Does Tesla Model 3 Need Winter Tires?

If you drive in a region with snow and ice, you are probably familiar with snow tires. But does the Tesla Model 3 need this type of tire in the winter? We researched this model vehicle and its tires from multiple professional sources so that you'll know what it will take to drive it this winter.

The Tesla Model 3 can be outfitted with winter tires. Depending on the conditions you will be driving this vehicle in, you might consider having winter tires installed.

Now that we know that the Tesla Model 3 has winter tires available, we'll look at the advantages of having winter tires on this vehicle. You might also wonder how long Tesla tires will last or how to best drive the Tesla in the winter. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A white Tesla Model 3 photographed at a parking lot, Does Tesla Model 3 Need Winter Tires?

Why put winter tires on your Tesla Model 3?

Winter tires are specially engineered to give you a better grip on the roadway. Putting a set of winter tires on your Model 3 will provide you with much more control in snow and ice. The more control you have, the safer you will be.

Tesla has winter tire and wheel packages from the online Tesla shop and service centers. If winter is approaching, schedule a time for these to be installed before the snow falls.

Additionally, Tesla's tires can be outfitted with snow chains. In some regions, these are required by law during the snowiest months. 

How long will Tesla tires last?

Black Tesla Model 3 at the highway

The tires Tesla specifically recommends you use on their vehicles have a lifespan that is far less than others on the market. While the average car tire will last between 50,000 and 60,000 miles, you can expect the tires on a Tesla to get about 30,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

If you drive 10,000 miles per year, this means that you will need to replace your Tesla tires every three years. Of course, this would mean that you are treating the tires properly, too. Driving on deflated tires, not getting your tires routinely rotated, and getting damage from road hazards can significantly diminish the life of any tire.

In this post, we'll discuss why the tires on Tesla vehicles don't last as long as they do on other vehicles. For now, know that this is typical for all-electric cars.

How should you drive a Tesla in the winter?

A big thread winter car tire moving on snow

Whether you are driving an electric vehicle or one that operates on gasoline, these machines need to work harder to run in cold temperatures. While you can do very little to control influencing factors when an internal combustion engine is under the hood, you have some options when driving a Tesla.

Limit the weight on board

The less weight you carry, the less energy the Tesla will have to expend. Limit your excess weight by removing all non-essential items.

This will reduce the amount of electricity you need to use. It will help your battery charge last longer.

Outfit the Tesla with snow tires

Brand new tires on a white background

Earlier in this post, we outlined the importance of snow tires. For best winter traveling results, have these tires installed.

Preheat the car before you leave

Warm the Tesla up before you go. The Scheduled Departure feature can be employed here. It will warm your Model 3 for you. It will also ensure that your windows are defrosted and free from obstructions. 

Keep it charged

The battery will not charge as quickly in the cold weather. It's recommended to keep your Tesla charged overnight, so it is ready to go when needed. 

You should also keep the charger port clear of ice and snow. Make sure it does not get frozen over, as this can take time to clear when you finally need to plug in.

Check the sensors

The Tesla Model 3 has a series of eight cameras and a dozen sensors that feed information to the AI on board. If any of these sensors are obstructed, the Tesla will not be able to self-park or activate its Autopilot Assist or Adaptive Cruise Control.

If you have received snow and ice, take the time to inspect each external camera and sensor carefully. After your drive, inspect them again to ensure there isn't any road slush accumulating near these vital components.

What happens if I get a flat tire in a Tesla?

If you weren't already aware, a Tesla vehicle does not come with a spare tire. Spares take up a good deal of valuable room, and many automakers have even done away with equipping their vehicles with donuts. Instead of a spare, Tesla offers a flat tire repair kit. 

This kit will inflate a damaged tire, giving your tire enough range to get back on the road and find a place to replace it with a new tire. These kits can be costly and, as of 2021, are unavailable for all Tesla models.

The good news is that Tesla has 24/7 roadside assistance during the warranty period for those who are unlucky enough to get a flat. This service can be dispatched quickly, helping to repair or replace your tire so you can get back on the road in no time. This may include getting you a loaner wheel and tire until you can get one.

A flat tire

Why don't Tesla tires last as long?

Telsa tires last about as long as a typical all-electric vehicle tire will allow. Several reasons these types of vehicles go through tires faster than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

An electric car is heavier than a typical car with a gasoline engine. This extra weight will put more wear on the tires. But perhaps the most substantial factor is how the vehicles are controlled.

Using torque and regenerative braking for an all-electric vehicle is hard on the tires. Even with tires specially designed to handle this torque, they will still experience a great deal of wear.

Keep them inflated to the proper psi and rotate them regularly to get the most life out of your Tesla tires!

Are there special tires for a Tesla?

Michelin sign of a Michelin factory

While you can put any brand of tire on your Tesla, it is not recommended to do so. These vehicles are all-electric, meaning they will benefit from having tires just for them. 

The amount and torque a Tesla puts on the tires, combined with the car's weight, will wear a standard tire out very quickly. Tesla has a specific type of tire meant for its vehicles. Michelin manufactures it.

Using the tires made for Tesla vehicles will ensure a greater life span of the tires. Though the tires might cost a bit more, you will save time and money by not replacing them as much.

Final thoughts

A white Tesla Model 3 photographed at a parking lot

Driving a Tesla in the winter will be safer and easier if you have winter tires installed on the vehicle. Tesla tires will not last near as long as the tires on gasoline-powered cars, as the all-electric Tesla is heavier and uses more torque on the tires. It's best to use the Michelin-made tires manufactured specifically for a Tesla, as they will last longer on the road. Drive safe!

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