Does Mazda 3 Have A Remote Start? [And How To Use It]

Along with its powerful SKYACTIV engine and its sporty classic look, the Mazda 3 guarantees a lot of great features that include modern technology. So if you're wondering whether it has a remote start and how to use this, we've got you covered because we gladly researched all the answers you need to know. 

Mazda 3 is equipped with a remote engine start kit and key fob. Additionally, it's easy and convenient to use with just a few quick clicks. What's more, you can also remote start this car from your smartphone.

Apart from its stylish exterior, there are so many reasons to love its interior, along with its cool car technology. You can read further and know about Mazda 3's remote engine start kit and some guidelines on how to operate this. 

Mazda3 Sedan stopped on a mountain road, Does Mazda 3 Have A Remote Start? [And How To Use It]

Mazda 3 Remote Engine Start Kit 

Mazda 3 remote start offers the best of your vehicle's accessibility and convenience. The Mazda 3 remote engine start kit comprises a key fob that helps you start your car very easily. 

Not only that, it has the capacity to change your car's temperature so you won't have to stress so much when unpredictable rain, snow, or extreme heat alters your car's interior temperature. What's more, it guarantees the best technical assistance as the MazdaConnect helps you monitor the condition of your car using your smartphone. 

Hand presses unlock on the car remote control

There is a lot of functionality that the Mazda 3 remote engine start kit has to offer. Some of these advantages are the following: 

  • Locking and unlocking the car doors is only a button away. 
  • It gives you a comfortable drive as you can easily heat up your vehicle's temperature, especially during the winter, or cool it well during the summer. 
  • You don't need to abandon your current activity to prepare the temperature of your car, as you can easily adjust it before you even get in.
  • Attaining the right temperature for your car gives you a safer way to commute because it will not cause minor inconveniences such as scraping away melted ice from the windshields. 
  • It helps your vehicle achieve a warm engine and motor oil because of how accessible it is to control the temperature. A warm engine and motor oil help your vehicle to operate normally. 
  • Having a remote start key decreases the possibility of producing unnecessary waste since it shortens the amount of idling time for your car.

How To Use Remote Start 

Woman holding a car key

To operate the Mazda 3 remote start is no sweat! In fact, it's less complicated and easy to master. Here are some steps you need to do with the key fob. 

  1. Press the "Function" switch on the Mazda remote. 
  2. An "engine start" icon will appear on the LCD screen once you start doing step 1. 
  3. After seeing the engine start icon on the screen, press the start button. 
  4. Wait for an audible tone to come up. This could be one to two beeps. 
  5. Lastly, the "engine start standby" notification vanishes, and this is your cue to begin controlling your car using the key fob. 

This YouTube from Mazda U.S.A. can show you how quickly the remote key fob responds to opening the car doors. 

Introducing Mazda Connect

It is mentioned in the above discussion that you can use your smartphone as a supplementary key to control your vehicle's temperature and monitor its condition. Yes, Mazda makes this possible by engineering Mazda Connect. 

Mazda Connect and Mazda Connected Services raise the bar higher by providing a next-generation car connectivity system that brings you all-out vehicle satisfaction from both your smartphone and your car. 

Through MazdaConnect, you are able to use various mobile applications and services from your car infotainment system by linking it to your smartphone. What's more, Mazda provides in-vehicle software that updates and supports developing smartphone systems so that you'll always stay on trend! 

Mazda's HMI has a unique Heads-Up Cockpit concept that is shaped for a human-centered design to minimize visual, cognitive, and manual distraction. It prides itself on a Command Controller feature that can be operated entirely by feel. 

Additionally, it has an Active Driving Display that accurately carries important information like vehicle speed and navigation. On top of that, all these features can have voice control recognition, so there are absolutely a lot of high-tech features the Mazda 3 possess. 

For your convenience, you can watch this YouTube video from Mazda U.S.A. for more understanding and visual representation of how the Mazda Connected Services work. 

Mazda 3 Highlights 

Aside from the remote engine start kit, here are other interesting technological features that the Mazda 3 features: 

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

Mazda's i-DM is a system that is designed to improve your driving technique more intelligently. i-DM calculates the driver's body movements every time you use the accelerator, brake, and steering wheel.  

i-DM is used to evaluate the driving style, and its results are displayed on the system in colors of blue, green, and white. This is nifty for you to keep track of your driving score and driving progress. 

i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive 

This i-ACTIV AWD feature provides safety and comfort. At the same time, it helps maintain good fuel efficiency. Mazda manufacturers have engineered the software and hardware systems to control driving on all four wheels. 

With this system, the torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels to provide solid and manageable handling for various kinds of vehicle performance. It reduces wasteful tire slippage. At the same time, it calculates and adjusts the amount of torque in the rear wheels. 

i-ACTIV Sense 

The i-ACTIVE sense covers a great range of safety technology with detecting devices such as cameras and milliwave radars. What's more, it automatically recognizes potential hazards and equips itself to minimize the possibility of crashes, collisions, and severe road accidents.


The In-Wifi is another great feature to be grateful for. Not only does wifi connection provide internet and entertainment, but it has the capability to access emergency services like automatically dialing 911 in cases of road accidents and need for assistance. 

For a better understanding of the Mazda 3's In-Wifi, you can watch another YouTube video from Mazda U.S.A.

How Do You Set Up Mazda Connect? 

Man installing MyMazda mobile app to his phone

Before splurging into the entertainment and services offered by the Mazda 3, you have to first register an account through the MyMazda Mobile App. 

Like other applications, installing this is only a few clicks away. When successfully done, you can manage all your tools right at your fingertips. 

Here are a few steps to follow for you to officially start enjoying MazdaConnect:

  1. Download the MyMazda app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. Open the MyMazda App. 
  3. To set up an account, tap register and enroll in Connected Services. 
  4. You need to give out particular information such as your e-mail address and phone number. 
  5. Fill in the required information needed. 
  6. Wait for a validation code to be sent via SMS. 
  7. Enter your personal information and account information. 
  8. Submit to create your MyMazda account. 

Once this is successfully done, you can now enjoy MazdaConnect in so many ways, such as the following: 

  • Car calls
  • Calls using voice command
  • Commander Control
  • Receive text messages
  • Fuel Efficiency Monitor
  • Vehicle Status Monitor
  • Siriusxm Travel Link
  • Voice Control Navigation
  • Smart Phone remote feature to start and stop the engine, lock and unlock the door, and turn the lights on or off 

For the best, Mazda U.S.A's YouTube channel offers you a video that gives you insight into MazdaConnect services. 

Can You Replace Mazda 3's Key Fob? 

In cases where you have misplaced or lost your initial key fob, don't fuss about it because Mazda 3's key fob is absolutely replaceable! As a matter of fact, Mazda provides certified parts and accessories that you can order online or in their physical stores.

In case you want to customize and try out other remotes, then Beefunny's replacement remote would suit the job perfectly! It is compatible with both the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. Additionally, it makes sit easy for you to move the internal components from your old remote. 

Click here to see Beefunny's replacement key fob on Amazon.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that whether your initial remote key fob is not working, there is another option for you to still fix this. You can replace the battery in case it starts to cause inconveniences to your car's functionality. 

To successfully do this, you are going to only need the right battery and a flathead screwdriver. For the best, Key Fob Rob shows the right procedures on how to do this. 

In Closing 

Now that you know the inclusions of the Mazda 3 remote start, along with the instructions of how to use it plus additional technological features, you can now control your vehicle with ease and splendor to however it may favor you with convenience, functionality, and performance. 

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