Does Ram 1500 Have Adaptive Cruise Control? [By Year And Model]

Ram did it again with a best-in-class truck in the market, the Ram 1500. The new 2021 Ram 1500 has several standard safety features that have consumers buzzing. However, does that include advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control? We have researched the question in detail and have provided it below.

The 2021 Ram 1500 does have adaptive cruise control! The nice thing about it is that it is available in all trim packages. However, to get the adaptive cruise control in the Limited trim package, consumers will need to upgrade to the equipment group package for an extra $2,995.

Is adaptive cruise control worth it? How does it work? In this article, we will cover these questions. In addition, we will discuss other features the Ram 1500 has to offer for the 2021 calendar year. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Dodge RAM 1500 on display during the North American International Auto Show, Does Ram 1500 Have Adaptive Cruise Control? [By Year And Model]

Ram 1500's Adaptive Cruise Control

The Ram 1500 has a smooth car-like ride while still having enough power to get heavy jobs done. It isn't all workhorse, though, because the Ram 1500 also offers several features that you would expect in a luxury car.

The adaptive cruise control is a handy feature. It is great for the daily highway commuter or the commercial trailer hauler. The feature will help you slow down without you having to touch the brake peddle. This comes in handy when there are unexpected immediate stops when going at high speeds.

The Ram 1500 feels high-quality in base trims, and range-topping models are even more luxurious. In addition, the available technology features like the 12" infotainment screen impress both inside and outside of the truck with its useability.

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How Does The Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

The adaptive cruise control uses radar technology to pick up cars in front of your truck. It uses sensors to track the speed they're moving and then adjusts itself accordingly.

The idea of the feature is to provide a safer driving experience on the highways. So, if bad weather or road conditions impact your driving experiences, this feature will help you maintain control and comfort when you're behind the wheel.

You can activate your car’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) system by pressing a button on the steering wheel. When activated, it automatically controls acceleration and braking to keep you at a constant speed behind another vehicle without slowing down or speeding up too quickly.

You can deactivate ACC by pressing one of two buttons above the radio: either brake again or press “accelerate/coast."

Does adaptive cruise control use brakes?

Adaptive cruise control is a feature that uses a combination of radar and camera technology to help maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. It calculates the distance needed by using how fast your car travels and road conditions like speed limits, curves, ramps, etc.

The adaptive cruise control doesn't use the brakes. Instead, it adjusts your speed based on a car's position in front of you. In addition, the system takes into account other factors like road conditions and weather to help keep you safe on the road.

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Does adaptive cruise control save gas?

Technically, yes, the adaptive cruise control helps save on gas. But, like any cruise control, it's meant to help you maintain a constant speed. It uses sensors to help you maintain a constant pace while driving.

As a result, you never have to worry about pressing the brake or accelerator again, and some systems even tell you when you're going too fast for road conditions.

Is Adaptive Cruise Control Worth It? How Much Does It Cost?

Adaptive cruise control is definitely worth the money! The feature has come a long way in recent years. It is meant to make driving safer, especially on busy highways where you may be limited with your vision because of other drivers not paying attention.

The adaptive cruise control for the 2021 Ram 1500s can be purchased as an option on all trim levels and packages. The only downside is that if you want it on the base Limited package, it can only be purchased with the equipment group package (as long as you're in for $2,995).

How many safety features does Dodge Ram 1500 have?

It's worth noting that there are more than 100 standard and available safety and security features in the RAM 1500. These include the standard - and expected - airbags and high-strength steel frame to help protect in the event of an impact and expand into the safety technologies emerging on pretty much every new vehicle currently on the market.

Let's take a closer look at the new highlighted safety features added to the Ram 1500 trims.

Forward Collision Warning

If you're approaching a hazard too quickly, the Forward Collision Warning system will automatically sense it and activate both audio and visual warnings. If you don't respond at first, then "stab" your brakes to get your attention even more; if that doesn't work either, then apply full braking force to avoid an accident.

360-Degree Surround View

The available 360-degree Surround View allows you to see your RAM 1500 as if you were above it. As a result, you can easily park and prepare for loading and unloading on the UConnect screen.

Parallel Park Assist and Perpendicular Park Assist complement this feature so that parking is like a pro. There's also the option of Front or Rear Park Assist with Park Sense Technology depending upon where there are obstacles around your vehicle--in front or behind!

Blind-Spot Monitoring

With the Blind-Spot Monitoring system, you'll be able to detect vehicles in your blind spot and receive notifications of when a vehicle is activating its turn signal.

In addition, the Trailer Detection feature calculates how long your trailer is so that it doesn't interfere with this safety function. When you're busy driving behind an extra-large load, there are many things to worry about; thanks, GMC, for including this awesome technology!

Adaptive Cruise Control

Your truck's Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go is a great system that can keep pace with the vehicle ahead. It will apply throttle or brake as needed to maintain your pre-selected distance, even when traffic comes to a full stop. This awesome feature will not perform panic stops at high speeds, though!

Do Ram trucks have a 360 camera?

Yes, the new Ram 1500 has a 360-degree camera! The RAM 360-degree surround-view camera is a marvel for how it helps drivers navigate their trucks around obstacles.

The system gives the driver an all-encompassing, bird's eye view of what’s going on outside so they can effortlessly maneuver without any blind spots or surprises. How does this work? We examine some details about its design and function below to provide answers!

The backup camera system uses four cameras to provide a full view of the truck's surroundings. However, instead of just showing you the raw camera feeds, which could be confusing, it processes them together into one continuous feed that shows all three views to each other as though they were coming from 20 feet above your front grille. Pretty cool, huh?

How does Dodge lane keep assist (LaneSense) work on Ram 1500?

The lane departure system in the RAM truck prevents it from drifting by detecting its position with a camera and maintaining that position using electronic power steering.

The system even gets more sophisticated if you use electronic power steering, which corrects your travel direction when needed to keep you driving within the line of road markings.

Lane departure assistance is a safety feature that can be activated by pressing one button. The function operates well on major highways and other roads with the same speed limit, but not in city streets or lower-speed zones. To activate it, press the button once, and to deactivate, press the button again.

The safety features on your vehicle's RAM will automatically save whether you turned the system off or activated it last time. So if you turn this feature off, make sure to activate it again before driving next time manually.

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Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a new truck and need one that has all the latest safety technology, then take a moment to consider the RAM 1500.

It was made specifically with this in mind as it includes features like 360-degree Surround View, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Goes, Front Park, Assist with Park Sense technology, and more. So no matter where you are going or what you will be doing, your RAM truck can get you there intact.

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Do you have adaptive cruise control on your vehicle? Tell us about it below!

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