Does The Lexus RX Have A 3rd Row?

Getting the most seating out of a car is super important. Do you want to look into the Lexus RX lineup but don't know whether they offer a third row of seats? Well, we've done some digging and have all of the answers here for you. Let's check it out.

Although a standard Lexus RX won't have the third row, an upgraded RXL will. Debuting in 2018, the RXL SUV was the first time Lexus included third-row seating for their RX vehicles and has since become a fan favorite. On top of that, the RXL promises to seat up to seven people, which is two more than a standard RX model.

As we begin, we will cover all things Lexus RX and discuss the different seating options for this vehicle. Whether you're new to the brand or want to find a bigger vehicle, we're here to offer you some help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A brand new Lexus RX parked near a river, Does The Lexus RX Have A 3rd Row?

When Did The Lexus RX Get A Third Row?

The RX lineup got an added third row during its 2018 model year. This was a major deal for the brand, as Lexus hadn't offered third-row seating before, so naturally, it went into one of their most popular vehicles.

Although some outlets criticized Lexus for not leaving enough space in its newest third row for adult passengers, overall, the reaction was pretty positive. Again, this is sometimes the case for crossover SUVs adding more seating, so you win some, you lose some.

A black colored Lexus RX on the highway

How Many People Can Fit Into A Lexus RX?

By design, the Lexus RX can fit up to five people. This is pretty standard in terms of SUVs but isn't enough for everyone.

Luckily, the RXL offers seating for up to seven, making it a better option if you have more people to drive around. However, according to the brand, its RXL vehicles fit six to seven people depending on how you configure them, which could mean a tight squeeze.

Does The RX 350 Have Third Row Seating?

No, a base-level Lexus RX 350 will not offer third-row seating. To get the extra two seats, you will need to upgrade to the RX 350L which includes the ever-coveted third row.

Although this isn't a significant leap in price, you can expect to pay around $3,000 more to have the bigger RX 350L trim, so that is something to think about.

Does The Lexus RX 450 Have A Third Row?

The RX 450 will also have a third row of seats. Considering that this vehicle is similar to the RX 350 in design, you should have an almost identical seating situation.

Again, that's not to say you can fit seven people comfortably depending on the configuration of your car, but at least you have the option for extra seating if needed.

How Many Rows Does A Lexus RX Have?

A white Lexus RX on the side of the street of a business area

If you choose a standard trim Lexus RX, it will have two rows of seats. That goes for any of the RX lineups, and you will only be able to have the third row if you upgrade to an RXL model.

As mentioned, this two-seater third-row addition will bring your car's total seating to seven people versus the standard RX's five.

Is The Lexus RX A Crossover?

To get specific, yes, the RX is a midsize luxury crossover SUV. Considering it isn't super large, the RX lineup has a more petite design that promises a comfortable and spacious interior cabin.

The Lexus RX is between 193-197 inches on average, falling just a few inches short of being considered a full-size SUV option. Again, this doesn't mean the RX lineup is small by any means; it just won't be as big as an Escalade or Suburban.

How Big Are The Seats In A Lexus RX?

In general, you can expect the seats in an RX to be a good size. In terms of headroom, you can expect between 39.4 inches and 39.1 inches, while legroom should be 44.1 inches for front-seat passengers and 38 inches for anyone in the back.

On top of that, the RX promises roughly 57.8 inches of shoulder room for the front seats and 57.6 inches for second- and third-row seats, so this should be enough space for people of all shapes and sizes.

Of course, that's not to say the RX lineup will have seats much bigger than other crossover SUVs, but you shouldn't feel cramped either.

Is The Lexus RX Roomy?

Overall, the Lexus RX is roomy. In an RX 350, you can expect 18.4 cubic feet of space behind the second-row seats and roughly 56.3 cubic feet with them folded down.

For an RX 350L, this number goes to 23 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats folded up and 58.5 cubic feet with them laid flat, so this is a big jump. Of course, you shouldn't need more than 18-20 cubic feet for everyday items like groceries or smaller moving boxes, but it's always nice to have extra cargo space.

What Is Lexus's Biggest SUV?

The biggest SUV that Lexus makes is the LX-570. This is the largest SUV Lexus offers, and it has three rows of seating and fits up to eight people comfortably.

That said, the lowest trim level for the LX-570 lineup will only fit five, so this isn't different than a base RX configuration. Of course, the additional eighth person this car can fit if you upgrade to the third row compared to the RXL might be enough for you to make the switch, so that's something to consider.

Is The LX-570 Better Than The RX?

When it comes to comparing the LX-570 and RX, this comes down to what you want out of your SUV. Between the two, the RX and RXL lineups tend to have a more defined, luxurious design, although the LX-570 is more expensive.

As mentioned, the LX-570 will offer the additional eighth seat versus the RXL's seven, so that can make a big difference depending on the size of your household.

Is The Lexus RX Reliable?

A light gray colored Lexus Rx450h parked on the side of the street

Yes! The Lexus RX lineup is a very reliable option. Considering it scored a 4/5 from RepairPal and ranked 3rd out of 14 for luxury midsize SUVs, this vehicle will be one that you can depend on.

The average annual repair cost for an RX is around $550, which is not bad considering it is a luxury car. On top of that, the RX350 scores well for being low maintenance, needing very few serious repairs overall.

How Long Will A Lexus RX Last?

You can expect a Lexus RX to last you 250,000-300,000 miles. Estimating you drive around 15,000 miles per year, your RX should remain operable for about 16-20 years, which is very impressive.

Of course, that's not to say every Lexus RX model will drive for such a long time, but if you take good care of one, it should be a great long-term investment.

Is The Lexus RX Expensive?

To start, the Lexus RX will be around $45,320. Considering this is a luxury lineup, this is one of the lower starting MSRPs which is why many people choose to go with Lexus.

If you want to upgrade to the three-row RXL/RX 350L, the price tag jumps to around $48,000 which is still not bad considering the extra seating and comfort features.

Is Getting The Third Row In A Lexus RX Worth It?

If you have six to seven people you plan to drive around, paying more for the RXL is worth it. Of course, this will be a few thousand dollars more, but think about the value of having those extra two seats, which is something you can't always put a price tag on.

Again, Lexus does make the LX-570 if you want something a bit bigger, but it won't have the same iconic design that the RX offers. That said, if you love the look of the RX and want up to seven people riding in your car, it's a great option.

To Wrap It Up

A brand new Lexus RX parked near a river

Whether you love Lexus vehicles or want to join the family, getting to know a car can be tricky. The Lexus RX won't come with a third row of seats unless you upgrade to the RXL trim level.

On top of that, the RXL lineup will give your car an additional two seats, bringing your total passenger capacity to seven. The Lexus RX comes standard with five seats and two rows, so this upgrade does make a difference.

Regardless of the RX you choose, make sure to find a car that works for your lifestyle, and don't be afraid to look into Lexus's LX-570 lineup if you want something a bit bigger.

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