Flip-up (Modular) Helmet vs Full-face Helmets

Collage of a motorcycle flip-up helmet and full-face helmet, Flip-up (Modular) Helmet vs Full-face HelmetsChoosing the right helmet tends to be a tricky process for bikers. One of the hardest decisions will be choosing between a flip-up (modular) helmet and a full-face helmet. We found enough info to list out the pros and cons of both types, which should help with this choice:

Flip-up (Modular) Helmets


  • Bikers can drink or breathe fresh air without removing the helmet
  • Protects rider from inclement weather (snow, rain, sleet, etc.)
  • Most models feature venting technology
  • Tend to feature more high-tech upgrades (Bluetooth, speakers, air pumps, etc.)
  • Comes with a flip-up visor


  • Carry extra weight
  • Expensive
  • Offer less protection than full-face helmets

Full-face Helmets


  • Don't weigh as much
  • Offer the best protection of any motorcycle helmet
  • More aerodynamic for better a riding experience
  • Less expensive than modular helmets
  • Does an excellent job dealing with bad weather


  • Doesn't come with a flip-up visor
  • Must remove the helmet to drink or talk
  • Less comfortable due to less ventilation 

If you're still confused about what's your preferred helmet type, keep reading. Our following sections will look over some quality examples of each type. We'll also answer a few other questions about motorcycle helmets to offer further guidance during this process.


The 3 Best Flip-up (Modular) Helmets

1. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet

1Storm's Motorcycle Modular Helmet will bring a little style to your riding adventures. Its fantastic UV protective finish offers a beautiful outer design. But its aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS materials make sure it doesn't just look good.

These two features ensure a biker full protection from a crash's impact. It even has proven to exceed the DOT's standards when it comes to safety. Bikers will benefit from the flexibility provided from its dual visor design, too, which offers peak convenience levels.

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2. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Helmet

Bikers looking for a helmet with top-tier noise resistance should consider this option. It comes with a highly resistant ABS shell, which reduces wind noise. It also ensures the entire helmet remains sleek and lightweight to keep excess pressure off your neck.

The product's flip-up visor is another standout feature. It comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch capabilities to keep a biker's eye line clear.  The helmet containing several LED lights should help keep a biker safe at night, as well.

Click here to see more of ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Helmet on Amazon.  

3. Voss 580 Conquest Modular Helmet

Bluetooth users should find this option very appealing. The helmet was made to make installing Bluetooth communication speakers a breeze. But the anti-fog P70 lens and smooth lift mechanism for its chin bar are what makes this product special.

Both will make this model a more convenient, safer choice than most modular options. The option's small profile lightweight shell doesn't hurt, either. This shell will help alleviate pressure from your neck and offer a sizable amount of protection.

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The 3 Best Full-Face Helmets

1. O'Neal Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet

Putting safety first is what O'Neal does best when creating their motorcycle helmets. This model isn't any different with its ABS shell, padded chin strap, and integrated face shield. Each of these features will make sure your biking trips are as safe as possible.

But O'Neal didn't forget about comfort like other full-face manufactures sometimes do. They put an air channeled comfort liner inside this top-tier model. It's a vital feature because it will wick away moisture to ensure it never gets too hot inside the helmet. As a result, it becomes a perfect choice for bikers looking to do serious riding in the summer.

Click here to see more of O'Neal Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet on Amazon.

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Bikers looking for a stylish full-face option should take a gander at this 1Storm model. It features a beautiful multi-colored face shield with top-tier wind-resistant abilities. As a result, it increases both the biker's stability and how good he/she looks when driving.

The cushioned interior liner tends to be another favorite feature. It makes the riding experience much more tolerable during rough conditions. The product's extensive ventilation system should help in this area, too.


Click here to see more of the 1storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet on Amazon.

3. FreedConn Full Face  Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn's Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the rare full-face option capable of matching a modular's high tech upgrades. It comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth tech, noise suppression tech, and top-tier sound quality.

This helmet has what every biker dreams one will feature. The safety measures will keep a rider safe as they exceed DOT standards, as well. But its quality comes at a steep asking price. It's easily the most expensive helmet mentioned in our article.


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Modular or Full Face Helmet for Touring?

Both helmets would suit touring motorcycle owners well. But the ideal option will come down to your preferences. A biker who values convenience would be perfectly suited for a modular helmet. Their flip-up visor and high-tech features will provide a more user-friendly riding experience.

But riders looking for the most protection would be better suited with a full-face helmet. These options sacrifice a little bit of convenience for safety to ensure complete security.

Which Motorcycle Helmet is Safest?

The safest motorcycle helmet is a full-face option. These closed-off helmets don't feature any moving parts inside like a modular helmet. This means full face types provide the same amount of protection as modular helmet: but there's less of a chance that something could come loose or stop working during a crash.

What Should I Look for in a Helmet?

Aside from type, several other factors will have an impact on your final choice. The following items should be considered necessities for any top-tier motorcycle helmet. If an option doesn't fit one of these criteria, it'd be wise to look elsewhere.

Department of Transportation Sticker

Every acceptable motorcycle helmet should meet the Department of Transportation's (DOT) safety regulations. If they do, these products will have a DOT sticker on the back. It's a must-have aspect to ensure a biker stays as safe as possible.

But be wary of any counterfeit stickers. Some lower-tier makers like to use fake stickers to see how many customers they can trick. You should avoid relying entirely on these stickers for this reason. Make sure to validate each helmet's quality using other features, as well.

Brand's Label

Your helmet should also have a brand label glued or sewn inside of it. This label will provide a list of all the essential details about the product, including production dates and materials. Try your best to read every option's brand label before making a final choice.

If you can't locate the brand label online, read through the product descriptions. These should provide enough detail about the product's design and materials. But make sure to validate whatever it says by reading through various customer reviews.

Thick Inner Liner

Your helmet's inner liner has one of the essential jobs when a crash takes place. This liner will have to absorb most of the crash's impact. Due to this, it must be and feel thick. We suggest ensuring it offers at least a full inch of padding. It should be enough to provide an acceptable amount of protection.

Tight fit and Quality Retention

The perfect helmet will match your head's shape and size to a tee. Make sure to figure out your head's ideal measurements before picking an option. Otherwise, you might end up buying a helmet that becomes useless.

Manageable Weight

You're going to want a motorcycle with a weight of around 3 pounds. This weight limit will be light enough to prevent neck stress and heavy enough to offer adequate protection. It's the best of both worlds.

Comfortable Features

After verifying all the vital safety features, you can switch focus to comfortability. You should put some thought into what comfort aspects would make up a perfect helmet. These could include items like vents, breath deflectors, face shields, and much more. These little details could make or break whether the new helmet is everything you imagined.

We hope our discussions on full-face Vs. modular helmets become a helpful resource. If you still have a few concerns or questions, let us know in the comment section. We'd love to help in any way possible.

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