8 Engine Oil Additives that Stop Burning Oil

Is your car burning oil? If your car is consuming oil quickly or producing white smoke, it may be time to add an oil additive to stop the leak. These oil additives will help to seal your car's engine and reduce the amount of oil that leaks through the gaskets. 

Along with reducing oil consumption, these engine oil additives have additional benefits such as increased engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and a quieter engine, to name a few. 

To help you reduce burning oil and excess oil consumption, we compiled a list of the top 8 engine oil additives.

A mechanic pouring oil to the oil intake of the cars engine, 8 Engine Oil Additives that Stop Burning Oil

1. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

The Archoil brand has become one of the premier brands of oil additives. Useful for both diesel and gasoline engines, the friction modifier oil additive creates a frictionless environment inside your vehicle's engine. 

With the lubricating film protecting your engine, you can expect to see numerous benefits, such as:

  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Extended lifespan for your oil
  • Cleans oil sludge and varnish deposits

2. Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush

Produced in Germany, the Liqui Moly Engine Flush oil additive gives your engine a deep clean during its oil change. Before your next oil change, add this to high-quality engine oil for additional cleaning and performance. Let the car run for 10 minutes after changing the oil to give the additives time to do their job. 

The Engine Flush will remove any unwanted contaminants from your vehicle's engine and restore it to peak performance. The #1 cause for burning oil is a dirty and corroded engine. This oil flush will reduce the speed of corrosion and seal your engine's gaskets. 

3. Lucas 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

With a 5-star rating on Amazon, the Lucas Heavy Oil Stabilizer controls noise, heat, and wear inside your car's engine. The added stabilizer reduces your vehicle's operating temperature and oil consumption. 

Along with reducing your car's engine temperature, the oil stabilizer seals oil leaks and lengthens the lifespan of your oil. This oil additive can be used with any lubricant because it is pure petroleum.

4. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Since 1942, Sea Foam has been the premium oil and fuel additive that clears out any unwanted contaminants. With its multipurpose design, you can add the SeaFoam into your vehicle's gas tank to clear out your entire fuel system, or you can use it as an oil additive as well. 

When used as an oil additive, this additive will liquify residue and deposits that restrict the flow of oil throughout your engine. Once liquified, these harmful contaminants will be flushed out of the system and restore your car into optimal performance. Along with automobiles, Sea Foam can be used to clear out a boat, motorcycle, or tractor engine. 

5. Bar's Leaks Engine Repair 

Bar's Leaks Engine Repair is a two-part additive that targets all parts of the engine that could be causing your car to burn oil. It will seal off any leaky gaskets and improve the overall performance of your engine. 

On one side of the bottle, Bar's has put together additives that will improve the compression and horsepower of your engine. With increased compression, the leaking oil will not seep through. 

On the other side of the bottle, the additives protect the engine from leaks, excess noise, or smoking. This protection is vital for an older engine where leaks are more likely to occur.

6. BG MOA Part # 110 Engine Oil Supplement

Similar to a dietary supplement, the MOA Engine Oil Supplement gives your car's engine the necessary additives it needs to perform at its best. While you drive your car regularly, it starts to lose its vital oil additives and begins to gain oil sludge deposits that affect performance.

The MOA Engine Oil Supplement protects all components of your vehicle's oil and creates a longer-lasting oil that supports peak performance.

7. Tribo Tex

With its unique design, this oil additive uses advanced technology to reduce and even reverse the signs of engine aging. This additive coats the engine with a breakthrough formula that was developed in 2017.

By merely incorporating this additive into your oil change routine, you will see a massive difference in the performance of your engine and the reduction of oil consumption. This additive works for both diesel and gasoline engines. 

8. REV X Diesel Oil Additive & Fuel Kit 

A diesel engine has similar aging issues of a gasoline engine, with a decrease in power as the engine gathers miles. With this fuel and oil additive kit, you will remove the sludge that develops with frequent driving and return it to its original form. 

The additives increase the fuel economy of the engine after the fuel injectors and engine were cleaned thoroughly. 

Why Does My Car Burn Oil?

During normal circumstances, most automobiles will burn some oil while they are driven. But, once they exceed the typical oil consumption amount, your car is likely suffering from engine wear. 

Your car is likely to burn excess oil due to two main reasons. The first reason and the most likely is that your engine's gaskets and seals have become worn out. These worn seals are caused by standard wear-and-tear or exposure to extreme heat. 

The second reason for burning oil is internal engine damage. This is a pricier problem to fix, and you will need to consult with a mechanic for the costs of repair. A car that smells like it is burning oil may have a crack in the engine that is allowing oil to seep inside. 

Can Oil Additives Hurt Your Engine?

Man holding a bottle of red Octane Booster

Oil additives are a great way to help an aging engine stay in working condition. Oil additives help to reduce the number of engine problems such as overheating, oil sludge, or corrosion. 

In most cases, an oil additive will not cause any damage to your car's engine. These extra additives also are not a miracle cure for your car's problems, so you may need to speak to a mechanic if your vehicle is experiencing symptoms of engine troubles. 

Will Thicker Oil Stop Burning?

Pouring motor oil for motor vehicles from a gray bottle into the engine

Unfortunately, the thicker engine oil will not stop your car from burning oil. This solution has been brought up often, with the idea being that a more viscous oil will not flow as easily and have a more challenging time getting past worn-out valve guides. 

In reality, a thicker oil will still flow enough to seep past the worn piston rings and even cause your car to burn oil. Using a thicker oil in your vehicle has several negatives. The first is a reduction in gas mileage as your vehicle's engine has to work harder with the heavier oil inside.

This method will also be very damaging to a modern car engine as they rely on oil that flows smoothly and reduces friction throughout the engine. 

What Oil Is Best For a Car That Burns Oil?

In most cases, a car that burns oil has high mileage. The car's piston rings are worn out and are beginning to show signs in your car's performance. For a car that burns oil, a high-mileage synthetic oil is your best choice.

High-mileage oil contains specific additives that stop leaky piston rings and restore a tight seal. These additives in the high-mileage oil also help with other aging engine-related problems like oil sludge and rust.

While you shouldn't expect a miracle from using a high-mileage oil, you can reduce the amount of oil your car burns. 


Give your car's engine a helping hand with these engine oil additives. These additives help to combat the signs of an aging engine like rough idling, burning oil, and slow acceleration.

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