's vehicles, so when in doubt, check the trunk.

Are Lexus's Spare Tires Reliable?

Man changing a tire

In general, the spare tire that Lexus includes with their cars will be reliable. Considering a spare isn't a permanent option, it's better to schedule an appointment with Lexus to get a new full-size tire put on your NX as soon as possible.

That said, some Lexus drivers claim their compact spare was able to last two weeks on the road without showing any sign of problems, so that's good if you can't get a new tire right away. Again, we don't recommend driving for more than a few days on a spare, but if getting a new tire on such short notice isn't possible, you should be okay for a week or so.

How Long Does A Lexus Spare Tire Last?

Typically, a Lexus spare tire will last you between 50-70 miles. Although the lifetime of a spare tire can vary depending on what roads you take it on and how fast you drive, you should be able to use your spare for a few days safely.

Like we mentioned above, some Lexus customers have been able to use their spares much longer than a few days, although it is generally safer to get a full-size tire put on your car sooner than later.

How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

For anyone currently driving on a spare tire, try not to do this for more than 70 miles. Even if your tire isn't showing any sign of trouble, it most likely isn't the same size as the other tires on your vehicle, which can damage the underneath mechanics of your car over time.

On top of that, spare tires are not very durable, so if you were to hit a pothole or drive over something sharp, chances are you now have a popped spare. Spare tires also have minimal grip, so it may be more challenging to drive if it's raining or the road is slick, so the shorter you use them, the better.

What Happens If You Drive On A Spare Too Long?

If you decide to drive on a spare tire for too long, expect damage to your car. Not only is doing this unsafe to you but using a spare tire past the 70-mile mark can cause permanent damage to your vehicle's transmission.

It's also common for spare tires to pop/become unusable once they hit a specific mileage, making for dangerous driving conditions for you and anyone nearby.

Can You Drive On The Highway With A Spare Tire?

Fast moving asphalt road and green forest landscape

We do not recommend driving on the highway if you have a spare tire. In general, it's best to stay under 50 MPH when driving with a spare, so the highway is not a good idea.

Remember, spare tires are not the same as regular full-size options, so you can't treat them alike. That said, if the highway is your only way home/to the repair shop, we recommend driving in the slowest lane and being extremely cautious.

Can You Drive 70 MPH On A Spare Tire?

As we said, it's better to stay at or below 50 MPH when driving on a spare. Of course, every spare tire will have a different speed rating, so it is possible for yours to do around 70 MPH safely, depending on its design.

Again, if you're on the way to getting a new tire and prefer the highway/driving above 50 MPH, you won't necessarily be in danger, but you can shorten the lifespan of your temporary tire the faster you go.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Spare Tire?

Usually, a spare tire will cost you between $50-$300, depending on its size and capability. Donut spare tires will fall into the cheapest price range of the options you'll have, although they won't last you more than a few days.

From there, compact spare tires will be about $75-$100, so these will cost a bit more than donut tires. You can also purchase full-size spares, which will be better for longer periods but can cost anywhere from $200 to over $300.

Can You Reuse A Spare Tire?

Yes! As long as your spare tire doesn't have any damage, you should be fine to drive on it more than once. In general, reusing a spare is completely safe and shouldn't negatively affect your vehicle, so this can save you some money between full-size regular tires.

That said, we don't recommend driving on a spare tire that has already gone more than 70 miles, as it won't be as safe/effective past this threshold.

Do All Vehicles Come With A Spare Tire?

Changing tires on a car

Unfortunately, not all vehicles will come with a spare tire. Considering the mounting pressure on carmakers for better gas mileage, many brands have switched to tire repair kits instead of temporary tires.

Of course, most cars leaving the factory will have a spare of some kind, so chances are, you should at least have the option to purchase one for your vehicle at the dealership. Lexus, however, chooses to have them come standard in the majority of their cars, which is a great added safety feature.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you want to get a Lexus NX or currently have one, it's essential to know whether it has a spare tire. From what we found, the NX lineup will include either a compact spare or a run-flat tire, which you can find underneath the floor of your trunk.

Lexus will also include a jack and tool kit that you can use to replace your tires, which should also be in your vehicle's trunk. When installing a spare, make sure to find a safe place to park, and give yourself about 30 minutes to get everything done.

Regardless, make sure to stay under 50 MPH when driving on a spare and avoid the highway if possible.

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