Does A Toyota Tundra Have Heated Seats And Steering Wheel?

While heated steering wheels and seats have been available for a while now, they aren't universally available across all makes and models. Should you be considering a Toyota Tundra, you might be curious as to whether or not this popular pickup truck has these options. We researched this truck from numerous professional sources to have a definitive answer before you head to the dealership.

Currently, none of the Toyota Tundra trim levels come equipped with heated steering wheels. Heated seats are available in several trim levels of the Tundra, including the Platinum, Limited, 1794, and TRD-PRO trucks. For the trim levels with heated seats, they are heated in the front row only.

Now that we know that the Toyota Tundra has some trim levels that offer heated seats, we'll look at them closer. You might also be wondering if the Toyota Tundra has cooled seats or if a dealer could add heated seats aftermarket. What is the seating capacity of a Toyota Tundra? Does this pickup truck come with bench seating? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has discovered.

A heavily modified Toyota Tundra at a recreational park, Does A Toyota Tundra Have Heated Seats And Steering Wheel?

Climate control inside your Toyota Tundra

The heated seats in available trim levels are only part of the climate control inside of your Toyota Tundra. There's a lot more to keeping your vehicle comfortable for you and your passengers. A large part of that is the climate control system. 

A huge black Toyota Tundra trekking on the snow

The automatic, dual-zone climate control allows for the desired temperature for both the driver and the passenger. Rear vents make the ride for the back row of riders a better experience.

Does the TRD Pro Tundra have heated seats?

The off-road TRD trim level of the Toyota Tundra has two cab configurations to choose from: the Double Cab or the CrewMax. The Double Cab option is the only one of the two that has heated seats.

Does the Tundra have cooled seats?

None of the trim levels of the Toyota Tundra have cooled seats as an option. Several trim levels do, however, have ventilated seats available. What's the difference between the two?

Cooled seats

Cooled seats are a great supplement or an alternative to a vehicle's air conditioning. These work with a refrigeration system within the seats that work in conjunction with a series of internal fans. According to Motor Biscuit, "Refrigerated air comes either from a cooling element in the seat or the car's larger air-conditioning system.

A gas in a closed loop is compressed and then condensed to cool into a liquid to refrigerate the air. The liquid then goes through an expansion valve, turning back into a gas and cooling further. Air passes the cold closed loop and is also cooled."

Ventilated seats

Ventilated seats, while not using refrigeration, are still able to cool the body. This feature works by moving air in and out of the seat fabric. The air is sucked in and then blown around and out through the upholstery. Even though the air isn't cooled by refrigeration, it still cools the body that is seated.

If your Tundra doesn't have ventilated seats, some products can be bought reasonably that will cool your seats. Portable seat covers that offer this feature can be found for usually less than $100.

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Does Toyota Tundra Platinum have a heated steering wheel?

The Toyota Tundra Platinum trim level does not currently have a heated steering wheel. No trim level of the Toyota Tundra, as of 2022, has this feature.

Can a dealer add heated seats to A Toyota Tundra?

If your Tundra doesn't have heated seats as an option, you'll be relieved to know that dealerships can order and install this type of seat for your pickup truck. This is done with a kit and can cost between $400 and $600. You can do this yourself and save the labor costs, but it's recommended to have a professional install it.

As an alternative, you can get a removable seat cover that has heating elements. These cost far less and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Some, like the model below, are even equipped with a massage feature.


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What is the seating capacity in the Toyota Tundra (by trim level)

The Toyota Tundra comes with two cab configurations, the Double Cab and the CrewMax. The seating capacities for each trim level are broken down this way: 

  • Toyota Tundra, SR trim level, is only available in the Double Cab cab configuration. The seating capacity is six.
  • Toyota Tundra SR5 trim level is available in both the Double Cab and the CrewCab cab configurations. The seating capacity is six for each configuration in the SR5.
  • Toyota Tundra Limited trim level is available in both the Double Cab and the CrewCab cab configurations. The seating capacity is five for each configuration for the Limited.
  • Toyota Tundra Platinum trim level is only available in the CrewMax cab configuration. The seating capacity for this truck is five persons. 
  • Toyota Tundra 1792 trim level is only available in the CrewMax cab configuration. The seating capacity for this truck is five persons.  
  • Toyota Tundra TRD-PRO trim level is available in both the Double Cab and CrewMax cab configurations. The seating capacity is five persons for either option.

Does the Tundra come with bench seats?

The rear seats in every trim level of the Toyota Tundra are bench seats, which will seat up to three persons. The front seats may be bench seats, depending upon the trim level and selected cab configuration. 

If you have a Toyota Tundra with a five-person capacity, the front seats will all be bucket seats, not bench seats. The SR and the SR5 are the trim levels with bench seats in the front, as they have an overall rider capacity of six. The Limited, Platinum, 1792, and TRD-PRO trim levels have seating capacities of five. Therefore, they have bucket seats in the front row. 

Is the Toyota Tundra comfortable?

The Toyota Tundra's excellent suspension systems and overall design make it a pretty smooth ride. The seating is also top of the line, offering a comfortable experience for the passengers. Climate control systems and heated and ventilated seat options are significant factors in making the Toyota Tundra one of the most comfortable rides in this class of pickup truck.

Does the Toyota Tundra come with leather seats?

The Tundra will have leather seats as an option or as a standard feature for five of its six trim levels. The SR is the only trim level that does not have leather seating available. The SR5 trim level has leather seating as a package option.

The Limited, Platinum, 1792, and the TRD-PRO all have leather seating as a standard option. While the type of leather seating will vary from each trim level, all ensure a more luxurious feel and sleek look for the interior of your pickup truck.

Toyota Tundra aftermarket seats - what are your options?

As with most pickup trucks, aftermarket seats are an option with the Toyota Tundra. You can have your dealership install aftermarket seats that are heated, cooled, or ventilated, as well as aftermarket seats with massage features.

Aftermarket upholstery is also an option. Some consumers that buy used vehicles want to upgrade their upholstery to leather, which is easily done at a dealership.

How to best take care of your Tundra's seats

You'll want to routinely clean your Tundra's seats to keep them looking and smelling new. Leather seats should be wiped down often with approved leather upholstery wipes. This will keep the leather from cracking and keep it soft and comfortable. 

Cleaning up spills quickly is a great way to make sure your Toyota Tundra's seats will stay clean and blemish-free for years to come. Having damp-ready wipes on hand is a perfect solution for this problem. For cloth upholstery seats with stains, baking soda and water will work to remove them, making them look and smell fresh again.

In Closing

The Toyota Tundra has many features available, but a heated steering wheel isn't available yet. The heated and ventilated seats, combined with a great climate control system, make for a comfortable ride. As a plus, if you don't like the seats your Tundra comes equipped with, they can be changed out or modified by a dealer or an approved technician. Drive safe!

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