Ford Blind Spot System Fault – What To Do?

The Ford Blind Spot Information System helps to keep you aware of road conditions and other vehicles when you're driving.

But what should you do if the system indicates that it has a fault? To help you have a safe drive, we've researched this question and have answers.

The most common reason for a malfunctioning Ford Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) is severe weather or a blockage. But if fixing those issues doesn't work, the module should be repaired or replaced.

In this article, we will learn how the BLIS works and its features. We will also delve deeper into the root cause of why blind spot system faults happen and what you can do about them.

To learn how you can prevent and resolve blind spot issues, keep reading!

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Get To Know the Ford BLIS

With the Ford Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), drivers are assured of less worry to look around their car simultaneously because their system has sensors that flash a light signaling a warning.

BLIS activates when you are driving faster than six miles per hour. The light sensor in the rear will send a signal, and you can see it blinking from both side mirrors.

The detection area is from 13 feet and can extend to 59 feet, with a speed higher than 30 mph above the rear bumper.

Also, it is accessible on both sides of the car. This will send an alert that there is a nearly incoming car at high speed.

The unique trait of BLIS is that it will only light up when the other vehicle has been away from your car.

Aside from that, it also signals when there is traffic whenever you are in reverse or backing out. This feature is called the Cross Traffic Alert (CTA).

The signal will start to alert you within 145 feet. Its light blinks three times, and the light is visible to your side mirrors as well.

Aside from that, a chime and a message will send you an alert. You can wait until it tells you when the road is finally clear from the traffic.

When there is something that could block the light signal, it is usually the weather. It could be heavy rain, snow, or ice. You will also get a chime and a message alert on your device.

Note that the BLIS only detects motorized vehicles. This means that it cannot identify things like bicycles or pedestrians.

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What Should You Do When There's A BLIS Fault?

The orange light must pass out once your car is already free from any near vehicle. This is an indication that your car's BLIS is normal.

If you change lanes, and the other vehicles are already passing through near you, but the signal lights are not blinking at all then it is confirmed that your BLIS is not properly working.

As mentioned, if the BLIS is not working, the module must be repaired. To do so, follow these basic steps.

  1. Locate which module side is not working through test driving.
  2. Once you located the malfunctioning module, remove the wheel from the side where the module has to be removed.
  3. If you do not want to remove the wheels, you can open the seal cover towards the module directly.
  4. Once you have pulled out the module, reprogram it using VCM or launch a scanning tool.
  5. Return the module to its location and check the information system. Usually, it will function again by this quick method.

Find out more from this video below.

When Do Blind Spots Happen?

A blind spot happens when your car's side mirrors cannot glimpse any sign or reflection of other vehicles nearby when you are backing up or changing lanes.

This issue must be taken seriously because it can endanger the lives of other drivers.

The things that create a blind spot could be the following:

  • It could be blocked by the side mirror, pillar, and even the vehicle's cargo.
  • Height could be a factor as well, especially when the driver is tall, and the side mirror isn't accessible to the eyes.

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How To Use Ford BLIS

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System Turning On

The BLIS will only start when the engine is already on and shifted into drive. It will also work when your car accelerates higher than 6 mph.

Remember that it does not work when the car is in park or reverse mode.

Keeping the Sensor Functioning Well

Since the weather is the main problem of a faulty BLIS, keep it free from rain or snow. Aside from that, do not cover the sensors with anything because it will not send you a signal.

Also, the sensors are sensitive, so you might want to turn them off when carrying cargo.

How To Use Ford Cross Traffic Alert

Switching On and Off

The system starts when you start the engine and shift to reverse. It will only turn off when you are finally out of reverse. 

Cross Traffic Alert Sensor

Keep the CTA sensor free from blockage and turn it off if you have cargo in your car. The system will alert you if sensors are blocked when you reverse.

Indicator of an Approaching Vehicle

If an incoming vehicle is near you, the CTA system will flash on the mirrors outside and an arrow will appear on the information display. The arrow indicates which side the approaching car is coming from.

The CTA will also activate when you attach a trailer to your car so you may switch it off to remove confusion when it suddenly signals. 

How To Prevent Blind Spots

Before anything can happen, you can take measures to avoid problems brought about by blind spots. You should practice these measures regularly for your own safety.

Adjust the Driver's Seat

You will know that your seat is at the right level when you can stretch your leg when pressing the brake pedal.

Also, the gap between your head and ceiling should be one to two inches, while the headrest should be at your eye level to avoid neck injuries.

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Maintain the Visibility of the Mirrors

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Clean the mirrors before driving so you will have clear and crisp visibility of other cars behind you. If there is any damage or crack, you should fix them or replace the mirrors immediately to avoid poor visibility.

Regarding the adjustment of the side mirrors, they should reflect the rear part of the car and show the lane is clearly visible behind. 

Install Reverse Sensors

To assure yourself when parking, install a reverse sensor. It should be located at the rear bumper. This will be easier when looking at the rearview mirrors because this time you will have signals regarding nearby vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Blind Spot Monitoring?

Replacing a radar sensor in the rear bumper might cost around $850 to $2050. While the front radar sensor is around $900 to $1300.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Blind Spot Mirror?

Side mirrors are in tandem with the sensors so it is still important to replace them when damaged. To replace one, it would be $3,000 but may depend on brand and quality.

Is Lane Departure Warning the Same as Blind-Spot Monitoring?

Lane departure is a camera that will tell you if you are veering out of the lane. The same function as BLIS, it will also send a notice if you are out of signal.

Whereas, BLIS is your monitoring system to look from both sides of your car.

Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Side Mirror?

It is illegal in most states to drive without both side mirrors. To be more specific, it is required for the driver to have two working mirrors. The passenger-side wing mirror is said to be not that required. 

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Are Aftermarket Blind Spot Monitors Worth it?

It is worth considering especially when your car has no blind spot sensor.

Most of the blind spot sensor models are generally the same in function, so you do not have to bother yourself if it can give you or not the best performance. Also, factory-installed ones are less likely an initiative.

In Closing

White Truck Bed, empty bad of an modern white truck, daylight

Having a blind spot sensor is indeed useful and helpful for a safer drive. But knowing how it works is also essential so you will have an idea where did it go wrong. 

Since you already have an idea of how Ford BLIS and CTA function, you can now make your car check if there is any malfunctioning going on.

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