Does Nissan Kicks Have Heated Seats?

If you are looking for an SUV that can take you places in style and comfort, then the Nissan Kicks is probably on your list of options. Whether a daily commuter or weekly adventurer, you might like to know if the Kicks has heated seats to keep you comfy along the ride. We had the same question, so we've looked more closely at Nissan's subcompact SUV to get an answer for you.

The Nissan Kicks features many different comforts for its passengers, including heated front seats. It also includes other reliable features like manually adjustable driver's seats and passenger seats, making it very comfortable to all its users.

Now that we've tackled one of the Nissan Kicks' comfort features, you might be wondering what else this SUV has in store. Fortunately, we've looked into some of the most pressing questions about the Nissan Kicks so do keep on reading to learn more.

An orange colored Nissan Kicks at a car show, Does Nissan Kicks Have Heated Seats?

Does Nissan Kicks Have Heated Seats?

The new Nissan Kicks is known to be one of Nissan's stylish subcompact SUVs in their lineup. With a bold front end and some impressively stylish trim, the Nissan Kicks is known to be a great performer for city driving. It is also great for the adventurer, as the Nissan Kicks also does well for longer trips.

With great performance behind it, a lot of users have been asking if the Nissan Kicks comes with comfort features. True to what Nissan offers for many of its vehicles, the Nissan Kicks also comes with comfort features that give the driver and the passengers ultimate enjoyment and convenience during the ride.

A yellow colored Nissan Kicks displayed at a car show

One of the most raved about comfort features of the Nissan Kicks is the heated front seats. This makes traveling very comfortable and warm especially for cold rides during the winter. It is also a nice feature to have, especially for users who live in the colder parts of the country, as the heated seats take away the shivering you'll have while waiting for the car to heat up.

Another feature that the Nissan Kicks offers when it comes to seating is its spacious five-seater capacity, with all-synthetic leather upholstery that makes it very low maintenance for owners. It also has a six-way manually adjustable driver's seat for ultimate comfort and a four-way manually adjustable seat for passengers to find the right orientation for them.

Does Nissan Kicks Have A Heated Steering Wheel?

Aside from the standard features that the Nissan Kicks offers, this SUV also boasts more interior comforts. The heated front seats are great for long travels during the colder seasons, but so is the heated steering wheel. This is a great feature that benefits drivers who suffer cold hands.

This heated steering wheel is a great addition, especially for owners who live in the colder parts of the country. You don't have to worry about your fingers getting cold on winter mornings. The Nissan Kicks steering wheel is also leather-wrapped, making it comfortable to handle, easy to clean, and stylish to look at.

The Nissan Kicks also includes heated outside mirrors, making it easier for drivers to keep a clear view. Gone are the days when you have to open windows to keep the frost out as this SUV makes it a lot safer for drivers to concentrate on the road during inclement weather.

What Are Nissan Kicks Safety Features?

One of the things that the Nissan Kicks features is its host of safety technology, perfected by the Nissan Intelligent Mobility philosophy that the company follows. This SUV comes with many intelligent features that are quite useful for many users.

The Nissan Kicks comes with a Nissan Safety Shield 360 that helps aid drivers to monitor the vehicle on all sides to prevent accidents. It has an emergency braking feature, blind spot warning, and other alert modes that are meant to keep the driver and passengers safe during travel.

This vehicle also comes with driver assist technology such as intelligent cruise control and intelligent driver alertness modes to help keep drivers at their peak performance. This technology is one of the most sought-after features that Nissan offers and has included in their Nissan Kicks SUVs across all their models.

Is The Nissan Kicks Worth Buying?

For many users, upgrading from a sedan to a subcompact SUV is a big move. This vehicle may have small dimensions for an SUV, but it is relatively an expansive change, especially for those accustomed to driving sedans.

The Nissan Kicks is also fairly affordable for a subcompact SUV, making it a great choice for those who are just looking for a bigger vehicle within a workable price range. It is also primarily built for city driving, so it makes it quite welcoming for users who are urban dwellers but want to get off the beaten path on weekends.

Overall, the Nissan Kicks is a great starter vehicle for young couples or recent graduates as it covers the affordability and functionality that they need.

What Are The Problems Of The Nissan Kicks?

An orange colored Nissan Kicks at a Nissan Car show

While the Nissan Kicks offers great functionality for a subcompact SUV, it also has a few problems that have cropped up over the years. Some top complaints of Nissan Kicks' owners can help you decide if this SUV is right for you.

One of the problems commonly experienced by the Nissan Kicks involves its engine. Some engine concerns include engine stalling that may cause some safety issues. Previous models of the SUV also had a few issues with engine calibration, and it is worth looking into to see if they have addressed this with the new Nissan Kicks.

Some Nissan Kicks also had transmission problems arise during use. These problems appear as shifting delays, grinding during acceleration, shaking while driving, or whistling problems. While most of these are due to poor maintenance, these issues are still worth checking out before purchasing.

Overall, the Nissan Kicks may have a few hiccups here and there but generally, this vehicle is a great one to start with, especially for those who are looking into smaller SUVs. It is very fuel-efficient, and it is spacious enough for your passengers, although it could probably do well to add more space for more cargo.

What Nissan Vehicle Is Bigger Than Kicks?

Compact SUV Nissan Kicks e-power parked outside a landmark building

If you find that the Nissan Kicks might be a little too small and cramped for you and your passengers, then it may be good to consider its bigger counterpart. Another Nissan subcompact SUV favorite is the Nissan Rogue Sport—a bigger yet equally stylish SUV that you might want to check out.

The Nissan Rogue Sport is another subcompact SUV that offers a more spacious interior with the same city driving ease as the Nissan Kicks. It offers more cargo space, perfect for shopping sprees or maybe a surprise picnic out in the park.

Some users do prefer the Nissan Rogue Sport as an alternative to the Nissan Kicks because of it's size and it offers a more comfortable seating option for its passengers, especially those who are seated in the back.

Final Thoughts

An orange colored Nissan Kicks at a car show

The Nissan Kicks is one of the choice options out there for subcompact SUVs. This vehicle is great because it comes with numerous features, and some cater to passengers' comfort. 

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