F and FL Codes on RV Refrigerator – What Do They Mean?

One of the drawbacks of technological upgrades is that you have to keep learning to adapt. With Norcold fridges and other mechanical items, you need to understand what error codes mean to solve technical issues you may experience. We've researched and consolidated information from reliable sources to help you to know what the error codes mean on your RV refrigerator.

FL means a flame appears at the burner when there should be none. Owners have observed a "No FL" error code displayed on the Norcold RV refrigerator panel meaning no flame is fueling the cooling system, and it signifies the flame went out or did not ignite. In comparison, the F is similar to the No FL code. It's merely a shortened FL error code.

Aside from F and FL, other codes such as "NO CO" and "LI OP" are crucial to keeping your food fresh and nutritious. If you encounter these codes and don't know what they mean, or if you want to reset or light the pilot on your RV refrigerator, this article is for you! Please spend a few minutes learning about these codes and how to resolve them.

An RV motorhome refrigerator check by the owner, F and FL Codes on RV Refrigerator - What Do They Mean?

Error Codes on the Norcold RV Refrigerators

New technology has modernized the refrigerator and made it more challenging to comprehend. Various RV fridge manufacturers generated error codes to assist you in understanding your fridge.

There are many error codes; you should consult your owner's manual to find them all. But here are the typical Norcold error codes most owners encounter and learn how to fix them.

A newly cleaned RV refrigerator

What Does No FL Mean on a Norcold Refrigerator?

As previously stated, this code indicates that your refrigerator's gas system failed to ignite or that the flame went out unexpectedly. Depending on your circumstances, this is a frequent issue.

The No FL error code might mean you need to contact an authorized dealer. Alternatively, you may remove your burner, soak it in 90% alcohol for a few hours, and then blast away the grime with compressed air.

The only disadvantage of doing this yourself is that you risk damaging the burner. If the code appears while the fridge is on "auto" and has electricity, it means a broken AC igniter or the refrigerator isn't getting electricity.

What Does F Mean on a Norcold Refrigerator?

The F error code is similar to the No FL and abbreviated for the FL error code. You can check the same things as before, and if you're not sure where they are, look in your owner's handbook for a components diagram.

If you detect debris or rust on the burner, clean it. That should show you where the issue is and where to seek it. If the error code shows on while the fridge is set on automatic remember, automated disables the gas supply, you are either out of power or have a mechanical issue.

The issue is probably with the AC igniter. If the cleaning doesn't work, you may need to purchase new components or take them to an authorized dealer. It is best to seek professional help since they may know something else to check and repair the condition quickly and cheaply.

What Does No Co Mean on a Norcold Refrigerator?

A Norcold refrigerator may sometimes show a "No Co" error message that signifies "not cooling" on the panel. It's not a big deal, but it's hard to reset.

The user may clear the No Co error code by restarting the refrigerator. It helps you look for problems that caused a No Co code, such as poor ventilation. Delete this error code if the refrigerator cools to full after restarting.

If the refrigerator does not finish cooling when restarted, a hard-wire power board reset is required. Norcold suggests visiting a repair facility to reset the power board if you can't hard-wire it.

What Does LI OP Mean on a Norcold Refrigerator?

When the Norcold refrigerator shows LI OP, it denotes an open or unconnected high-temperature limit switch based on most owners' manual.

The LI OP error indicates a system failure, but it's for safety purposes; if you don't have the skills, don't try to fix it yourself. An ammonia-filled boiler heated by an electric coil or a gas flame might explode or catch fire.

How Do I Fix My LI OP Code on a Norcold Refrigerator?

RV recreational vehicle appliances technician repairing broken travel trailer refrigerator

To fix your LI OP code on the Narcold refrigerator, you need to know the causes behind these errors. Other than higher temperatures, here are some of the other reasons:

Water Intrusion

The Norcold design features a circuit board hidden under the lid. You may encounter this when you wash your RV or during a rainstorm. If water mist penetrates this location, the system will likely show the LI OP error.

Voltage Surges

It is possible to cause surges and voltage anomalies within the RV. Surges in voltage are not uncommon in RVs. Surge protectors only protect you from outside electrical concerns.

If the codes appear not to relate to a high-temperature problem, here's how you can generally reset the system and get the refrigerator running again.

Step 1

Keep the fridge on and remove the fridge's outside cover. Then you will have access to specific functional components, including electronics.

Step 2 

Inspect for a RED light that is either steady or flashing. Go to the dealer if this light is not solid or flashing. If the light is stable, you will need a screwdriver and a set of magnets for the next steps.

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Step 3

Release the three plastic cover tabs on this box using a screwdriver, leaving the wires connected. Keep running the refrigerator and tapping the screwdriver on the metal backplate to disperse static electricity despite the LI OP code.

Step 4 

To reset the small black reed switch on this circuit board, you'll need your magnet. Before using the magnet, dissipate static energy by touching it to the fridge's backplate, then hold the magnet over the green circle reed switch. After five seconds, the switch is reset if the red light turns out.

If you are sure that these error codes appear to be a water intrusion cause, consider the fix in the video below:


How Do I Light the Pilot on My RV Refrigerator?

RV refrigerator check by motorhome owner

RV refrigerators run on a mix of electric and propane gas power. If you can't use electricity to power your RV fridge, you'll need gas. The air in the gas line might make igniting the pilot light difficult, but here's how you can light the pilot on your RV refrigerator.

Step 1

Open all of the refrigerator's gas valves. Depending on its model, you must open your RV refrigerator's gas tank valve and gas supply control valve.

Step 2

Turn off the main power button, reset it, and then on again after a minute. The pilot may not light automatically because the refrigerator uses gas or electricity, the handiest power source. By default, the fridge has an "auto" setting.

Step 3

Depending on your model, a gas-ready LED display or light next to a flame or other gas sign may light up. You may switch to "gas" mode by hitting the mode button.

Step 4

Initiate the fridge's burners using the pilot light or burner jet. It may take many tries to light the pilot light if you have not used the refrigerator in a long time or if you recently replenished your RV's propane tank. Most RV refrigerators include a control mechanism that you can retry in 30 to 45 seconds if the first attempt fails.

Warning: If you believe a gas line leak prevents the pilot from lighting, call a trained service technician. Never use a torch to find leaks!

Tips: Keep your RV fridge's gas functionality and pilot light running correctly by cleaning the gas components as advised. A solid blue pilot flame is ideal. Yellow or orange tinges indicate a faulty ignition.

How Do I Reset My RV Refrigerator?

Technician trying to fix the appliance inside modern recreational vehicle

Many people are perplexed about the reset button on an RV refrigerator. First, be aware that merely turning the fridge on and off won't work. Models vary. So, the reset button location will differ.

If you have a two-way RV fridge, you should power the generator with a propane tank or 120 volts of electricity.

Then check your fridge for a blown circuit. Look for a tripped circuit breaker and turn it on to restart or rest the refrigerator. The wiring should be identical to your home's electrical system if it runs on a 120-volt circuit.

If you don't see tripped circuits, the possible reasons are either you have a broken RV refrigerator's heating element or a malfunctioning control board. But you may replace those components to resolve the issue. If you're having difficulties doing it yourself, you can seek assistance from an RV mechanic.

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Final Thoughts

Owning a new RV with modern equipment necessitates learning error codes. There are many error codes for different models, and consulting your owner's manual will be of great help. They tell you what's wrong, and you need to understand specific codes to fix it. If you are afraid of fixing these errors and find them serious ones, it is best to seek professional assistance.

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