Does My Truck Have A Tow Package [Here’s How To Tell]

Have you ever wondered if your truck is equipped with a tow package? If you would like to find out, then this article is for you. We researched the internet and asked the experts how to tell if your truck has a tow package, and this is what we found out. 

Depending on the manufacturer, model, and trim, most trucks have a tow package. A truck's trailer wiring and hitch are typically part of a tow package for a truck; you might quite easily presume you have the tow package if you have those two items. Knowing the exact model of the truck can tell you if you have a tow package, and it is usually indicated in the owner's manual.

If you are interested to learn more about tow packages, continue reading as we dive into the details of this topic. We will also be suggesting some informational posts at the end, so keep reading!

Does My Truck Have A Tow Package [Here's How To Tell]

Does My Truck Have A Tow Package?

Travel Trailer Pulled by Modern Pickup Truck on a Scenic Utah Route.

Most trucks already have a tow hitch as standard equipment. An example of this is the standard tow package in Ford F-150s. It is expected that you will use your heavy-duty truck for at least some towing when you purchase one.

However, if your towing requirements go beyond the fundamental Class 3 limits, higher towing packages will be an available option depending on the manufacturer.

How To Check If Your Truck Has A Tow Package

To check if your truck has a tow package, look under the back bumper and at the back. If your vehicle has a tow package, you will notice a framework of robust, frequently square steel bracing that extends from the hitch and is fastened to the rear frame.

If you only observe a trailer ball attached to the bumper instead of something similar, there is no tow package.

Another way to tell is by searching for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and looking it up online to see if that specific trim has a tow package. Ford does this with their ETIS website

What Is A Tow Package?

A tow package should consist of everything you'll need to consistently and safely do towing. If your truck has a tow package, hardware such as a tow hitch, towing mirrors, and receiving hitch are only some of the most common that you will notice. 

What Does A Tow Package Look Like?

Depending on the tow vehicle you now own (or intend to purchase) and the kind of weight you intend to tow, you will require a specific sort of tow package.

Even if all you need is a receiver hitch set and a few other items, you can get by with a basic towing package for the smallest weights, such as when you want to use your truck to haul or pull a jet ski behind a lightweight trailer or bike rack.

A more complete aftermarket system, the kind with the huge receivers and weight-distribution features, might come into play once you begin towing heavy loads. A truck that is designed expressly for towing heavy loads is provided by a factory tow kit, on the other hand.

When it comes to tow package vehicles, the automakers have thoroughly examined each part to ensure that it is more than sufficient for the added load that a trailer imposes on it.

Every part, including the cooling system, engine, frame, transmission, and suspension, will be capable of heavy-duty towing for many years to come if you have a factory tow package.

Does Ford Have A Tow Package? 

Modern Pickup Truck Shallow Depth of Field Photo.

The fundamental Ford Trailer Tow Package includes a typical 4/7-pin wiring harness to link your trailer as well as a Class IV trailer hitch. To enhance your experience trailering, the kit also includes a number of less noticeable capabilities.

For instance, the Trailer Tow Package adds an engine oil cooler to every engine other than the base 3.3-liter V6 in order to prevent the vehicle from overheating when towing higher loads. A larger front stabilizer bar and, on some models, an auxiliary transmission oil cooler are other mechanical improvements.

The kit also includes a tailgate LED, which makes it considerably simpler to attach a trailer at night. An F-150 with the Trailer Tow Package is already a very capable vehicle and could be used extensively even without aftermarket additions.

Therefore, if you are looking for an F-150 for sale with the idea of later adding towing capacity, getting one with a factory tow kit will provide savings for upgrades. The Heavy Duty Tow Package is a standard feature on the Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum editions of the Ford Expedition, depending on the model.

Used Ford F-150 display at a dealership.


The following characteristics of this package, which will help you more easily recognize the HD Tow Package, are: 3.73 electronic limited-slip differentials included.

With the Heavy Duty Tow Package, more recent Ford Expedition models (2017 and after) come with both a 4-pin and 7-pin connector.

HD Trailer Tow package cannot be used without a 7-pin connector that comes with Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which is class exclusive, consisting of an integrated trailer brake control and a four-wheel drive with a two-speed automatic and neutral towing capability. 

Does Chevy Have A Tow Package? 

Chevrolet trucks have a reputation for enduring quality and tested performance, which has helped them win recognition from leading industry reviewers.

The Chevrolet truck lineup offers a wide range of options to satisfy your demands if you're looking for a pickup truck that can haul your largest toys or freight along on your next adventure. Chevrolet trucks are equipped to handle any obstacle, whether utilized for business or leisure.

For those looking for a vehicle with proven hauling capability, the Chevrolet Colorado and Chevrolet Silverado are fantastic options. Each truck has an optional tow package, which increases capabilities and driver confidence.

Chevy Tow Package Components

  • The tow hook
  • The link to electricity
  • The improved suspension and brakes
  • Adapted or modified transmission upgraded cooling drivetrain

Does GMC Have A Towing Package?

GMC Sierra at the New York International Auto Show 2019, at the Jacob Javits Center.

The GMC Sierra family of pickup trucks offers a variety of possible cab sizes and bed lengths in addition to offering the tough features you need for your job sites. The GMC Max Trailering package is a readily available option across its models.

What is the towing capacity of the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500? Depending on your model and configuration, you can anticipate a towing capability of 13,000 to 36,000 pounds.

Features And Components

The GMC Sierra's towing capacity is increased by a number of optional accessories created to make towing simpler and safer. The Max Trailering Package includes heavier-duty rear springs, a radiator cooler, a 220-amp alternator, an automatic locking rear differential, and a trailer brake controller.

Two side view mirror cameras and an optional trailer-mounted camera in the trailering camera package make it easy to reverse and change lanes while towing a trailer.

The first of its kind in the industry, the automated electronic parking brake is applied when the truck is in park, increasing safety. With the integrated trailer brake controller, you can activate and keep an eye on your trailer brakes using the practical control buttons on the center console.

Does Ram Have A Tow Package?

Dodge RAM 1500 on the road leading through the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote

Ram offers a truck that can handle whatever load you need to transport. Several options are available to drivers, making it simple to locate a truck with the ideal power level.

Ram has a selection of vehicles, trim levels, and powertrain options that are ideal for towing anything from ATVs to larger boats. You have a lot of options with the Ram 1500, so you can select a towing package that suits your requirements. It is available in eight trims and more than 30 distinct configurations.

Superior engineering and a high-strength steel frame are the foundation of Ram's renowned towing package. Additional cameras and sensors were also added as features to help you maintain control over your load. For instance, the length of the trailer is considered in the blind-spot alert.

They included an automatic load leveling Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension. This lessens sway and facilitates cornering. The technologies that Ram engineers have incorporated to help make hooking up and driving with a load more manageable are merely a sample of what they have done.

Excellent payload and hauling capacities may be found in Ram 1500 vehicles. Additionally, they have the technology to keep you safe while you go from one location to another. 

Final Thoughts

A truck tows a boat down a scenic road, Does My Truck Have A Tow Package [Here's How To Tell]

If you have a pickup truck, chances are it has a tow package. This is because towing is one of a truck's main uses; the type of trailer package with the truck will depend on the kind of trim you have depending on the car manufacturer.

The top pickup truck manufacturers in the country (Ford, GM, and Ram) all offer tow packages for their lineups. 

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