Does The Lexus NX Have Heated Seats?

Having heated seats is a great feature to have if you ever have to start your car up after it's been out in the cold. If you are considering a Lexus NX and wonder if it has this technology, we can help. We researched this vehicle from multiple professional sources so that you will know for sure what it is equipped with.

The Lexus NX has heated seats available as a standard feature for most trim levels.

Now that we know that certain trim levels have heated seats, we'll take a closer look at each one. You might also be wondering if the Lexus NX has ventilated seats or if memory seats are available. Read ahead to see what our research has uncovered for the answers to these questions and more.

air conditioning button inside a car with dedicated button for seat temperature control. Does The Lexus NX Have Heated Seats

Lexus NX trim levels with heated seats

The heated seats come standard with the following trim levels of the Lexus NX. While each trim offers a luxury experience, there is a difference in the features offered in each one.

NX250 and NX250 AWD

While heated seats are available as a standard feature for this base model trim level, you'll also find that this trim level offers a lot more. Leather-trimmed steering wheels and shifter knobs complement the black trim, and an 8-way adjustable seat will ensure that you are driving in comfort.


In addition to the features the NX250 trim level enjoys, the addition of the active sound control will make your experience more enjoyable.

NX350h AWD

This trim level comes equipped with a high-performance engine and more available add-ons than lower trim levels.

NX450h AWD

More horsepower and lateral variable suspension come with the top trim level Lexus NX. Standard power rear doors, roof racks, and ventilated front seats are also automatically included.

Unfortunately, heated seats are not available for the NX350 F Sport or NX450h+ Sport trim levels. 

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Does the Lexus NX have a heated steering wheel?

Vehicles equipped with a heated steering wheel add a level of comfort to your ride on chilly days. A working system will warm cold hands quickly and keep them warm while the vehicle's heater brings the interior up to the desired temperature. 

The Lexus NX can add a heated steering wheel to the vehicle when ordered from the dealership new. This special package will include additional options as well. A windshield wiper de-icer is included in this package, along with a fast response interior heater.

The cost of this package is $250. It can be added to the Lexus NX 250, NX 250 AWD, NX 350 AWD, NX 350 F SPORT Handling AWD trim levels. 

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Can you get an aftermarket heated steering wheel?

Should you have a model Lexus that doesn't have a heated steering wheel, you can buy accessories to achieve this effect. Heated steering wheel covers are readily available. They are not hard-wired into your vehicle's computer, however. They are powered by placing an attached charger into your car's charging port.

While these heated steering wheel covers work well, they are not as well made as those built into vehicles. But they are inexpensive to purchase, ranging from $20 to $115. 

Does the Lexus NX have cooled seats?

The Lexus NX does not have cooled seats in the way that you might be imagining. Technically, cooled seats use refrigerated air. This cold air passes through holes in the seats after being brought to the proper temperature by a chiller.

This vehicle has ventilated seats. While not being able to have the air as cold as cooled seats, they will come pretty close. Ventilated seats work by circulating air and blowing it through tiny holes in the upholstery. This circulated air helps keep the driver much cooler, especially on hot days.

Getting ventilated front seats are not a standard feature. You will need to equip the Lexus NX with the Comfort, Premium, or Luxury packages. These are available across all trim levels.

modern black perforated dotted ventilated luxury car seat


What is the comfort package on a Lexus NX?

The Lexus Comfort Package will add four additional features to your vehicle. First, you'll be able to enjoy a leather-trimmed steering wheel that is heated. Above, you'll have a powered moonroof. This moon roof will not only open but can be tilted.

Heated and ventilated front seats are also a part of the Comfort Package. This will add additional levels of comfort to your drive. When the temperatures are extreme, this is a nice feature to have.

Finally, a black Geometric interior trim complements the inside of the vehicle. 

Does the Lexus NX have memory seats?

The Lexus NX has memory seats available, saving the driver a lot of time getting comfortable. This memory feature includes the driver's seat, steering wheel, and mirrors. These essential accessories are also placed into the driver's desired position with the push of a button.

To have the Lexus Memory System, you will need your Lexus NX equipped with the proper package. The Premium and Luxury packages have the Lexus Memory System as part of the included features. The Premium Package will add another $3,050 to the price tag for all trim levels, while the Luxury Package is between $6,150 and $7,450, depending upon your trim level.

A separate package is available if you have the F Sport trim level. This Luxury Package specific for this trim level will get you the Lexus Memory System and other great add-ons. 

How do you set the seat memory on a Lexus NX?

Another great feature of the Lexus NX is having powered seats with positions that can be saved for automatic recall. This will get your seat back into position immediately, saving you a bit of time and effort. It will also allow you to set your mirrors and steering wheel into positions that you prefer simultaneously.

There can be a total of three positions saved per key. You must always have the same key you have your favored seat settings set with unless you save the same positions with each key fob. To begin setting positions to memory, you'll want to be sure that there is only one key in the Lexus NX, preferably the key you will always use.

You can easily set the positions for the automatic seat, mirror, and steering wheel position recall by performing the following steps:

  • Make sure the vehicle is placed in park.
  • Turn the power switch to "on." 
  • Adjust the driver's seat, steering wheel, and outside rearview mirrors to the desired positions.
  • While pressing the "SET" button, or within 3 seconds after the "SET" button is pressed, press button "1", "2," or "3" until the buzzer sounds.
  • Know that if the selected button already has had a position programmed to it, this new setting will override the one previously programmed.
  • The next time you enter your vehicle with this key, the driver's seat, mirrors, and steering wheel will automatically adjust when the driver's belt is fastened, and the key is turned into the "on" position.
  • Keep in mind that the driver's seat and steering wheel will move into positions automatically that will allow for easy access out of the vehicle when the shifter is placed into park, the driver's seatbelt is off, and the key is turned into the off position. All three of these things must happen for the seat to move.

Man pressing the heating seat button in the car. Does The Lexus NX Have Heated Seats

In conclusion

Heated seats add a significant level of convenience for those who ride in vehicles that experience colder temperatures. Fortunately, getting a Lexus NX with this technology is possible and can be added for a reasonable cost. Lexus also boasts other comfort packages that will make any ride in this vehicle one of luxury. Drive safe!

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