Does The Wagoneer Come With Headphones?

The passenger screen and rear seat television monitors will help your riders pass the time in the Jeep Wagoneer. The ability to plug in and stream countless movies and TV shows is a great feature, with all screens able to play different programs simultaneously. Of course, this will require headphones. If you are wondering if the Wagoneer comes with this accessory, we can help. We researched this vehicle in depth so you'll know for sure what it has available.

The Jeep Wagoneer does not come with headphones. These will need to be purchased separately. They can plug into the headphone jack, or you can pair Bluetooth headphones with an individual monitor.

Now that we know the Wagoneer does not come with headphones, we'll take a look at the onboard entertainment this vehicle offers. You might also be wondering if the Wagoneer has a Fam Cam or if this vehicle has ambient lighting. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A Jeep Wagoneer on display at a dealership, Does The Wagoneer Come With Headphones?

The Onboard Entertainment Features Of The Jeep Wagoneer Are Extensive

The latest technology offered in the Jeep Wagoneer will make your drive much more enjoyable. Whether it's the capability of pairing your smartphone to the infotainment screen or the amazing audio system, you and your passengers will have time pass by in a more comfortable fashion in this vehicle.

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that you can plug your headphones into rear seat monitors for TV and movie viewing. Let's take a closer look at this and other great entertainment features you'll find in the latest Wagoneer.

Jeep Wagoneer display outside dealership

The Rear Seat Monitors Can Host A Variety Of Streaming Apps

The rear seats have 10.1-inch monitors that are set inside the seatbacks. These monitors are touchscreen tablets but can also be operated with two separate Fire TV remote controls.

When you establish an internet connection with Wagoneer's Uconnect Wi-Fi hotspot, you can stream any number of film or television shows on these monitors. Netflix, Hulu, Sling, HBO, and countless other apps can be downloaded and made available to those in the back.

The monitors are independent of each other. They can have a Roku or Firestick plugged into their USB port, giving you access to virtually any streaming service on the market. These monitors will also give the passengers access to the navigation system and climate controls.

The Audio System On Board Goes Above And Beyond

The Wagoneer comes standard with an Alpine 506-watt stereo system. This dynamic audio unit warmly transmits your favorite music throughout the cabin of the SUV via nine speakers.

Don't Forget To Pair Your Smartphone With The Wagoneer

The Wagoneer is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This will cast certain apps from your smartphone to the infotainment screen.

While not every app is available through this system, you'll find that navigation, talk-to-text, streaming audio, and voice-activated phone services are part of what makes this technology useful as a driver.

The Front Passenger Has A Monitor, Too

Anyone sitting in the front passenger seat will have their monitor. Located just above the glove compartment, this screen can mirror one of the monitors in the rear seats. It will also give the passenger access to climate controls and navigation.

Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have A Fam Cam?

Fam Cams are becoming more common in larger SUVs and minivans. This allows the driver to view the rear rows of seats, checking in on the riders. It's a great way for the front passenger to assist with the needs of children during trips and is a piece of technology available on some Jeep models.

The camera is mounted above, with its images projected on the infotainment screen. The camera can zoom in and out, making it easier to see what's happening with your passengers.

Currently, the Wagoneer does not have a Fam Cam. But the Grand Wagoneer comes equipped with this feature.

Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting is a feature that is available in some Jeep models. This adds an extra bulb in the cabin, casting an amber hue. The cabin lights are on a driver-controlled dimmer, allowing for different lighting levels to be set.

Though the Grand Wagoneer has this feature, the Wagoneer does not.

Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have Massaging Seats?

The seats on board the Jeep Wagoneer are comfortable and roomy. But they do not have a massage feature in the most current model. 

These seats have lumbar support and have a 12-way memory function. They also have heated and ventilated seats available, making riding in this vehicle during any climate a more enjoyable experience.

A true luxury vehicle, its Grand Wagoneer counterpart has better seats. This model comes standard with all of the features of the Wagoneer but with massage seats for the front.

Jeep Wagoneer display at dealership

Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have Hands-Free Driving?

The ability to take your hands off the wheel and your feet off the pedals is a great tech feature that is becoming more and more common in modern vehicles. Hands-free driving enables the driver to temporarily do this, maneuvering the vehicle in its lane for a short period without driver interference.

The Jeep Wagoneer does not have this technology available in its latest model. This vehicle does come with the following safety features, however:

  • Cyclist and pedestrian emergency braking
  • Full-speed forward collision emergency braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross path detection

The Grand Wagoneer boasts hands-free driving for its 2023 model.

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How Much Passenger Space Does The Jeep Wagoneer Have?

There is a total of 179 cubic feet of passenger space in the Jeep Wagoneer. This spacious interior will allow for eight occupants spread out over three rows. The seats give plenty of room for larger families and groups and will fold down if you need to use the Wagoneer to haul larger or more cumbersome pieces of cargo. 

We've broken down the room each passenger will have in the Jeep Wagoneer based on what row they are seated in:

The Front Row Of Seating

  • Front legroom is 40.9 inches
  • Front hip room is 63.4 inches
  • Front headroom is 41.3 inches
  • Front shoulder room is 66.1 inches

The Second Row Of Seating

  • Second-row legroom is 42.7 inches
  • Second-row hip room is 63.0 inches
  • Second-row headroom is 40.0 inches
  • Second-row shoulder room is 65.2 inches

The Third Row Of Seating

  • Third-row legroom is 36.6 inches
  • Third-row hip room is 51.6 inches
  • Third-row headroom is 39.0 inches
  • Third-row shoulder room is 64.4 inches

Is the Wagoneer a luxury vehicle?

Jeep Wagoneer on display at a dealership

The Jeep Wagoneer is loaded with a lot of amenities that you won't find in many SUVs. Jeep prides itself on equipping its vehicles with the latest technology, making the ride safer and more comfortable with every redesign.

Despite what the Wagoneer has to offer, it is not considered a luxury vehicle. It belongs in the class of large SUVs, in which it is highly rated. U.S. News and World Report rated the latest Wagoneer model as #1 in its class.

For those interested in a luxury Jeep, the Grand Wagoneer is worthy of your consideration. It has all of the perks of the Wagoneer but is equipped with even more standard features that make it worthy of the luxury class.

Final Thoughts

Plugging in headphones to the screens on the Jeep Wagoneer is the only way to get sound for what you are watching. These headphones do not come with the vehicle but will accommodate a variety of styles and brands.

The onboard features do not include some of the amenities of the Grand Wagoneer but will still provide a safe and comfortable ride. Drive safe!

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