Does Tesla Model 3 Have AC Seats?

The Tesla Model 3 is growing in popularity, largely due to its lower cost. As the years have ticked away, Tesla has begun introducing several features to the Model 3 that were formerly only available in their upper-end model vehicles. If you wonder if the Model 3 has air-conditioned seating, we can answer that question. We researched the Model 3 from multiple professional sources, so you'll know what features to expect.

Currently, the Tesla Model 3 does not come with air-conditioned seating. But Tesla has made some subtle indications that this sought-after feature will be available for this vehicle sooner than later.

Now that we know that the Model 3 does not currently have ventilated seats, we'll discuss in detail what we know about the pending arrival of this feature. You might also be curious if the Model S has cooled seats or if Tesla seats come with a massage feature. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Brand new 2022 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor in red color with white and black interior. Modern electric vehicle, Does Tesla Model 3 Have Ac Seats?

What we know about ventilated seats coming to the Model 3

The air-conditioned seating has been available in other Tesla models for several years. Over time, Tesla has added premium features to the Model 3, including a heated steering wheel and heated rear seating. When the owner's manual for the 2022 model year Tesla Model 3 was recently updated online, it strongly hinted that this vehicle would soon be equipped with air-conditioned seats.

When Tesla updated the online version of the Model 3 and Model Y owner's manual in January 2022, it shared an important piece of information. If you look under the climate control section of the owner's manual, you'll see instructions on how to work the heated seat feature and the air-conditioned seat function.

To date, no Model 3 or Model Y Tesla cars have been delivered with air-conditioned seats. But if the updated owner's manual is any indication, it won't be long until you find this great creature comfortable aboard these two Tesla vehicles.

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How are the air-conditioned seats on a Tesla different than the ventilated seats on other vehicles?

The heated seats in vehicles work in the same general fashion. Coils are heated when the heated seat function is activated and cooled when deactivated. These coils work off the energy provided by the vehicle's electrical system. So, whether you are driving a gasoline-powered car or an all-electric one, they get their juice the same way.

Cooling seats can be done in several different ways. The most common method is to have ventilated seats. But true air-conditioned seats are gaining popularity among automakers. How are these two different, and which one does Tesla use on its premium model cars?

Ventilated seats

The vehicles equipped with ventilated seats have a fan inside them that helps to circulate air continuously. The air escapes the seat through tiny perforations in the upholstery [leather or faux leather, ordinarily]. It's a function that exists with heated seats. 

The series of fans and blowers work to push this air out onto your body, drying any moisture from sweat that might otherwise accumulate. This air is not chilled, however. There isn't any compressor or refrigerant used to cool it in any way.

Currently, Tesla vehicles equipped with cooled seats utilize ventilation technology. 

Air-conditioned seats

Air-conditioned seats are much more effective at cooling the body than ventilated ones. This technology uses a compressor and commercial refrigerant to cool the air blown out through the seats and onto your body. 

Sophisticated air-conditioned seats will have a climate control feature. This enables you to set the temperature of the air that is being blown.

Tesla recently renewed a patent for its air-conditioned seats. This is an update on a patent that they filed in 2019. There is no current information about when this feature might be available in any Tesla model vehicle.

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Does the Tesla Model S have cooled seats?

The Tesla Model S is now being manufactured with ventilated seats. Like the Model X, you can ride in luxurious comfort in the S, knowing that the vehicle is one of the leaders in a true climate-controlled cabin.

The Model S also has heated seats for both the front and rear passengers. This is a particularly great perk on cold days, as you'll be able to warm your bodies much faster.

The climate control system for the Model S includes Cabin Overheat Protection. This makes automatic adjustments to the vehicle's interior temperature so that the electronics do not suffer any damage from the sun's rays. Additionally, there is "Dog Mode," which, when activated, keeps the cabin at a cool temperature for any pets left inside.

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Do any Tesla cars have a massage feature?

A massage feature makes drives after a stressful day a bit easier. And if you're on a long road trip or stuck in traffic, a mini massage might be just what the doctor ordered to keep you a little more relaxed. While Tesla doesn't include this feature in any of their models, an affordable mod is available to make this possible.

There is an existing air bladder in the front seats of your Tesla that is part of its lumbar support system. By purchasing the seat massage mod, you can use this bladder to convert ordinary seats to ones that massage.

You will have to purchase the mod separately. Additionally, you will need to pay an activation fee which could cost up to $200. 

To view the Tesla seat massage mod on Amazon, click here.

What happens if I run out of electricity in a Tesla?

Have you ever run your vehicle out of gas? This inconvenience has happened to many of us at one time or another. And when it happens, you have to call AAA or a good friend to bring you gas for your tank. Unless you have a gas can and feel like walking to and from a gas station on your own.

When a Tesla runs out of power, it's like running a gasoline-powered engine out of fuel. The Tesla will need to get more juice before it moves again. The difference here is that no one can bring the electricity you need to you. You will have to get your Tesla towed to the nearest charging station.

A Tesla will give you plenty of warning before you run too low on battery power. And when you do run out, it will slow down to 15 miles per hour. You'll be able to travel at this rate of speed for another 10 to 15 miles before the Tesla will put itself into Park Mode and shut off. This will hopefully give you enough time to find a safe place to park it while you wait for help to arrive.

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Final thoughts

Brand new 2022 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor in red color with white and black interior. Modern electric vehicle

The Tesla Model 3 is loaded with great features that will be the envy of many other drivers. Though this vehicle does not currently have ventilated seats, the recent update to the Model 3 owner's manual indicates that it won't be long before these vehicles will begin being delivered with this great piece of added comfort. Eventually, Tesla hopes to have true air-conditioned seats in select model vehicles, though there has not been an official release date. Drive safe!

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