Does Volvo V60 Have 3rd Row?

Knowing how many passengers your prospective new car can carry and how the seats are configured are important bits of information if you are wanting a family vehicle. If you're considering a Volvo V60 and want to know if it has a third row, we can help you with the answer. We researched the Volvo V60 so that you'll know how many rows of seating this crossover has to offer.

The Volvo V60 does not have a third row. This model vehicle will seat five riders, with two seats in the front and a second row of seats that will carry three adults. Behind the second row of seating is a storage area that is suited for cargo and not passengers.

Now that we know that the Volvo V60 doesn't have a third row of seating, we'll look more carefully at the seating configuration of this vehicle. You might also be wondering if the Volvo V60 has comfortable seats, or if the seats are heated. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've uncovered with our research.

A rear seats of Volvo V60, Does Volvo V60 Have 3rd Row?

Seating Configuration in the Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 is a crossover SUV with two rows of seating and rear cargo space. In the front row of the V60, you will find two captain's chairs that are separated by a roomy console. These seats are spacious and comfortable and will be discussed in further detail ahead in this post.

The second row of seating will accommodate up to three fully grown adults. While having a bit less room to maneuver than the front-seat riders, those in the second row will still have plenty of room to get comfortable. Even with a rider in the middle seat, there is a good amount of space for everyone on board.

Instead of a third row of seats, the Volvo V60 has a cargo hold. You can access this by the rear hatch door on the back of the vehicle. This storage area is not a safe spot for riders, as there are no seats or safety restraints. 

Do Volvo V60 Seats Fold Flat?

The second row of seats in the Volvo V60 can be folded down so that you can greatly increase the cargo capacity. The seatbacks will fold forward until they are flat against the seats themselves. 

Folding the V60 seats is something that can be done quickly and with ease. On the top of each seatback is a lever that reads "unlock." This lever can be found on the edge nearest to the door.

Pull the lever forward and gently pull the seatback down. It will lay flat and open up the cargo area. To resume driving with the second row of seating, simply pull each rear seatback into their upright positions until they click back into place.

Empty trunk with rear seats folded of the passenger car

How Big is the Trunk in the Volvo V60?

Rather than a traditional trunk, the Volvo V60 has a storage area behind the second row of seats. This type of storage area is accessible via a rear hatch door. Inside the hatch is a roomy area in which you can carry a good amount of cargo on board. 

According to U.S. News and World Report, the Volvo V60 has 23.2 cubic feet of cargo area behind the second row of seats. Should you require more room, the rear seats can be folded in half. Doing so will increase the storage space to 50.9 cubic feet.

The lower loading area of this style of vehicle makes it much easier to take heavier objects in and out of the storage area. While some other models in the same class of vehicle might rival the Volvo V60 for available cargo space, consumers seem to be overall happy with the space this model has to offer.

Below is an instructional video on how to fold the seatbacks forward:


Is the Volvo V60 Roomy? 

The interior of the Volvo V60 offers the driver and passengers ample room for traveling. In the front two seats, you will have 40.1" of headroom for the driver and front-seat passenger. This build will also allow for 56.1" of shoulder room and 42.2" of legroom. The hip room for the front is 55.3."

In the second row of seating, the room will be less as you are accounting for an additional rider. The headroom for the back seat is 38", while the legroom and shoulder room is 35.2" and 54.5" respectfully. The hip room in the backseat will be 53.4."

Keep in mind that you can greatly increase the amount of available room for rear-seat passengers if you reduce the number of riders. Having the middle seat open will allow for much more shoulder room and hip room.

Volvo V60 test drive day March 29 2021 in Hong Kong

Does the Volvo have Comfortable Seats?

The plush leather seating in the Volvo V60 offers a comfortable surface for the body. The seats are well-cushioned, amply spaced to allow for the room, and can accommodate fully grown adults with repose. The surface material and amount of room aren't the only things that make for a comfortable ride in the V60, however.

U.S. News and World Report tell us that the driver's seat has a ten-way adjustable seat, allowing for the driver to find the most comfortable position possible. In addition, the V60 has thigh extenders, built-in massagers, and memory seating for both the driver and front-seat passengers.

Some of the features are standard and some must be purchased as an upgrade. This will depend on what trim level you select. 

Volvo V60 Plug in hybrid estate car interior on display during the 2015 Brussels motor show

Does the Volvo V60 have Power Seats?

Powered seating can save a person a lot of time in getting the seat to fit their frame in just the right way. If this feature is something you are looking for, you'll be glad to know that the Volvo V60 has it built-in as standard in all trim levels.

According to Car Buzz, the V60 not only has power front seats but also offers lumbar support. The memory settings are available for multiple drivers so that you can have the driver's seat resume the position you selected for yourself at the touch of a button.

The front passenger seat is also equipped with a memory setting, saving your rider time and trouble in getting their seat back into their personal desired position.

Powered seats are a great asset for the driver in particular, who will better maneuver the vehicle if he/she is comfortable. For safety's sake, always have the driver's seat adjusted before driving the V60. Attempting to adjust or readjust the driver's seat while in motion can be a distraction, potentially leading to an accident. 

Does the Volvo v60 have Heated/Cooled Seats?

Volvo V60 Cross Country hatchback car outdoors on display in Volvo dealership company, Does The Volvo V60 Have A Spare Tire?

A heated seat is a great feature on the coldest of winter mornings. Thankfully, you can add heated seats to the Volvo V60 no matter the trim level. Some trim levels come with heated seats as a standard feature. 

The Volvo V60 does not have cooled seats. It does, however, have ventilated seats as an add-on. These seats will circulate air via a series of electric fans that are built into the base of the seats. This circulated air will blow through tiny holes in the seat and the seatback, helping to cool the body. 

Massage functions can also be added to the front seats of the Volvo V60, to add to the optimum level of comfort that this model vehicle offers.

In conclusion

While the Volvo V60 does not have a third row of seats, it does make for a great family vehicle for those who do not want to drive something as large as a traditional SUV. The cargo area is more than ample and can be greatly increased by folding down the rear seats. The comfort level for the driver and passenger is typical of the Volvo brand, giving riders a luxurious and roomy experience. 

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