Does The Volvo V60 Have A Spare Tire?

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a lengthy, confusing process sometimes. Are you looking into a Volvo V60 but don't know whether it's going to come with a spare tire? Well, we've done some research and have the answer waiting for you. Let's discuss.

The good news is, a Volvo V60 will include a spare tire. Although the company states that your car's spare tire should only be a temporary fix, all of their V60 models will come standard with this safety feature.

As we begin, we will cover all things Volvo V60 and discuss the many features of this vehicle. Whether you're new to the Volvo brand or want to upgrade your current car, we're here to help. With that said, let's get right into this post!

A Volvo V60 Cross Country hatchback car outdoors on display in Volvo dealership company, Does The Volvo V60 Have A Spare Tire?

Does The 2021 Volvo V60 Come With A Spare Tire?

Yes, all-new Volvo V60 vehicles will come with a spare tire. According to their website, each V60 will include a spare wheel, which you can use in case of an emergency.

The company recommends replacing your spare as soon as possible because it can affect how well your vehicle drives and operates. They also don't recommend going through an automatic car wash or driving in bad conditions while using your spare tire, so keep that in mind.

Volvo V60 parked on side of the road

Where Is The Spare Tire In A Volvo V60?

To find your V60's spare tire, you want to either check its floor storage compartment or the trunk of your vehicle. You will also find the tools you need to replace your spare tire in a foam block, which should be under or beside your extra wheel.

To remove your spare tire:

  1. Lift the rear edge of the cargo compartment floor.
  2. Unscrew your tire's retaining bolt.
  3. Carefully lift out the spare wheel, and you're set!

How Long Can I Drive On A Spare Tire?

You don't want to drive on a spare tire for more than 70 miles in most cases. Although every spare will be different, they aren't made for long-term driving and shouldn't be on your car for more than a few days.

A spare tire also won't be very useful in inclement weather and can make for unsafe driving, which is something to consider. That said, regardless of driving conditions, you want to get a new tire as soon as possible, even if your vehicle has a spare.

Is It Safe To Drive On The Highway With A Spare Tire?

In general, you don't want to get on the highway with a spare tire. Spare tires will usually have a maximum speed tolerance of 50 MPH, making the highway unsafe to drive on.

A common misconception about spare tires is that they are the same as your regular ones, which is untrue. Spare tires are not as durable as normal options and can't handle high speeds, bad weather, or long-term use, so they should only be a temporary fix.

What Size Tires Come On A Volvo V60?

Volvo V60 estate car on display during motor show

The 2020 and 2021 Volvo V60 will come with 235/45R18 or 235/40R19 tires. These tires will be the same, regardless of the model you select, making replacing them very simple.

Of course, you can still upgrade your V60's rims and wheel design, although this will not change its tire's dimensions.

What Tires Does Volvo Recommend?

Generally, Volvo recommends using one of their approved tires for your vehicle. Most major brands, including Continental, Hankook, and Michelin, will be fine to use for your V60, but it's best to go directly through your local Volvo dealer for anything tire-related.

That said, Volvo recommends using snow tires during the winter if you live somewhere that gets snow, which you can also purchase directly through the company. Some of Volvo's approved tires will also come with Road Hazard Protection, covering 100% of their cost for the first year and 50% for the second.

How Long Do Volvo Tires Last?

You can typically expect a Volvo tire to last you around five to six years with regular service. This is pretty standard for tire lifespan and might be much shorter if you frequently take road trips or drive on the highway.

Volvo also recommends replacing your spare tire every six years, even if you don't use it, because it can age and become unsafe to use.

What Happens If You Don't Replace Your Tires?

Besides being incredibly unsafe, driving with old tires can result in a long list of problems. Most importantly, not replacing worn-out tires can affect your car's steering, which you want to avoid.

Driving with older tires can also cause skidding during sudden braking or on slick roads, leading to a major accident. That said, even replacing your old tires with good quality used ones is safer than waiting for them to blow out, so there are cheaper alternatives.

Do Volvo Tires Come With A Warranty?

Volvo car and SUV dealership

Under Volvo's basic warranty, your car's tires will be covered by their manufacturer. This will usually last for 50,000 miles or four years, depending on how much you drive.

This basic warranty will also cover your Volvo's emission equipment and battery, which is good to know. That said, this warranty doesn't cover things like oil and air filters, brake pads, and wiper blades, so keep that in mind.

How Often Should I Rotate My Volvo Tires?

Generally, you want to rotate your Volvo tires after their first 3,000 miles and then again every 6,000. Although some choose to wait a bit longer between rotations, it's recommended to have your Volvo serviced periodically to extend the lifespan of its tires.

With that said, Volvo doesn't give each of their vehicles a specific tire rotation timeline, so you can decide how often you want to do this.

What Are Some Of The Standard Features On A 2021 Volvo V60?

The 2021 Volvo V60 has plenty of standard features. A few notable ones include:

  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • A 12.3-inch vertical infotainment display
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • All-wheel drive
  • Remote engine start
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Voice control
  • SiriusXM Radio

Although these are just some of the standard features in a 2021 Volvo V60, overall, we would say this car offers something for everyone and is worth checking out.

What Is The Volvo Cross Country Pro Package?

For those debating whether to upgrade their V60, Volvo's Cross Country Pro package has its benefits. This $2,800 additional upgrade includes:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • power front seat cushion extensions
  • upgraded interior lighting
  • 4-zone automatic climate control
  • 4-way power lumbar adjustable front seats

Especially for those who like to go on road trips, this package will make a difference in comfort and capability, which is why so many Volvo customers select it.

How Safe Is The Volvo V60?

Airbag after an accident

For those wanting an ultra-safe vehicle, the Volvo V60 might be the car for you. According to a test done by US News, the Volvo V60 scored a 9.6 out of ten for overall safety and made it to their list of top five wagon options for 2021.

The V60 also did exceptionally well in its front-end crash prevention test, receiving a superior rating. Volvo, in general, prides itself on its extensive safety testing and features, so when you purchase a vehicle from them, you know you're in good hands.

Are Volvos Good Cars?

Volvos are great cars. Besides being extremely safe, Volvo is a higher-end brand, which has its perks.

As mentioned, a standard V60 will come with plenty of luxury features, including all-wheel drive and a 12.3 inch touchscreen-equipped with Bluetooth radio, which is a huge plus. Furthermore, the Volvo V60 comes standard with a spare tire, cementing their commitment to driver safety.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you are interested in a Volvo V60 or currently have one, it's always good to know if your car has a spare tire. The V60 will include a spare tire/wheel, which you can find in its cargo compartment.

When it comes to a Volvo V60's tires, expect them to last around five or six years depending on how often you drive. In regard to maintenance, Volvo doesn't give a specific tire rotation timeline, although it is a good idea to have them rotated after the first 3,000 miles and then again every 6,000.

Regardless of what car you drive, remember to check for a spare tire, and don't forget to avoid highways and inclement weather while using one.

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