Does Nissan Kicks Have Apple Carplay And Android Auto?

The Nissan Kicks features style, design, and comfort for its passengers. It is roomy for your cargo and the passengers. This model also boasts of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The Nissan Kicks belongs to the subcompact crossover SUV class. Wondering if you can connect to Apple Carplay in your Kicks model using Android Auto? We consulted car enthusiasts and car dealers about the features of Nissan Kicks.

You can enjoy the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features on Nissan Kicks 2020 and newer models (2018 and newer models feature only Android Auto). This smart technology in the car lets you access your phone's features just by using your voice. So you can instead concentrate on driving.

If you are into technology, you will surely enjoy driving this vehicle. Keep on reading this post to know how you can connect your phone with your car. 

Brand new motor car Nissan Kicks in the city street - Does Nissan Kicks Have Apple Carplay And Android Auto?

Getting to Know the Nissan Kicks

Nissan vehicles are known to be durable and stylish. For its SUV line, the Nissan Kicks packs a good value. This vehicle can comfortably seat five people, with plenty of room for cargo. It has one of the best fuel economy features, as compared with other brands.

Brand new motor car Nissan Kicks in the city street


But what makes the Nissan Kicks model stand out among the others is the technology inside every vehicle. It has the Nissan Connect Infotainment System. Depending on the compatibility, the vehicle has Apple CarPlay Integration and Android Auto.

This connectivity will not only provide entertainment during the drive but will also help in navigation or doing other tasks through Google or Siri. Some Nissan Kicks have port connectivity. Newer models offer remote services, wireless connectivity, and a stereo system.

You can use apps on your phones, such as Spotify or Twitter. You will consume data from your phone plan when you access these apps.

How to set up Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard.

The Apple CarPlay helps you connect your car to your iPhone feature. Being able to use iPhone on their cars is a popular reason why consumers go for Nissan Kicks.

Follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to the USB port in the car. This is the charging cord you can find inside the vehicle.
  • Wait for the display message asking you to connect to use Apple CarPlay. Choose the "YES" option.

You can now use this app in the same way that you use your mobile phone. Just touch the icon to start using the function.

If you want to connect to Siri, you can touch the "Home" icon on the Apple CarPlay display. Alternatively, you can use the steering wheel to activate Siri. Press and hold the talk button on the steering wheel to start using Siri.

When you are done using the Apple CarPlay, you can also access other vehicle functions in your car. You can also configure the settings so that you don't automatically connect to CarPlay.

Check out some USB cables on Amazon.

How to set up Android Auto?

Android users can also connect their phones to the car. To begin, download the Auto Android app from Google Play Store. Here are the next steps:

  • Once the app is in place, you can connect your android phone to the car using the USB port. You can find this port under the central control panel.
  • Wait for the start-up information screen on the control panel of your Nissan car. Choose "YES" in the option to connect.
  • When you have connected, you can use the functions of your phone by touching the icon.

You can use Google Voice Assistant once the system is in place. To do so, begin by saying "Hey Google! Help," out loud.

If you want to exit the Android Auto function, you can touch the "Return to NISSAN" button. In case you don't want to automatically connect to Android Auto, you can configure it in the settings.

How to Troubleshoot Apple CarPlay

It is possible to experience technical difficulties with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions. Here are some tips to fix your problem with Apple CarPlay:

  • Check whether the country or region supports CarPlay
  • Use the latest version of iOS
  • For wired connection, try using a different cable to the USB port
  • For a wireless connection, enable both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • In case CarPlay does not activate automatically, you can check for the CarPlay logo on the car's display
  • Restart both the iPhone and the car
  • Turn on Siri
  • If CarPlay does not detect iPhone, check if it isn't restricted. To enable CarPlay, go to "SETTINGS, SCREEN TIME," then "CONTENT & PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS," then "ALLOWED APPS."
  • Try to set up CarPlay again. Go to "SETTINGS, GENERAL, CARPLAY," tap the car model. Then tap "FORGET THIS CAR." Go through the process of setting up CarPlay again.

Make sure to use the latest firmware for your car stereo. Refer to the car's manual to get more information about firmware. In case CarPlay still does not work, you can call Apple Support

Troubleshooting Android Auto

On the other hand, you may experience trouble with your Android Auto. Here are the steps to fix the problem:

  • Android Auto is disabled in the settings of your car.
  • Make sure that you installed and have the necessary permissions on your phones.
  • Use a different USB cable in case the current one you are using is defective. Make sure to use an original brand.
  • Make sure that the USB port you are using supports Android Auto.
  • Check the software if there is a glitch in the system. Reset the Kicks Infotainment system to factory settings. You can also try to delete the data and cache of the Android Auto in your phone. Go to "SETTINGS, APPS, ANDROID AUTO," then "STORAGE."
  • Make sure that the Kicks model you have is comparable with Android Auto. Only the 2018 models and newer ones can use this system.

In case Android Auto still does not work, bring your car to an authorized Nissan dealer.

Which models have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

 A 2020 Nissan Kicks compact suv at a dealership.

The Nissan Kicks 2020 models and newer releases come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features. You just need to pair your iPhone or Android device with the car's system. Once set, you are ready to use it when you use your car.

Reviews About CarPlay and Android Auto

Those who have used Apple CarPlay or Android Auto find it helpful, whether they are driving or making plans. Some users recommend using Google Assistant or Siri to take notes as they drive. You can also finalize your calendar and schedule inside your car.

What are the other features of Nissan Connect?

Nissan vehicles that were manufactured in 2020 are equipped with a 3-year trial subscription of Nissan Connect. Aside from Kicks, the Rogue and Pilot models have access to Nissan Connect. The features can vary depending on the car model.

Emergency Response Specialist

More than entertainment, Nissan Connect can make your driving easier by giving you security and convenience. In case of an accident or collision, you can be connected to a Response Specialist who will direct you to emergency services. You will also be reminded of the scheduled maintenance of your car.

Navigation System 

A Samsung S6 smartphone being used in a car, running Google's Maps navigation software for driving directions.

Enjoy Nissan Navigation through the built-in GPS guide. You can find routes to avoid traffic and get to your destination faster. And if you run out of gas, let the SiriusXM system help you find the nearest gas station with the lowest price.

How much does the Nissan Connect subscription cost?

The Nissan Connect system comes free for select Nissan vehicles for two years. In the succeeding years, the user will pay a subscription fee. The latest information about the price for this service is about $11.99 to $24.99 per month. You can ask your dealer about the price update, if applicable.

The package tiers are Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. Each tier comes with more services that are not available anywhere else.

What is the resale value of Nissan Kicks?

In another user review, the Nissan Kicks model is expected to have a resale value of 49% to 51% after five years. Expect the price to go down from $9,000 to $10,000.

How long will the Nissan Kicks last?

Blue Nissan Kicks car moving on the street.

When you purchase a Nissan Kicks model, you will want it to last for a long time. It is possible as long as you are following the maintenance schedule. If you take good care of your vehicle, you can expect it to reach up to 200,000 miles or higher.

The long road ahead

Nowadays, driving is more tolerable with the use of technology. Your Nissan Kicks SUV has the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that you can use as you drive. Once you set up the system, you can access your phone's features in the car. You can have music and traffic navigation to use. All these can be navigated using voice commands.

The system is fairly easy to use. But you can check with your manufacturer to see whether your device is compatible with the system available in the vehicle.

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